LabCorp Sucks
Laboratory Corporation of America – Tell Your Story and File a Complaint
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27 Apr 08 Your Labcorp Service Center Experiences

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This section is for those that have stories about the LabCorp service centers (and we use the word service very loosly). Tell everyone your story.

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27 Apr 08 LabCorp for Doctors. Tell Your Story

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This section is for doctors and physician assistants that have had issues with LabCorp. Everyone wants to know what happened.

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27 Apr 08 File a Complaint against LabCorp.

Enter your complaint. We will make sure that the proper authorities get it. Your personal information will not be provided to the authorities.

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27 Apr 08 Everything Else About LabCorp. Tell your story.

This section is for everything else about LabCorp that is not covered in the other categories. Tell your story.

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27 Apr 08 LabCorp Billing – Unethical?

If you have billing issues with LabCorp, let everyone know.

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27 Apr 08 LabCorp Employee Stories

Your job at LabCorp gives you insight to all the wrongdoings and problems with the company. Let everyone know your stories.

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26 Apr 08 Welcome to LabCorp Sucks

I’ve had it with LabCorp. This is our way of showing the frustration that we experience every time that a health care practitioner, insurance company, HMO or employer sends us for clinical lab tests at a Labcorp facility. Tell us your story and file your complaints.

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