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30 Nov 08 LabCorp Careers

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I wonder if part of the training at LabCorp includes passing the blame to someone else or actually creating a distraction so that the real issues are skirted? Is it part of LabCorp Career training? I say this because I have read posts and emails from existing employees who defend the company and its actions. Here’s the most recent post by an employee:

I also know that this site was set up by a disgruntled former employee who is trying to start his own lab company, so take from that what you will.

These employee posts are aimed at questioning the credibility of this site. As I have posted before, I was simply a patient who had enough and made the mistake of calling the regional manager about the poor treatment and service. Instead of getting a solution or an “I am sorry”, I was insulted and belittled. I do not work for LabCorp or any other lab. I have never worked for them or any other lab. I have no interests in any lab nor do I have plans to open any labs. From this and other posts by current Labcorp employees, as well as the way I was treated by managers, this creation of doubt and passing the blame on non-existing boogie monsters seems to be the modus operandi of career employees in this company. How sad that instead of fixing the problems, employees are sent to this web site by company managers to create excuses and raise doubt about the real problems being raised by patients and honest employees. I guess that evading the problems is easier than fixing them.

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