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24 Feb 09 LabCorp Texas – It Must Be in the Training Manual

Labcorp TexasI received this email from a Texas Labcorp patient. Ironically, this is how my problems with LabCorp started. In her case, the LabCorp employee actually waited for her. In my case they threw me out 15 minutes before closing time. Just like her, the supervisors failed to return the calls. In my case when I finally spoke to them they stuck up for the employees and called me a liar.  It looks as though the employee attitude, lack of response by manager and finally the insults are a chapter in the LabCorp training manual.

Oh, my, gosh!  Where do I even start??!!  My experience took place on January 13, 2009 in Dallas, Texas on Garland Road.


I asked my doctor to call the Lab Corp (in network with United Healthcare) that was just around the corner from the hospital at 4:45 to make sure that someone would be there when I got there before 5:00.  I could tell that my doctor was having a problem with the person on the other end of the line when my doctor kept insisting that I would be there momentarily and kept saying that she would greatly appreciate it.

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When I got to Lab Corp, it was 4:55 and the woman was waiting outside the door for me; please keep in mind that the business does not close until 5:00.  When we walked in the door, she screamed at me, “Is this an emergency?”  Like it was any of her business!!!   When I sat down to have my blood drawn, she kept venting that she couldn’t believe this was happening to her and that she should already be on her way home.  I asked what time they close (different locations close at different times) and she said 5:00.  I tried to explain to her that it was just now 5:00 and I got there before they closed.  She insisted that was not correct according to her time. 


I have NEVER been treated the way this lady treated me!!!  She was extremely rude!!!  I was beside myself.   I was in my car, on the phone with my doctor’s office, complaining about the experience at 5:02.  Had the woman just done her job and stopped complaining that she had to stay until 5:00, she might have actually been able to lock up at the correct closing time of 5:00.



The very next day, January 14, 2009 @ 10:35 a.m., I called Lab Corp to speak to her superior  I left a message for her to please return my call.


After waiting two weeks, I again called Lap Corp on January 27, 2009 @ 9:55 a.m., to speak to her superior (the superior of the superior).  This time I got names.  The first lady I left a message with was Kay Hipshman.  This time I left a message with Mike Alvarez to please return my call.


It is now three weeks later, February 18, 2009, and I still have not heard from anyone.


Signed ~

A very disgruntled patient

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15 Feb 09 Ooops They Did it Again.

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They did it again. Losing the trust of patients one at a time. That should be LabCorp’s motto.

Here’s an email I received from a lovely lady that WAS a regular LabCorp “customer”. I use the word customer instead of patient as I believe that LabCorp locations look at patients as customers and how much money they can extract from them, instead of patients (as other health care providers do). Maryann is well educated and is also a service provider in the health care industry.

Both my daughter and I get our bloodwork done about every 3 months.  She is diabetic and they are watching me closely for diabetes type 2.  We entered a full waiting room and when we signed in were told that there were 4 in the back so the wait should be only about half an hour.  At 9:45 my daughter was called in and I followed her in.  She is an adult but likes me in with her for moral support.  The tech was anything but nice to us.  He had an attitude a mile long.  He TOLD me to go back to the waiting room that he would call me.  I did so but was seething.  He did not have the right to remove me, only my daughter had that right.  I took my paperwork from the line up and when my daughter was finished we left.  I’ll go somewhere else and get mine done.  This man obviously has problems and can not contain his anger or attitude.  As an LPN, I would NEVER treat a family member as he treated me today.
The lab is in Sun City West just across from Del E Webb Hospital.
Maryann XXXXX
PS:  I am making a formal complaint to the BBB here.

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