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26 Apr 08 About Us

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LabCorp sucks! From test results to managing employees, LabCorp has gone from being a decent service provider to being one of the worst clinical laboratory service providers in America. Bottom line, we are fed up and want the world to know the truth about LabCorp.

This site is the result of poor service by LabCorp employees, but mostly the managers who protect the bad employees so that they themselves appear as though they are doing their job. You can read the complete details of my LabCorp experiences in the front section of this site LABCORP COMPLAINT

I’m just a simple patient who finally got fed up and was pushed into action by the insults of the managers. Once the employees involved in my case are terminated, I’ll think about taking down the site.

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    David P. King, Labcorp CEO
    201 GALWAY DR

    Picture of his home:

    He had it blurred out on google street view.

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