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26 Apr 08 About Us

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LabCorp sucks! From test results to managing employees, LabCorp has gone from being a decent service provider to being one of the worst clinical laboratory service providers in America. Bottom line, we are fed up and want the world to know the truth about LabCorp.

This site is the result of poor service by LabCorp employees, but mostly the managers who protect the bad employees so that they themselves appear as though they are doing their job. You can read the complete details of my LabCorp experiences in the front section of this site LABCORP COMPLAINT

I’m just a simple patient who finally got fed up and was pushed into action by the insults of the managers. Once the employees involved in my case are terminated, I’ll think about taking down the site.

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Reader's Comments

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    Anonymous – I understand. I have recently left Labcorp to do contract work. Even though it is not as “stable” as it was at Labcorp I feel I am better off. Much less stress, no allen, morris or other iranians breathing down my neck to get work out so quickly that there is not any time for even a QA review of the data. I simply have had enough. When you contact CAP, include such items as required linearities and instrument to instrument corellations and even reagent validation is not routinely done. Reagents are received and go right to the instrument. This is mainly because of lasic not being lab friendly. IF validation paperwork exists for Integra, Hemo and Centaur methods, it is most certainly forged.

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    If you really want to piss off a lonely pst at a psc, you patients should stop by for blood work 10-15 minutes before closing. The psts HAVE to service you even if it’s after closing as long as you come in before that time. It screws them over and their couriers have to wait too.

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    I was an employee of Labcorp. After they bought out PathLab and started laying people off they stopped caring about the employees. I went from working 40 hours a week in one department to 50-70 hours covering 4 departments. How is that patient care?

    Labcorp tends to cater to the employees that are drug addicts etc. I worked with a woman who every year got arrested for drugs and alcohol and needed months off at a time. They refused to fire her.

    While she was away I had to cover for her. Doing my multiple jobs and then having to cover hers as well. When I brought it up to Management and HR I was told to shut my mouth or I would be fired.

    I could name A LOT of names but I need to protect my identity as I am pursuing matters with my lawyer and Labor Board.

    Labcorp does NOT care about it’s patients no matter how much they tell you they do. The bottom line is money. They are pushing productivity and laying people off causing all kinds of serious errors and forcing all of the good employees to get fired or to quit.

    Someone seriously needs to investigate their practices and close their asses down.

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just thought I would add to this board with my own personel experience of this company.
    After an agreement of paying $20.00 on my account each month (since that is all I can afford) 3 months later I’m now thrown into collections by LabCorp into LCA. I called to complain about this today, and was told by a service rep that they do billing rotations every 3 months or whenever. She then said that she would of never put me on a payment plan for $20.00 a month they want mor are. I told her this all I can afford, she said for me to be prepared once I get my final notice that they are going to want more money. Good Luck to them on that! $20.00 is all I can afford!

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    Hi Everyone,
    Just thought I would add to this board with my own personel experience of this company.
    After an agreement of paying $20.00 on my account each month (since that is all I can afford) 3 months later I’m now thrown into collections by LabCorp into LCA. I called to complain about this today, and was told by a service rep that they do billing rotations every 3 months or whenever. She then said that she would of never put me on a payment plan for $20.00 a month they want more. I told her this all I can afford, she said for me to be prepared once I get my final notice that they are going to want more money. Good Luck to them on that! $20.00 is all I can afford!

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    Fasted from the night before and showed up at Lab Corp. around *;45 for routine blood work. Five people were ahead of me. By 11 a.m. I still had not been taken, and asked why. Te reply “Oh, we only have one person drawing blood”. So, I asked, does she take a 45 minute nap in between each person. This is an ongoing problem each time I go. I finally walked out, as I was feeling dizzy, my heart was racing, as I am a diabetic and had not eaten anything. When is someone going to take responsibility for the disgraceful operation in each of their facilities. OUr time is valuable also, and if you have to fast, how long can you fast before a medical disaster happens. Let the powers that be sit and wait for several hours and we will then see some action. SHAME ON LAB CORP.

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    Labcorp makes more money if they can get the customer to pay retail rather than collecting the lower insurance payment directly. They have a big incentive to ‘forget’ to warn you if your test isn’t covered by your insurance. You could spend the hour you wait trying to read the fine print most of which is literally unreadable if you don’t have 20/20, If you make the mistake of going to Labcorp be sure you ask them directly if the test is covered and take names. Labcorp has ripped me off and I’ll do whatever I can to be sure my family and friends and strangers on the street don’t go to Labcorp.

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    Is there any prescription drugs@ the agoura hills location? I know of an employee there stealing medication n selling it on the streets with her man 500dollar a bottle. Someone in the night shift is doing it. Or maybe more than one is helping her take it out.

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    If anyone has received small bills from LabCorp for tests, please post and please try to get the site host to contact me.
    Specifically, Lab Corp previously issed bills for small amounts indicating that the small balance owed was for the portion not covered by insurance – BCBS, Medicare and so forth.
    If this happens to you, I want to know – so I can make em stop, again.

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    Frankly folks, I have had it!

    I have incurable prostate cancer. I have been seeing an oncologist at the University of California, San Francisco for nearly three years. My oncologist issued a standing blood draw order since the day I came under his care. I get a PSA draw every month. I have requested verbally, and in writing on LabCorp’s draw order, to be copied on these results. In that time, I can count on one hand the number of occasions when I have received my results from LabCorp in Reno in a timely manner. Usually, I wait up to three weeks and THEN have to call the office and ask where my results are! Then it takes another week to have them mailed to me. My oncologist has noted on my orders (must be renewed every six months, so there have been more than one) that I am to be copied. I repeatedly have requested, through LabCorp’s customer service personnel in Reno, to PLEASE copy me on my results. I have contacted the manager in charge with my concern and complaint. I received a cock-and-bull story about how, because my ordering physician is in CA, that LabCorp’s people do not see that I am a NV resident and am legally allowed to get my results by mail (CA does not permit this, but NV does). I have been told to give them a fax number and have the results sent to me by fax, however, I don’t have a personal fax, and DO NOT want this information sitting on my company’s fax for all to see. So, that option is out. I have further been told that my radiation oncologist cannot have a copy sent to him because LabCorp can only cc one person – me, yet, all he does is call LabCorp’s Reno office and it is faxed over to him while I sit in HIS office! So much for him not being allowed to be copied on my results, huh? I have also been told that my general practitioner cannot have a copy for the same reason, so over the past two plus years, I have taken my copy (which I fight hard to get) and photocopied it/mailed it to BOTH of these physicians EVERY MONTH, myself. My PSA level is rising, after having a radical prostatectomy, salvage radiation and two, year-long stints of Lupron and Casadex treatments. It is IMPERATIVE that my doctors and I keep on top of my condition to preserve my health. Today, I phoned my oncologist’s office at UCSF and was told by his nurse that they did NOT receive my November OR December test results!!!! THEY ARE THE ISSUING PHYSICIANS, for crying out loud!!!!!!!! I do not know how to go about getting this situation rectified. LabCorp is nearly impossible to reach, and uncaring when they ARE contacted. My LIFE depends on their professionalism – and they routinely drop the ball!! Their service is utterly disgusting.

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    I have read through several of the posts and scanned through this site with much interest. It is quite commical on both good and bad fronts. While it is common for larger companies to make mistakes, they should own up and handle everything they can to the fullest extent. I say this knowing that while there may be several complaints about a large company such as Labcorp, that complaints can sometimes be highly over exagerated, especially by a person or persons holding a grudge cause they’re just not the type to be mistreated or mishandled by anyone EVER, no matter the possibility of a mistake. Now, I fully believe in the right of freedom of speech. It’s a right I have helped to provide and sustain by volunteering my time and LIFE for for the past 14 years, including 3 tours to combat zones in the last 4 1/2 years. I do not think it right for people, such as this sites owner and “author”, to take advantage of this freedom by blasting individuals of a company by placing their full names and location of employement on his/her site. All the while keeping his/herself anonymous with the exception of his/her Labcorp”horror story”. I can understand in being frustrated with someone for not providing the best customer service to your standards or at the very least acceptable customer service. It is something all companies should expect their employees to strive for. There are times however when the employee may not have a choice, cause they are directed by thier supervisors and there supervisors are directed by their supervisors. If you have ever worked anywhere you know this is the way it works. Getting upset cause an employee or low level supervisor can not provide you with a service or the answers that you expect, while frustrating, is something we all just have to deal with from time to time. And while you have put in the time to investigate certain matters further and with higher authorities in the company, thats where you should let your concerns and issues rest instead of “calling out” or blasting someone and defaming them by placing their name and contact info all over your site, all because they may have been performing within the scope of their position. At the very least, have the….courage?….or decency, to let us know who you are, if you’re tounge, and mostly inappropriatley centered anger are so loose with the names of other indivuals of who’s character and personality you have no idea about or interest in other than to personaly attack them. All that said, larger companies in todays day and age, especially companies in the medical field should always step up to make sure the consumers or patients in this case are their number one concern. As we are the ones who keep them in business.

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    Have you ever worked at LabCorp?

    Those of us that have seen it from the inside know how unethical practices occur every day. It all starts from the top down. If employees on the front line are treated like crap, and have no internal motivation do do a good job, then they don’t care about the patients either.

    Most of us that work for LabCorp know firsthand of the retaliation that would occur if we used our real names. This is an “at will” employer, thus thwy “will” find a way to get rid of what they term a troublemaker.

    Until you actually witness the corrupt and incompetent behavior in the name of an almighty dollar, especially by management, you can’t imagine the level of unethical practices. It is disgusting — that’s why people are always looking for other jobs; this company slowly demoralizes you until you give up and accept that profit trumps quality, and who cares about the accuracy of results!

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    well I think you will have this website up for a long time….. I had a bad experience in 2010, complained and never heard from anyone. I went to another drawing station today and was again unprofessionally handled. Complaining seems useless….. I just think I will NEVER use them again!

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    I am a current l.c. employee in Cali. I love my job,but i hate workn for labcorp! They will and do not hire anyone. We r a slave to them.Paperwork,data entry,phones, faxing, drawing blood, processing blood, drug screens, paternity testing, and the worst part of all… is poor communication with upper management. My current supervisor is GREAT! My previous supervisor was aslo GREAT! My old territory manager was GREAT! My new one SUCKS! They do not know how to communicate to one another. I enjoy talking to all of my patients. 95% of them are awesome. Im currently looking for a new job. I can only handle labcorp for so much longer. As for our paid leave that we earn… W e can never use it. Labcorp doesnt have enough staffing for us. I mean I can go on and on about my employer…

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    I have been a client of LabCorp for over twenty-five years and have never encountered any of the negative experiences cited in this stream of criticism…staff members have been courteous (surprisingly so, since they are obviously over-worked and often have to deal with some pretty cranky customers) and efficient…never had any specimens or samples lost…results are provided to my physician’s office very quickly…the recently-adopted practice of taking appointments should reduce waiting times…the number of people who have complained to this web site no doubt represent a very small percentage of LabCorp’s total customers (otherwise, they’d be out of business)…this should all be chalked up to a few disgruntled customers and some malcontented employees…

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    looks like the spammers have finally gotten

    tried 2 labcorp locations in virginia,
    the 1st was unclean, the clerk tried to
    copy my master card, but could not speak
    english well enough to understand me, so
    i went back and got it back myself.
    her manager came out to defend her, saying
    she wasn’t trying to copy my card, as i picked
    it up off the copier. she got very rude, i told her to call the police, fine with me,
    and of course she did not.
    went to another location, it was clean.
    there was one other person there. 2 hours later, the room was pretty full, and they finally started taking patients (which took 5 minutes). unacceptable.

    will try a different location later until i
    find one that is acceptable. either that or
    i pay out of pocket to Quest (formerly under
    my plan). a standard blood metabolic panel
    is about $200.

    it’s a little comfort to vent online and see
    others have had bad experience, but
    unfortunately, this will change nothing.
    be sure to complain to your insurerer.
    i inform my doctor, but it’s not under his control.

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    My 11 year old daughter had some blood work done November of 2010. Labcorp is been sending me bills under her name. I called Labcorp requesting for them to send me a new bill under my name as I am the policy holder and the adult. For starters the representative that answered the call had no people skill and told me that it was impossible to do what I was requesting, because my daughter was the one who had the service done. I explained to her that I understood she was the one who had the service done, however she was a minor and she was not the policy holder. She shouldn’t be the one to be billed for. If they would noticed the date of birth she was only 11 years old.

    But she kept on saying that didn’t matter. That the bill was already sent to a creditor agency anyways.

    I’m a bit confused, how can a minor be billed????

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    So glad I found this website. Wanted to share my frustrating story so I figured I’d just post it here.
    Went to do my glucose tolerance test this morning. On my way over to do my last blood draw, the tech called me to say she “spilled” my last vial of blood. I went to talk to her in person and she admitted that she also did not take an initial fasting blood draw. WHAT??!! Now I have to start all over again and I’ve wasted my entire morning not to mention that I also had to hire a babysitter for this procedure! I definitely will not be going back to this location! They clearly do not know what they are doing.
    I hope the next LabCorp location knows what they are doing but based on reading everybody’s stories, I won’t hold my breath.

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    I worked for Labcorp for four years and the only safety net that i had was the is was under a BIG Famous Medical group in California.We were subcontracted by them so I was under there care most of the time . I saw 5 diffrent managers in four years .. FIVE !! Not only that the Only way to get raise at Labcorp is to be NEVER have you or your family get ill or DIE . Nrver have car issues , and put a blinder on and ignore the BS around you.. If you make it … you have major stress issues ………….

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    Beware of Lab Corp’s new deceptive pre-collection tactics.

    This morning I took my daughter to have her blood drawn the lady at the front asked me for my insurance and a debit or credit card for any remaining balance.

    I asked, “Am I not supposed to authorize any charges beforehand? What is the remaining balance?”

    Her response, “Yes, this is for ANY unpaid balance the insurance doesn’t pay so this would be for a pre-authorization.”

    The delivery was basically that it was part of the usual and customary registration process and that I had to provide my debit or credit card. She didn’t inform me that they would use my card to preauthorize charges until I questioned her.

    I wasn’t asked if I would like to provide my debit/credit card information in the event that there is a remaining balance, it would be taken care of without any further action on my part nor was I provided an acknowledgement form to sign consenting to authorize any remaining balance to be charged to my debit or credit card.

    These unethical business practices are appalling and any rational person would recognize that this isn’t right especially for people that don’t speak the language or the elderly who are frequent clients and may not know or understand their rights.

    I witnessed an elderly woman searching and taking out everything from her wallet to provide a debit card.

    Lab Corp is deceiving clients and the last time I checked – it is called fraud.

    I plan on writing to Medicare, Medicaid and warning others.

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    I needed simple fasting cholesterol screening. I arrived at the Snellville, GA LabCorp location at 7:25am on 9/6/11. The waiting room was full of patients. There was no one manning the receptionist desk. No patient was called for 40 minutes. I was called at 8:15 and it only took a few minutes to draw my blood. Today, 9/15, I find out from my doctor that LabCorp screwed up and did not perform the proper tests. Now I have to go back and start over. I am furious! I hate LabCorp and wish Blue Cross would allow us to go back to Quest. Never had a problem with Quest.

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    I had a great job. We all got along great, no dissent among the staff at the small patho lab. Then LabCorp bought us out. The immediate restructure looked like the Holocaust had occured in our office. We still had the same work flow, but only 30% of the staff to handle it. We were told that it was all going to be ok. It is 4 months later, our staff continues to be cleaved off wherever possible, while the work stays the same but NO additional hours to perform the work are provided. I am now afraid that I’m next. LabCorp is the WalMart of modern pathology. Just say no. :(

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    You can only bill an adult, sounds like you were talking to a dumb girl!

  24. |

    Satisfied sounds like an employee manager!

  25. |

    Just gotta say that I work for Lab Corp in Middletown, DE….and I love my job and never recieve a complaint….today I LET a NEW PATIENT in the door about 15 minutes AFTER we closed and I happily enteredthem into our computer, drew their blood, and they couldn’t stop saying how thankful they were that I allowed them in so if everyone on this site thinks the worst about MY COMPANY, then u were at the wrong site for u or ur a pissed off ex-employee who’s salty cuz we got rid of u for being lazy so…..PUT THAT IN UR PIPE & SMOKE IT!!
    :) oh and ty for choosing lab corp!!

  26. |

    To DPB and Kent, do not make generalized comments about every one on this website. Every one who was let go were not bad employees. Some of us were discriminated against by other employees and employers. I pray to God that you do not go through the same thing that every one else has gone through.

    Open your eyes and have some compassion.

  27. |

    I been to Labcorp today and it was great experience.Marcela and sharen was very nice to me.Great worker.

  28. |

    I would like to put all of the Ots Vps on notice. You are all getting to paid to much to do nothing at all. 2011 ending with a fake obituary of a whistleblower of the company who has been absent because of retaliation for speaking up and telling the truth about the Ots Division.
    I say if anyone wants to speak the truth then do it annonymously because they will retaliate all the way to vandelizing you home. This was done to a fellow employee at the Morrisville Location in North Carolina.
    The ceo backyard from Burlington also known as corporate headquarters.

    If anyone would like to file a complaint about the division do not use the compliance email or hotline. Send it directly to Ceo Mr. Dave King The best time is after hours so his secretary does not erase the emails. The corrupt individuals at this location are allowing drug deals on premises with workers,theft of social security numbers, managers selling bootleg movies, giving their friends checks with 100 plus or more hours of over time. Sex on the premises. Sex in offices with management member and a whole lot more. This Location is currently under investigation. They are investigating their own about their own so you know nothing will be done. In other words a complete cover up of the facts. There will be more people coming out of the wood works from this location. Medicaid fraud is the lead anyone will have to worry about at this point. If your asked to go to Labcorp for a drug test refuse, unless you want your social security number stolen.
    If you think Ots needs to clean house then please email Ceo Dave King who is aware of the investigation and ask him what he is doing to protect the public when he has drug addicts working in management!
    Other Senior Vps at this location Of Mr Dave King emails are as followed.

  29. |

    No1 wana work there no1 likes it they all hate it they over worked underpaid

  30. |

    Is there any way Lab Corp employees can organize a labor union without getting fired?
    I am so tired of being overworked, but in this bad economy it’s hard to find another job in my field. I work alone most of the time and service 40 to 70 patients in an 8 hour shift. I am expected to answer the phone, enter the tests into the computer, draw blood, process the samples and have them ready for pick-up at 11AM and again at 4PM, keep the restrooms stocked with toilet paper, towels, and soap, and clean up all equipment by the end of the day. Most of the time I barely have a lunch break because my supervisor does not want the patients to have a wait time over 30 minutes. I also have to collect money if the patient has a balance from their last bill, and also have to talk the patient into handing over their credit card at the time of service in the event that the insurance company does not pay. If I don’t get enough credit card swipes it is held against me and I could lose my job because of “bad performance”. I go home depressed most nights because the management does not care and my supervisor talks to me like I am the dirt under his feet. Lab Corp knows how tough this economy is and they know they can treat you any type of way. There are no other labs here besides Quest, and they are just as bad as Lab Corp. There has to be some kind of protection for employees and some one to stand up for us.

  31. |

    Just read the history of the CEO, Dave King, an attorney who represented labcorp in a lawsuit in which the outcome was favorable to labcorp, next step “CEO” SPEAKS VOLUMNS! They do have some redeeming value, but overall I feel the same way LABCORP AND THEIR MANAGEMENT SUCKS!!!

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    I have Medicare plus two additional secundary health insurance. My doctoe gave me a prescription and I went to LabCorp for the test. The LabCorp employee at the window stated that all my basic test would be covered by Medicare. Two month later, I received a bill from Lab Corp for $41.00 because the billing code was incorrect. I don’t write the billing codes. I don’t know who entered the billing code since my doctor only wrote the procedure on the prescription. A simple look at LabCorp records would indicate if LabCorp wrote the incorrect code or a simple call to my doctor would clear the matter. Then, to add insult to injury, LabCorp is billing me for the full cost of the test and not the necociated Medicare rate. I just won’t pay. If they report me to a credit agency I will hire an attorney in Fort Lauderdale that does contingency litigation under the Fair Credit Collectiona Act. A nightmare.

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    Most managers are overweight. They take their unhappy marriages and relationships out on their employees. My manager was unhappy with her husband, so she chose to take my opinions as a slap in the face. She usually talked over me and chose to turn a conversation into what suited her. If it wasn’t about HER, she changed the subject. Her manager was the same way. She was an overweight, bossy, liar. This is a mainstay of Labcorp. They (managers) lie and stick together . Yet they don’t even like eachother if you ask them about one another. They swear that there’s to be no gossiping amongst employees, but, they’re the biggest gossipers. I’ve learned more about fellow employees from my supervisor than from fellow employees or the employee of the conversation at hand. Point blank, Labcorp would rather hire temp workers who are provided NO insurance than hire experienced lab techs. Why? MONEY!

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    I went to lab corp today to give a urine specimen for a drug test . We went back to get my specimen and the lady tells me that she cant accept it because its too warm. I drank some water waited 45 mins and then gave her another sample. This time it was ok. She started to make conversation stating “I hope I dint feel asthough she was picking on me?” and she continued to ask me were I worked etc. She gave me my slip and I left. I get a call about 10 mins later and she says Ms Pittman can you come back to the office I forgot to give you something. I arrive at the office and she asks me to go back to the lab room with her. I walk in and there sit my two specimens with two dip sticks laying on the top of them. She asks me to look at both and tell her what it says Ive tested positive for. I look and it says Opiates and Marijuana. So I tell her. And I deny it, she says ” you can tell me” . Im denying this to be true because I dont do any kind of drugs and Im not around anyone that does. She asks me what I would like her to? I tell her send it because Its my word against the tests. So she says “well Charlaine I can run another test but we would have to charge you” so I tell her no, she contues on to say “well Im going to help you out”(at this point Im confused and just look at her ) she asks me if I heard her? I continue looking at her. She states”Im going to submit a clean test and just look at it as a blessing” And throws my samples in the trash. I finish by saying I dont smoke anything but cigarettes (because Im upset) and she walks out of the office stating “She’s about to have a smoke break hersels, while we’re walking towards the door there’s another customer walking in and she says look at this stank ass heffer coming in here.

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    Labcorp staff is the worst among medical professionals. Their hours supposed to be 7am – 3pm in many central new jersey locations, but when we got there around 2:40, their door already locked and no one respond to the phone. In my field, if closed 10 seconds before the schedule, the person responsible for it will be fired immediately.

  36. |

    Having read the best of these letters in more depth, it becomes increasingly obvious that this is indeed capitalism at work. I halfway expected to read That Mitt Romney had bought Lab Corp and was doing his magic.

    We got what we wanted. Purely capitalistic medical care. Now health care can fit right in with auto sales, shoe retailing and all the rest. And we won’t have to contend with that nasty socialistic nonsense. We have no business taking care of the less fortunate.

    I used to hate wasteful government including the bleeding heart liberals who worried about the 47%. Government is inefficient and tends to be wasteful IF not properly managed. But, the more I see the more I think we erred in going to a purely capitalistic approach to national healthcare.

    There seems to be increasing zealotry about capitalism. It’s becoming the new religion of America. Not only is it the primary locomotive that propels the economy and subject to some kind of controls. Now we want to run it wide open without regulations until it runs off the track at the first curve. I only hope the large corporations don’t start putting the doctors on their payroll so they can give them detailed directions for saving the stockholders money.

    This is 21st century America and capitalism is our religion. A single source system of health care would have been too much like what Christ and most of the others exhorted us to do. I say the American way is to let ’em eat cake. Who needs bread, anyway?

  37. |

    Just started using Labcorp for in-house labs for our patients-what a mistake! In less than a month, issues with the Labcorp tech either showing up late or not at all. When I had a “heart-to-heart” with our Labcorp Rep this morning, letting her know of my unhappiness, she ended the call telling me to “go to hell”. No, I am not kidding! Unbelievable! If Labcorp ever tries to get into your office-run for your life!! I have been looking online for competitors of Labcorp to use instead at our practice and I came across an ENORMOUS AMOUNT of negative comments about Labcorp from the Better Business Bureau,,,,, and Wish I had thoroughly vetted them prior to letting them set up in our practice-UHG!

  38. |

    I have the second conplaint regarding your services at 16205 S Military Tr. Lab.
    . In may 15/20013 I’d assist for fasting blood test ;first at all nobody found my name in the system ‘I have the confirmation Number 0274587 and I’d have to wait long time.
    Today I assist at Bloom medical Center for medical appt and for surprise my result disapear;The medical center communicate with Labcorp but nobody know about my results..It’s a total unacceptable lack of the employes. Two months ago I’d receive the result of blood test from another person
    How can I resolve this issue.
    Jaime Melo
    6786 Moonlit Dr- 33446

  39. |

    After reading your sob story, I have to say, you sound completely, transparently, crazy. You know, like the type that would make this sort of website. You are a perfect example of someone who seems to think they are entitled to bad behavior, but shouldn’t be inconvenienced with it themselves.
    Must be that “gluten” intolerance, or maybe your victim mentality.
    P.S. Yes, “sucks” is juvenile, foul and distasteful to use towards people you don’t know at all. Kind of like generalizing a whole group of people and a company based on your experience in a specific area. Internet tempter tantrum, much? Disgusting.

    REPLY FROM LABCORPSUCKS: I’m not crazy, but you may be. The difference between you and I is that I am an advocate for patients who get mistreated. You, on the other hand, go with whatever is done to you and accept it as normal within the system. Now another difference is that you work for LabCorp and I don’t.

  40. |

    To Whom It May Concern,

    This is to make you aware of the consequences of the actions of the incompetents of one of your employees.

    For a little history of the situation, on May 21, 2013, I went to you Riverside Clinic in Jacksonville Florida to do a random urine-analysis. When I got there the lady at the window, who is also the incompetent employee, took my paperwork and got an attitude with me because I had straighten up the paper work when the perforated edges were ripping off I had just taken the off to make the paperwork look neat. Then I sat and waited for about 10 minutes for her to call me back. She proceeds to call me back and hands me my sample cup. I go in put the sample in the cup, I have to do the other business as well. I get up and flush the toilet as I am opening the door. She says you did not just flush the toilet I say yes and then she proceeds in taking my sample and throws it in the sink and says I told you not to flush the toilet and I say no you did not and she says yes I did. I ask so what now. She tells me that I have to wait 30 minutes and go again I say okay. I go out to the truck and get my water bottle so that I am ready when she calls me back. Needless to say I am upset about this and I know she did not tell me to not flush the toilet because if she had I would not have done it. I would also expect that this being an important point that it would be posted in the restroom itself. Plus what difference would it have made when the toilet water looks only a few shades than navy blue so you would know if it was used. Any way when I come back in she tells me that I have to get new paperwork and come back tomorrow. This tells me that I can leave. I go to work tell my dispatcher and clock in at 6:42 a.m. and work the dock at around 7 a.m. I leave on my route.

    Meanwhile, your employee has called and said I just left she did not know where I went and called corporate thus starting the defamation of my character and the end of my 9 year career with Averitt, which by the way I really enjoyed.

    All of my supervisors and safety managers believe what I have told them. They know me I know that you do not know me from Adam but I can tell you that I have never had any kind of problem like this before. I am a retired 20 year veteran of the military and I have driven trucks for most of my adult life. I have been a strong support of drug testing through out all of my career choices. I do not even drink alcohol anymore since I was 25 years old. I live with my aches and pains and just take Goody Powders for those.

    So when my word is questioned and I am being treated like I have failed a drug test is very trying for me. Because of the fact that the inaccurate statement from your employee has now cost me my job, I am about to loose my vehicles and my home because the stigma around this situation is going to make it close to impossible for me to get a job that I will be making the amount of money and the seniority I had at my Averitt job.

    I was not even given the chance to talk to anyone in your organization to try and clear this up so I just wanted to be aware that the actions of this one individual has basically cost me everything in my life just because I know for a fact that she did not tell me not to flush that toilet and she did tell me to get new paperwork from work and the next day. I still have not even been given the chance to take that test.

    Thank you,

  41. |

    The labcorp on Millburn Ave in Maplewood is gross! and the desk employees are really rude! I was there more than an hour waiting. Almost left I was so fed up with the place.
    I will never go back there again.
    In the past another labcorp lost a blood sample.
    Another time, Labcorp billed me for venipuncture but they had only done urine culture.
    Unfortunately some docs automatically use labcorp. But lets keep telling them why they shouldn’t.

  42. |

    To everyone that has not had an issue working at LabCorp or being a customer, my hat goes off to you. However, there are some of us that have had issues with LabCorp in the past. I realize that some of these issues were brought on by myself. I did not stand up for myself and I let people walk all over me. I am still dealing with the reprecussions of that. I have been unemployed now for three years.

    I wish that I could turn back time and stood up for my rights but I did not. I let my team leader and my supervisor run me from a job that I needed to pay bills. I can not put all the blame on them. I have to look for myself.

    To the other people that has told us to quit moaning and complaining; you are all blessed but trails and tribulations come to us all on the job or in other things in live. I feel that it is cruel to tell someone to get off unemployment and shut up to get a job. You do not kick a person when they are down. It is easily said then done.

    I had these issues at the time with LabCorp when I made my post. I can not say that the company is a bad company. Like every other company, there are good employees and there are bad employees.

  43. |

    LabCorp is at it again !!!!

    We had a amnio-sentisis done — and was allowed because Labcorp was part of the PreMera in-network lab. — that fine

    Our Doc sent the samples to LabCorp — whom sent the samples to Esoterix (whom LabCorp has recently bought Esoterix — with out permission from us or Doc ) the samples for testing …..

    The Catch is that Esoterix is not in out network — bill went from 300$ to 1800$ !!!!

    Esoteric has offered to reduce the bill by 50% ….

    Thats not 50% off — its more than 220% increace in the bill !!!

    Esoterix is owned by LabCorp and should be part of the contract as being in-network ….

    Lawer is soon to be retained !!!!!

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  44. |

    Labcorp is impossible to deal with. I went in for my yearly bloodwork which includes an immunology test that for years has been paid for by my insurance (medicare). I thought everything was fine, until a few months later I got a bill for $700 claiming the test was not covered. I did some research and found out that Labcorp had billed my insurance using the wrong CPT codes. I verified this three different ways. 1) with the lab that did the test (in this case, labcorp sent the blood to an outside lab and is just acting as a billing conduit), 2) with medicare, and 3) by checking with the AMA coding guidelines. All three sources revealed that Labcorp is coding this test incorrectly.

    Several calls to Labcorp got me nowhere. I finally got to someone who took all my info and said they would take care of it, but they didn’t. They just sent me another invoice like nothing happened. At best they are being incompetent in how they are billing, at worst they are guilty of upcoding this test to try to get more money from patients than they otherwise would by billing insurance (in this case 3x more). The former is irresponsible and the later is actually illegal.

    My doctors office is getting involved now – maybe they can get them to correct their error. If they can’t, I guess I’ll report them to Medicare. I am have a serious chronic illness and labcorp is making my life much harder.

  45. |

    i have been trying for 3 days to get blood work. i can’t make an apt at either lab core in my area. i called them no help. just rude women on te phone.

    no told me to sign in i figured it out myself.
    the people behind the desk are rude!.

    lab core is a medical mill and ” money blood suckers” .

    i will contact my credit card for a refund.

    they stack patients like cattle, they can’t service the amount of people
    of people they have.

    after 3 mornings of setting there, i am done. i saw several people walk
    out when i did it.

  46. |

    I am currently a employee of Labcorp. I left a job at a very respected hospital in another state to work for Labcorp due to having to relocate. I’ll make this short. Labcorp is one of the worst companies I have ever worked for. They are all about the money and couldn’t care less about their patients. The management are a bunch of trained monkeys. Labcorp employees are not billed for any labwork they have done by the company but even though I work there I refuse to have my labs run by them. Most of their phlebs are poorly trained and I am shocked how this company handles specimens. I’m currently looking for work in another lab/hospital and am a little concerned about including Labcorp as a previous employer. With that said if you need any type of labs done do not use Labcorp or do so at your own risk.

  47. |

    I worked for LC for 6 years. The first 4 years were awesome. The last 2 sucked. People at my job before LC warned me to not work there. I should’ve listened. It is absolutely the worse company to work for. The company has a terrible reputation.

  48. |

    LabCorp screwed up test results on my daughter. I was not even considering legal action until I started reading up on them and found out what a Mickey Mouse outfit they were. That and I can’t even find out how they screwed up the tests as bad as they did. Nor can I find out if any action was taken on the person responsible for the screw up.

    Now as much as I hate Medical lawsuits, it’s time to go postal on these guys.

  49. |

    Federal Scrutiny should be on LabCorp! what the hell is an Atomic blood test? that woman at the desk (in southaven mississippi) could not even spell mississippi, let alone work a fax machine or anything else. labcorp? is a 100% scam afro americans back there taking he blood? Dr terri henson sent me there to get a blood sample, so dr teri henson is in cohoots withe labdorp as well.
    to mommas and daddies, DO NOT GO TO LABCORP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. |

    i am going to file suit with the place in southaven. DO NOT GO TO LABCORP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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