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12 Jul 09 At Laboratory Corporation of America Some Things Never Change

About a year ago this web site was launched as a result of incidents in LabCorp’s Miami, Florida facilities. Before it was launched I had a conversation with Laboratory Corporation of America’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President Don Hardison. He seemed genuine and acknowledged that Laboratory Corporation of America had many operational problems. He stated that he was fairly new to the company but intended to fix all of them. I believed him.

After a year it looks like Don Hardison has not fixed LabCorp’s problems. I recently contacted the Miami division’s office and was informed that the regional director is still Bob Blanco, and that the Patient Service Center director is still Ana Garcia. I would have thought that after all the damage that these two have caused Laboratory Corporation of America, they would have been terminated. How can you fix a problem when the people creating the problems are at the helm? These two managers outright lied to me, and used the old “lie about them before they tell the truth about you” technique to get away with their incompetence.

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Don Hardison COO of LabCorpThe fact that Don Hardison did not fire these two incompetent employees after my complaints makes me believe that he is not as genuine as he first made me believe. He talks the talk but he has not walked the walk. So I now ask, would the real Don Hardison please stand up? The Miami region’s customer service is probably worse than it was a year ago (according to comments on this site). This web site seems to get substantially more complaints about the company and its service centers than before. So what has Don Hardison fixed? All I see is the mask coming off and the real Don Hardison coming out. Just another Laboratory Corporation of America manager covering for the incompetence of those below him. It’s the “If they look good then you look like you are doing your job” philosophy. Forget reality.

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In reference to the LabCorp Sucks web site, I intended to pull the plug once these two employees were fired for their actions. Their dismissal by Hardison would have shown that he, and  LabCorp, really mean what they say and that they intend to clean up the company and focus on customer service. That has not happened so this site is still up. Not to sound negative, I think that LabCorp Sucks will be around for a while.

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Reader's Comments

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    I am so sick of LabCorp’s billing incompetence that I have instructed my doctor to send my bloodwork to another lab. Unfortunately, at my June 26th visit, the medical assistant obviously ignored these instructions, so again I have to waste my time trying to get LabCorp to bill my primary insurance.
    For a reason unknown to me they will only bill my secondary insurance who rightly will not pay. My doctor has sent LabCorp my primary insurance ID numbers BUT LabCorp will not bill them!!!! I will receive at some point a letter from LabCorp threatening me with collections because neither I nor the secondary insurance has paid the claim.
    Please help me file a complaint with authorities who regulate this company. I am beyond frustrated as this has been going on for years.
    Thank you.

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    Dave King, Chairman & CEO 7/26/09
    Laboratory Corp. of America
    358 Main St.
    Burlington, NC 27215

    Dear Mr. King: My PCP uses LabCorp’s services. It’s not a choice I make. On several occasions I have received bills from LabCorp for lab work ordered by my physician that had not been submitted to my insurance for cost adjustment. For instance, just last month an invoice dated 6/13/09 was for $192 for the exact same labs I pay a fraction of that for every time. When I called I was informed that it was refused by my insurance company and I was responsible for the full amount. When I called a second time, on 6/22/09, I was informed, by “Shirley”, that LabCorp’s employee had made a key entry error. Thus, LabCorp had to resubmit the corrected paperwork.

    I don’t want to automatically ascribe nefarious motives to LabCorp, such as, perhaps, hoping customers would unwittingly pay the larger amounts. It’s probably just simple incompetence, as a fairly robust website entitled “” suggests. But in any event, I’m afraid that henceforth, if LabCorp compels me to take time away from my work to deal with this stuff, I will have to charge LabCorp a fee of $25 per incident, just as LabCorp itself does for bounced checks, et. I’m glad we were able to set this straight.

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    Thought you would like to know that Don Hardison was transferred, reassigned, or promoted (however you want to call it) from COO to VP of Sales and Marketing.

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    Well, I guess I need to join the ranks here also. I work at a ’satellite’ lab of LabCorp here in Middle Tennessee just south of Nashville and I am having a less than pleasant experience at my job. I have been there 3.5 months and never been late or miss a day. Always work overtime if asked (I am part-time). Always go home early if asked. (One day we work too much overtime and it has GOT to stop and the next day they tell us we HAVE to stay ‘whether we like it or not’.HA! We ALL know the labs are going to be processed NO MATTER WHAT so why do they play this game??? The ‘team leader’ is a ‘glorified gopher’ and very belittling in front of an employee’s peers. Nothing is private. If you screw up, EVERYone knows about it. On the contrary, when there is an ‘announcement’ such as overtime or a new policy, etc, only the ONE side of the cubicle hears it and that’s the side the team leader is on…the other side can (and does) stay out of the loop. Later…when you didn’t hear what the others heard, you suffer the wrath. Very unprofessional team leader. Between the music and gossip about their home-life, a new employee struggles to learn their job. The TL can talk all day but the employees are not ‘allowed’ to talk while they work. This TL rolls their eyes and shakes their head at you when you have a question while telling you later that ‘there is no such thing as a stupid question.’ They will tell you that you will still learn one or two years in on the job but will shake their head at you if you don’t know it ALL within a few months. It is ‘hinted’ to you that ‘You don’t want to go up front to talk with the Manager of the Lab as if you were putting your life in your hands. What is this Manager going to do to me? Electrocute me in their chair? I work because I CHOOSE to…not because I HAVE to! There is a huge difference there. In fact, my husband begs me to quit. He has come close to calling there to let them know what they put me through. I have been told I am not ‘learning’ as I should. Yet I have been told I am the FASTEST at what I do. I have been told that a young girl that started has ‘caught on’ much faster than I and when I mentioned I am not 25 anymore, I was accused of trying to bring ‘age’ into it. I am accused of ‘not learning’ when in fact many things weren’t even explained or taught to me. The TL ‘ASSumes’ the employees learn EVERYthing the first couple weeks. If indeed laboratory work were that easy, EVERYone would have a job there! I’m tired of it but not before I make it known what goes on. And I don’t mean to the TL. I mean Mr. LabCorp himself. I think the Managers need to get more involved rather than dumping it off on some ‘team leader’ that isn’t any smarter than I am, they just ACT like they are’.

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