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02 Oct 08 Who’s at fault for bad health care?

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I have been reading some of the comments posted by LabCorp employees in this blog. It’s interesting how many of them blame everyone else but themselves for the poor service that patients get at LabCorp centers. According to the employees posting, the doctor, the insurance company and even the patient themselves are at fault. I would have to agree with them. Everyone else but you is at fault for bad health care.

The doctor, for sending the patient to the LabCorp center in order to get a blood test. The insurance company, for going with the lowest bidder and allowing LabCorp into their network of providers. The patient, for allowing their doctor and insurance company to send them to LabCorp for blood tests. They are all at fault that Labcorp has deteriorated as a service provider. It’s their fault that the test results can’t be trusted. It’s their fault that centers close early and that employees treat the patients with such disrespect.

It’s not the fault of the mid-level manager that strives to make a quick buck so that the upper manager commends them. It’s not the Patient Services supervisor who has not idea of what “real” patient services Blood Laboratory means. It’s not the service center receptionist who treats patients as though they are doing them a favor by taking their blood. It’s not the laboratory personnel that quickly runs blood tests through the system so that they can meet their daily quota, disregarding the quality standards that insure the accuracy of the tests.

Employees who were sent here to defend the company, my recommendation to you is that you have all your fellow employees look in the mirror to see who is really at fault for bad health care. My recommendation to the doctors, insurance companies and patients that are causing all these problems. Stop sending, paying or going to LabCorp for tests. That should resolve all the problems.

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03 Sep 08 Former Employee Speaks Out

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Here’s an email that I received from a former employee of LabCorp. She worked for a company that was acquired by LabCorp. Her name and department was removed to protect the innocent.

Labcorp sucks as an employer as well….They acquired another lab called Dianon Systems in Stratford, Ct and as of that point treated their employees like crap. When employee after employee left to find another job their position was never filled, therefore making the employees work for dirt cheap and like dogs!! Yet they brag about job opportunities. I am ever so grateful that my position in the XXXXXX department was eliminated..It is giving me an opportunity to find employment from a company that cares for their employees..
Their lab stinks and so does the CEO who says their is an open door policy with him. I never got any replies from him when asked when the employees will lose their job due to the acquisition..We had no chance to save for the medical insurance that was discontinued 2 weeks later…..

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21 Aug 08 LabCorp Jobs

I had a talk with one of the managers at a service center about the jobs that people perform at the company. Here are some interesting things that she had to say.

1) Job turnover in the Miami region is very high. The revolving door is a result of the way that they operate the company. Labcorp jobs are always availabe because so many leave the company.

2) Managers are not too familiar with who their boss is. They know the name but have never really met them or interacted with them.

3) About Bob Blanco – “Oh, he’s the guy who signs my checks. He’s the big boss. I never met him but he gives the orders to pay me.”

Q: have you ever met him?      A: No but I know him by name.

How can a service center manager not have met the district manager? I guess when you are a district manager that sits around the office, you never really know what is going on outside your little cave. Maybe they need lessons on how to be a successful executive. That “isolation from reality” seems to be a common problem in most districts.

That’s something that I admire about Bank of America. Part of the job requirement to be a banking center manager is that you have to walk around the floor during busy hours and interact with the customers and employees. Now that’s customer service. If you have a question or problem, ask the boss. Forget that executive attitude. The manager is just another person trying to provide a favorable banking experience.

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27 Apr 08 LabCorp Employee Stories

Your job at LabCorp gives you insight to all the wrongdoings and problems with the company. Let everyone know your stories.

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