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05 Feb 10 LabCorp Locations in Arlington Virginia

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There are many complaints about employees in LabCorp locations throughout the country mistreating patients. Deb sent me an email about her unfortunate encouter in LabCorp’s Arlington Virginia Location. What one would expect to be a 5 minute event turned into an hour ordeal. Why? Just because they can. Management in these LabCorp locations does not seem to care about patient satisfaction. After all, LabCorp is the low-price leader to HMOs and insurance companies. Who needs to treat people with the respect that they deserve when you get them through pricing practices. While I find Laboratory Corporation of America employees who treat patients this way revolting, it’s really managements fault. The supervisors do not seem to care and just push for production. Patients will complain as Deb did about the Arlington VA location, but management does nothing about it.

I went to LabCorp in Arlington VA last Saturday am in the middle of a snowstorm that was getting worse by the minute. All I had to do was drop off a specimen, and I informed them of that the minute I walked in. After two more interruptions by me asking why I couldn’t just drop it off, they finally took it from me – an hour after I walked in the door. So, I sat for an hour in a waiting room filled with sick people (and I am not sick), while 8 inches of snow was falling and the roads getting worse by the minute, and they couldn’t be bothered to take a plastic bag of test tubes from me. They weren’t even apologetic. I think I would have been there another hour if I hadn’t finally thrown a huge FIT at the desk.

I wrote an email complaining to them about this, but you know they won’t even respond to it. They are a terrible company.

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18 Jan 10 LabCorp Loses Blood Samples Again

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Labcorp Blood Test LostHere’s a very common complaint. Patient walks into a LabCorp location, has blood drawn, LabCorp loses the blood samples and still bills for the test. This very illegal LabCorp billing practice will eventually backfire. How can LabCorp billing charge for an exam that they did not do? Worse yet, how could they lose the blood samples? Even worse, can it have been tested and another patient receive the results as if their own? It all reminds me of a Looney Toons cartoon I used to watch when I was a little kid. A long floppy eared dog goes running after another animal and stops in its track saying “which way did he go??? Which way did he go???”

Here’s an email that I recently received. It tells the complete story:

Couldn’t believe that there is a whole website devoted to Labcorp screw ups! On November 23rd, 2009, my husband and I both went to Labcorp with physicians work orders in hand. After waiting about an hour, we finally had our respective blood drawn. My husband’s was routine. I am a cancer patient and had two orders, one from my oncologist and the other from my primary care doctor. Even though the facility was very busy and it was a Monday (I should have known better), there was only one phlebotomist on hand. She stated that she was the only one drawing blood there for the past month.

We never heard from our doctor with the results, so on a visit this past weekend, we asked our doctor what the results were. She stated she never received them and proceeded to call Labcorp. She was told they had no record of us going into their facility in November. On a hunch, I called our provider, Humana, on Monday and was told Labcorp had billed them over $500 for my labwork on November 23rd and also had billed them for my husband’s. So, according to labcorp, we never went there on November 23rd, yet they billed Humana over $500!! Meanwhile, we had to have our blood re-drawn yesterday. This time we went to Quest Diagnostics. Maybe we’ll have better luck there. I have filed a complaint with Internal Affairs at Humana and hope to follow up with a letter to labcorp if I can find the proper person to send it to.


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13 Jun 09 LabCorp Complaint – Virginia

When you are not treated properly you usually have the ability to go to another service provider that will give you satisfactory service. That is the beauty of a democratic system that allows free enterprise to compete for your business. It allows you to vote with your dollar. The best service provider wins and those with inefficiencies and lack in service disappear. Well that’s how it is supposed to work, in theory. Here’s a letter I received from a patient in Virgina. Unfortunately, due to restrictive insurance rules and insurance company’s zeal to work with the lowest bidder, the free enterprise system does not exist when it comes to reference labs, such as LabCorp.

Here’s a letter I received from John that details his experience at LabCorp Virgina. He sent this letter to LabCorp managers:

The following is an email sent to LabCorp to complain about the services provided at one of their locations. To date I have not received a response from LabCorp nor do I expect one.

Labcorp Complaint - VirginiaThis morning 29 May 2009 I visited one of your facilities located at 805 BATTLEFIELD BLVD N, CHESAPEAKE, VA 23320, Phone: 757-547-4892. I arrived and signed in at 7:50 AM, at that time there were 8 patients, including myself in the waiting area. Of these 8 patients, 7 had not yet been processed by the technician at the desk. I waited in the waiting area for 40 minutes, during that time 2 more patients were processed at the desk and only one patient was called to the back for sampling/processing. At 8:25 the tech at the front desk left, stating she was supposed to gone by 8:00, and no one was there to replace her, if you recall there are still 5 patients waiting to be in processed. At this point I left the facility. I will try ANOTHER LABCORP facility later today. The only reason I would ever set foot in a LabCorp facility again, is that my insurance requires the use of LabCorp.

This is not the first occasion of slow or non existent service at this location during the morning hours. I visit this location in the morning on my way to work and I have NEVER been met with prompt service. If this office is aware that they are busy in the early morning, would it not make sense to staff for this, or maybe they just don’t care. From the attitudes of the front desk clerks I believe the latter is the case.

I worked in health care for 20 years as a hospital corpsman in the US NAVY. I have spent many years in a clinical setting both in a lab environment and a pharmacy environment. I can tell you, if we provided the level of service provided by this particular LabCorp facility, changes in management and staffing would have been forthcoming immediately. This facility provides terrible customer service and is a disgrace to your company.

I am available for further discussion at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I would greatly appreciate a response to this communication, either written or verbal

Thank You in Advance

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24 Feb 09 LabCorp Texas – It Must Be in the Training Manual

Labcorp TexasI received this email from a Texas Labcorp patient. Ironically, this is how my problems with LabCorp started. In her case, the LabCorp employee actually waited for her. In my case they threw me out 15 minutes before closing time. Just like her, the supervisors failed to return the calls. In my case when I finally spoke to them they stuck up for the employees and called me a liar.  It looks as though the employee attitude, lack of response by manager and finally the insults are a chapter in the LabCorp training manual.

Oh, my, gosh!  Where do I even start??!!  My experience took place on January 13, 2009 in Dallas, Texas on Garland Road.


I asked my doctor to call the Lab Corp (in network with United Healthcare) that was just around the corner from the hospital at 4:45 to make sure that someone would be there when I got there before 5:00.  I could tell that my doctor was having a problem with the person on the other end of the line when my doctor kept insisting that I would be there momentarily and kept saying that she would greatly appreciate it.


When I got to Lab Corp, it was 4:55 and the woman was waiting outside the door for me; please keep in mind that the business does not close until 5:00.  When we walked in the door, she screamed at me, “Is this an emergency?”  Like it was any of her business!!!   When I sat down to have my blood drawn, she kept venting that she couldn’t believe this was happening to her and that she should already be on her way home.  I asked what time they close (different locations close at different times) and she said 5:00.  I tried to explain to her that it was just now 5:00 and I got there before they closed.  She insisted that was not correct according to her time. 


I have NEVER been treated the way this lady treated me!!!  She was extremely rude!!!  I was beside myself.   I was in my car, on the phone with my doctor’s office, complaining about the experience at 5:02.  Had the woman just done her job and stopped complaining that she had to stay until 5:00, she might have actually been able to lock up at the correct closing time of 5:00.



The very next day, January 14, 2009 @ 10:35 a.m., I called Lab Corp to speak to her superior  I left a message for her to please return my call.


After waiting two weeks, I again called Lap Corp on January 27, 2009 @ 9:55 a.m., to speak to her superior (the superior of the superior).  This time I got names.  The first lady I left a message with was Kay Hipshman.  This time I left a message with Mike Alvarez to please return my call.


It is now three weeks later, February 18, 2009, and I still have not heard from anyone.


Signed ~

A very disgruntled patient

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