LabCorp Sucks
Laboratory Corporation of America – Tell Your Story and File a Complaint
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27 Apr 08 Everything Else About LabCorp. Tell your story.

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This section is for everything else about LabCorp that is not covered in the other categories. Tell your story.

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    Check out the corruption in the Houston Lab. Billing for tests not performed. MAJOR HIPAA violations. A sales manager fired for fucking her employees. A general manager who was fucking a microbiology technician. Who then had to leave because of the rumors, and ultimately, was killed by her separated ex-spouse possibly because he heard the rumors too. A homosexual HR manager who gives favor to the rainbow coalition. Corrupt all the way through.

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    i have two degenerate discs in my back.i have to take a pain killer,when i am in a lot of a painter/carpenter for a living.doing ceilings painting over head kills my back.i gave a urine specimin at compass medical,and i just got a bill for the results,from labcorp.$947 dollars.what a scam,these people are theives.this is highway robbery.i lost my insurance,due to the place my wife worked as a nurse,was shut down.i got news for them,im not paying this bill.they did not just test for that one medicine.they tested for medicines,i do not even take.who the hell are they,to do this.thats right,ill pay a lawyer,before,i pay them.this is fighting this,i do not care how big this company is.

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    I worked for Lab Corp back in 2003 when they just bought-out Dynacare and I new the first weak of working there they were not going to work with me at any level towards a amlicable understanding of what job I wanted to do. The work load is so heavty that a manager cant take the time to analyse the situation or make any qualified judgement. Some would call it a bad case of the dumb-ass. Not an employee friendly company at all. I don’t mind working hard at my job but this place put a new meaning to “sweat shop” duty. Non-stop, work full time eight hours counting every second you were on there precious time clock. No break for at least four hours and then when you finally had a lunch I had to gobble down my food to get back in time… I don’t think they ever got my paycheck hours right the first time so you had to go through some B.S ordeal with HR every pay period. Working nights didn’t make this easy either since you had to sleep sometime during the day. I’m glad to be out of that mess and finally have a decent job. I wouldn’t recommend working for Lab Corp to anyone unless you are desperate for a job and are on some kind of mind altering drug. It’s better than McDonald’s but not by much..
    see ya

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    Comments made by distressed lab patient, August 14, 2008

    LabCorp is completely out of control!!

    They have sent my confidential lab results to the wrong address more than once via US mail without authorization from my physician.

    This is a clear HIPAA violation, since my doctor never requested that they send these results to me.

    They had 3 different addresses for me, and it was just lucky that I found the results sitting in the lobby where I live.

    **I believe a class action lawsuit is in order justified.**

    Anyone who’d like to join me in this, please leave any info as to how myself and my attorney can be in touch with you. Any hungry attorneys interested in this?

    The HIPAA laws are there to protect us: the paying clients of LabCorp.

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    Call 1 800 3220467 and listen to Willa

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    Labcorp took on more than they could handle. HR could care less about the employees who are over worked and under paid. They promote people based on favoritism rather than experience. In Elmhurst, IL, they promoted a driver with no lab testing experience to the Group Lead of Micro Biology´┐╝. More than half of the space in the lab is abandon; they use desk drawers as storage for specimens. This place is in need of an inspection. The lab area is a complete dump!

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    I would first like to say to terri stanley, I am so sorry for your horrible exp. I am a phlebotomist. I am ashamed that someone could be so unprofessional!!! if I were you I would write a personal letter to the head of the dept. i am sorry for you! By the way Terri, your artwork is beautiful, captivating, and just other worldly… I love pod, fresh, and around the way!!!

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    Every time I go to the lab, they take my insurance information. Every time I get a bill, Lab Corp has failed to send the claim to the insurance company. I then spend half an hour to an hour on hold waiting for them to answer, getting cut off at least once or twice. The representative always claims the information they have is incorrect and that they will correct it, but never seem to do so since this problem occurs with every bill. How can they have the wrong information when everytime the lab person makes a copy of my insurance card? In addition, when I’ve called, I’ve been told they submitted the claim to a completely incorrect insurance company. This company has horrible service.

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    Our doctor drew blood and sent it to LabCorp for routine bloodwork. Invoices from LabCorp had line items for venipuncture that they didn’t perform. Went to their website, provided the required information and asked for details regarding the questionable charges. Waited weeks for an answer and finally received a snotty (all caps) letter telling me to get answers from our doctor. Paid LabCorp for the tests they performed, less the bogus charges, and sent a letter explaining that the $32 for venipuncture charges was being withheld pending the requested explanation. No response, just another bill for an unexplained $8.76. Filed a complaint with the BBB. Got another bill, this time from LabCorp’s in-house collection agency, for the 8 dollars. These clowns need to be run out of business.

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    I visited the Hanover, Maryland (Teague Rd) location on Nov 11 for my 1 year old daughter blood work. Our appointment was for 3:30 pm Upon arriving to the location, it was empty – my daugter and I were the only people. The lady at the front desk was also the one working the lab (found it odd). At the beginning she was not very friendly. She instructed us to go the back where she met us. She looked at the doctors order and seemed to understand what we needed done. She started preparing the tubes and I was concerned they were adult size tubes . She said thats what the doctor ordered and its what they use on babys also. I was not too comfortable about it and I wish I listened to my insticts. She checked my baby’s arms for the veins and picked the right arm. Finding the vein was not difficuly, however, seemed like the tech was not so sure what she was doing. Anyway, she manged to draw the blood. My baby of course was screaming but I manged to calm her down by breasfeeding. Few seconds later, the tech looks at me and says “oh my God i’m so sorry i’m so sorry (like 5 times) I was supposed to draw three tubes not two”. She looked nervous. First, I could not believe what she was saying and that we have to go through it all over again. It was a night mare. I was not going to manage to miss work another day plus the tests were urgent. So once my baby was calm, the tech went for the left arm to draw more blood. This time It was not easy. She seemed nervous and could not find the vein. She kept “fishing” with a needle in the baby’s arm looking for the vain. The baby was crying her heart out – I told the tech to stop and just before she withdrew the needle, she found the vein. What an experience! My baby has never cried like that before! We stayed few more minutes then went home. Now the scary moment began. My baby was looking unwell so we contacted a doctor. The doctor wanted to know how much blood was drawn. All I knew was 3 adult tubes. The doctor was concerned too much blood was drawn out of the baby and gave instuctions that if she looks pale, we need to rush to ER. That night we stayed up keeping an eye on her. Since then we have been monitoring her and we hope nothing serious is going on like anemia. I would appreciate to be contacted for follow up.

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    I want to know if its true babies are drawn blood with adult size tubes ot the tech was did not know. Next time I will be sure to request a pediatric tech and for sure I will not return to lab corp particulary that location

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    Labcorp in Linthicum MD is giving clients erroneous information about tests and performing them wrong. They told us my fiance’s post vasectomy semen analysis would sit out on their cold counter “all day” before they ran it. Our instructions from the doctor said it had to be tested in 30-60 minutes and must be kept at body temperature during that time. The tech told us point blank that the doctor was wrong and she was right and told us it would not be tested the way he ordered. We told the doctor’s office and they said Labcorp was wrong. Now we have to pay out of pocket for another test at a different lab to insure that he is sterile. This is malpractice and incompetence.

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