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03 Sep 08 Former Employee Speaks Out

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Here’s an email that I received from a former employee of LabCorp. She worked for a company that was acquired by LabCorp. Her name and department was removed to protect the innocent.

Labcorp sucks as an employer as well….They acquired another lab called Dianon Systems in Stratford, Ct and as of that point treated their employees like crap. When employee after employee left to find another job their position was never filled, therefore making the employees work for dirt cheap and like dogs!! Yet they brag about job opportunities. I am ever so grateful that my position in the XXXXXX department was eliminated..It is giving me an opportunity to find employment from a company that cares for their employees..
Their lab stinks and so does the CEO who says their is an open door policy with him. I never got any replies from him when asked when the employees will lose their job due to the acquisition..We had no chance to save for the medical insurance that was discontinued 2 weeks later…..
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Reader's Comments

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    I have given blood sample for lab test and they did not send the report to the doctor even after 4weeks. I have to call them twice to send the report to the doctor office. bad think is they never forget to charge me for the lab charge.

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    Labcorp just bought out Bon Secours Lab department in Nov 12 2010. All employees that worked for Bon Secours were offer a position with Labcorp. Pay increse, Benefits, your 401k carries over. Sounds great. I was given a $3 increase from what I was makeing before. One month past already, and they are starting to layoff the new employees that were transferred over. They are gunning for me, but I been documenting everthing and saving recorded massages with my superivior. I always reffer to my contract when I was transfer over, and I let them know I know my rights and I’ll fight till the end if I was mistreated in anyway. If I shall leave labcorp im leaving kicking and screaming taking them down with me.

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    to anonymous in Bon Secours Lab:

    They will lay off well-payed, competent employees and replace them with

    1) foreign “trained” techs who were educated in third world countries with ancient technologies; or corrupt foreign colleges where the person purchased their degree, get a visa, and expect to perform a job for which they have no theoretical knowledge or technical experience.

    2) a technician and newer instrument, where a technologist is no longer necessary.

    3) a tech who works two jobs and will take lower pay (see #1).

    For LabCorp, its ALL about the dollar, not the quality.

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    Labcorp replacing Americans with illegal third world workers.

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    I would just like to say to all of those current employees of LCA who are complaining on here, GET OVER IT! It’s a job! If you are so very unhappy, move on. Take your anger and resentment to another employer where I’m sure you will no doubt be just a miserable. LCA is a for profit company and a very successful one at that. If you’re looking for hugs and sunshine, go work for a non-profit. It’s ridiculous that all of you are complaining about mostly petty, I-didn’t-get-what-I-wanted, BS. Tell it to all the people who are unemployed and would love to have your position.

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    so, happy LCA employee, you have no problem with unethical behavior, management only caring about making money and not accuracy of patient results?

    I am all for making money, but this is a MEDICAL facility. 80 percent of patient care decisions are made relying upon accurate test results.

    If the focus is on productivity over accuracy in a medical practice, tell me, would you trust your kid’s lab results done a Labcorp?

    nuff said

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    Genzyme Genetics was just bought out by LabCorp as of 12/1/2010. We lost tons of bennies, way less time off and really crappy medical compared to what we had before.
    They told us we’d have jobs for at least a year, but seeing the Bon Secours Lab story, I don’t believe it. I’m definitely not impressed with LabCorp so far, they already just cut a big program that was Genzyme’s.

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    I am a currently acquired Lab Corp employee(bought out on 12/1/10). They originally told us when we were aquired that we could either take time off without pay or go negative on our PLB time if we didn’t have it. Now it seems the policy has changed out of thin air and we CANNOT take time off without pay now, only go negative on PLB if we don’t have any. We just got acquired on 12/1/10, so we have very little PLB since they didn’t carry over time from out old company. Any other employees of LabCorp allowed time off without pay???

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    no, unless you get FMLA

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    All seniority and moneys transfered when NHL (now Labcorp) purchased Allied in the early nineties. PLB was transferred according to seniority. Since Labcorp has a scaled PLB program, the longer your service, including previous employer acquired by Labcorp (for me it is now 21 years), the more PLB you will have. Also, depending on length of service, the more negative you can go. I believe after 5 years of service you can go 80 hours negative. Time off without pay is frowned upon but allowed with supervisory approval.

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    I am a current employee of Labcorp in San Antonio. Labcorp seems to change their PLB practices at whim. Some can and some can’t. My problem is with ethics, my current supervisor has a problem with letting a certain employee access our personal information. This employee knows everything about us! Her favortism is outrageous! Researching how to file a formal complaint.

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    I read a lot of these complaints and the fact is that most of what people complain about is true. I have over 20 years of experience working in labs and the practices of Labcorp are unbelievable at times. This company does not care about it’s employees at all, they want robots. No laughing, no music, no talking all while management runs around laughing and talking. At times the talk is terribly inappropriate. I know of one department that if you are male you get away with everything! I have seen labels come off samples and then guessed at which label belongs to it. Work done without gloves. at one point an employee without gloves handled samples then scratched and developed a MSR. Employees clock in and leave. While others were screamed at in front of other employees for getting 4 minutes overtime. Management talks about other employees to employees. You have no privacy at all. You can NOT go through proper channels in this company. You report something and it will be told to everyone and your name given out. So much for the whistle blower protection! Yes, it is true that a LOT of samples are mishandled. Profits for this company last year were increased by taking back PLB from employees when we were told we could take it. These hours were taken out of the check the week of Christmas, we were given one day’s notice. If you are short 15 minutes that will be taken out of your PLB. Any excuse to take PLB is acceptable so you end up with none unless you have been with the company 10+ years. It’s true kiss butt and you get promoted whether or not you have the experience or training.

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    I agree with allot of these complaints. I was recently fired (2-2-11) from LCA for what was called a policy violation. I had given 10 years of my life to this company and during that time I was the reason 2 separate accounts were saved because of me. Don’t get me wrong I am not bragging but because of my skills, work ethics and knowledge of lab tests these particular accounts made it known if I was not the PST working in their office they would take their business to Quest. I loved my job very much. I started out with a temp service for 1 year then was hired on. While I was with the company I was Team Leader and then Supervisor. I did not like the boss lady position at all. I came from the same stock as my now ’employees’s’ and I hated being the one to dish out discipline when I knew exactly where they were coming from. I stepped down.
    At one time I was offered a severance because I was told there were no open positions for me to transfer to. Turns out there was but the manager assumed I didn’t want to drive the 50 miles to get to the site. I did end up transferring and driving the distance because I needed the job.
    In 2009 my husband suffered from a terrible injury that crushed his heel. I was now the only one working and providing insurance coverage. He is still not recovered from this fall and needs more surgery. Now I have no insurance to cover this and my supervisor was well aware of my personal drama.
    But back to why I was fired. I was working in an Endocrinologist office and the office is closed for 1 1/2 hours for lunch. I had taken my lunch break and about 15 minutes before the office was to reopen I was outside in my car (in the office parking lot) and my supervisor showed up and says she did not see me any where. Yes I was back on the clock. The very next day I was called to come to the closest PSC. When I got there my supervisor and manager were there and HR on the phone. I was basically told I took a break to soon after having a lunch break. WTH?! At the time I was in shock and couldn’t think straight. When I got home I looked at the company policy and there is nothing in there about what time you are to take breaks. Working in a Dr’s office you take breaks when you can. In this case the office was still closed!
    So it seems LCA has double standards when it comes to this particular policy.
    Now this account that I saved is very upset and looking to change labs.
    But I feel this way, God has a better plan for me. My time with LCA is over and better things are on the horizon.

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    I spent a few years working for Labcorp in WV. The sum of my experience: Don’t work there. It’s not worth it. Bad insurance, bad management, bad company. Period.

    Oh, and further, for the rest of my days I will never use Labcorp for any of my personal medical testing, as they value work speed much more highly than accuracy from their employees.

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    Wow – a bunch of bitter people. I worked for LabCorp for five years and got fired — for good reason, I deserved it. I mouthed off to a client and shouldn’t have. My years at LabCorp in both the central division and the corporate offices were wonderful, and I was treated with great kindness and all of my managers over the years did what they could to scoot my career along. It was my own mouth that made me lose my job — and gave me a lesson learned. I have a hard time believing that each and every one of these blog entries are solely due to poor management, but rather, to poor employees. Be thankful you have jobs.

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    I worked at Labcorp and I’m not bitter but better then the supervisors as far as being dedicated to the company and it’s patients and clients.The CEO really needs to screen it’s supervisors better and pick one’s that can draw blood,run tests and know what each of them are.The corporate people take their days off and don’t worry but the low people on the totem pole are screwed.Please take pride in ALL of your employees return their phone calls and don’t forget north,west and south Texas.Come on now make this company grow.

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    The Ots Division of Labcorp in Rtp North Carolina is under big scutiny. There is an employee that reported workplace violence that has escalated into a whole lot of cans of worms being opened. Last week the director of the Ots Division Randall Daniels was fired along with his long time girlfriend Devona Lunsford who was supervisor of new accounts. The employee that should be treated as a whistleblower has been harrassed at work and at her home with all sorts of retaliation. Labcorp is so bitter that she spoke up and a total of 5 people have been terminiated since she has spoken up. SHe has been in talks with a senior Vp and the hr manager who are doing nothing to secure her work environment. In front of all of our eyes they have taken her hard drive and we know are planting things on it. All I know is the public needs to know this is worse than Enron. All companys need to drop their accounts with Labcorp. Any donor you send to labcorp their Social Security has a 99 percent chance of being used for identity theft if your credit is good. There is an large group of employees that are only working there to steal social security and tamper with the results of drug tests. There are so many bitter workers right now there needs to be a serious federal investigation on the Ots Division. Privacy is not a factor and Americans you are all at risk. Labcorp is not listening to loyal employees but instead trying to get rid of them and make a hostile environment for them to quit. I want to spread this information to everyone. There are employees that have been fired for getting their drug test results changed to positive when they were negative. The lists goes on about the nightmares of the Ots Division headed by Ceo Mr Dave King.

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    This situation is so severe at the Ots Division I will be sending updates as often as possible to Labcorp sucks. It is so bad at this location that workers are waiting for this worker who has been absent since December. Fake obituarys, her social security number and other personal information has been expolited through the companys emails as a form of retaliation. I am really looking hard for a new job and I dont want to be here when the feds come in and arrest everyone for stealing social security information of it clients. This is a big story and Labcorp is doing its best to cover it up. I think that its worse than the medicaid story if not as bad as the medicaid story.

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    Mr Dave King,

    Who is a corporate lawyer is aware of the severe situation that is going on in the ots division in Rtp North Carolina. He is doing nothing at all but condoning the corrupt management and employees who are stealing social security informationm and other illegal activities. Labcorp does not like whistleblowers and all they do is shut them up or fire them. The employee I hope stands her ground and does not quit and continues to tell the truth that we all know is correct as 500 Perimeter Park Location in Rtp. If you are not clear the Ots division is the division that handles anything urine or breath alchol tests. The tests that get people jobs or let them keep jobs. If an labcorp theif sees that you are trying to get a job at a bank then its automatic that your credit must be good. Indentitys are being stolen every day and this whistleblower needs to be praised instead of crucified. Dave King Mr Ceo needs to get off that pedistool and come down a few knoctches and see what the heck is really going on with his elite management team of thieves. Most of us employees know they have messed with the wrong employee this time and getting rid of the director and the ots accountseup supervisor and customer service supervisor is a small victory. There is still a large group of employees and managment members who also need to be exiled out of the company right into a federal jail. In my opinion I do not think they were terminiated. So what they were escorted out but I think their friends who are upper managment gave them the choice to retire. What about all the employees who they falsified time on and other illegal activities didnt get their unemployement benenfits or the choice to resign? Labcorp I hate to say does suck and I work right in Dave Kings back yard and he cant even keep the Ots Division Legal. Why punish the people who come forward who are more qualified to bring these corrupt people down? Mr Ceo you need to be shamed.

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    This is an email that went out through the labcorp work emails. This is what we the workers are dealing with everyday. This one is so truthful the ceo should have brought in top guns to this facility. I am not sure if this site will post names but I will remove so that you all can see what goes on. The account setup supervisor is gone along with the direct which is De and R in this posting. You think your site has bad things going on there is nothing like people stealing you social security numbers. Rememeber labcorp employees have your date of birth and address so credit card applications are very easy!

    How do I tell my coworkers to stop gossiping?
    First, I can’t just be rude and say, “quit gossiping before i tell the boss” because I’m still subject to retaliation and have this person give my annual review.

    The problem:
    I work in a laboratory full of chatty gossiping women and men. The main ones gossiping are the bosses. This is a laboratory of talking primates who will have positive urine.
    My coworker does protocol, which is for when the boss comes in and now other officials come to the work floor and just chat it up. Every day it is something new. One particular boss is constantly speaking in soft tones, so everyone (the bosses) ALWAYS thinks it’s just business. “’’spesss spessh We going to get her……yeah boo, spesshhh , spessshh, and girl they can’t do nothing to me.
    Yesterday and my evening was so messed up because I am thinking how dare the company have us sign something to go to our bosses about work place harassment or bullying. They are the ones who are doing it. I have no one to vent to in hr. We are having a storm of emails bombarding our email system and it is because we all know for a fact an employee told the truth on management. The primates are still here and nothing was done. I am going to do the same as the people who are sending the emails but I am going to say right now I am a worker with good attendance and a family. I need my job but I am going to speak up and say enough is enough. The blogs that were sent to all the other day was very truthful even if they were other locations. If you were a fly on the wall you could see a lot of primate behavior on a regular basis. I am not making a racial comment but it would appear that way when the primates are out of control and the polar bears hibernate in the caves all the time. I couldn’t believe they came out of the cave to say they are sorry for the harassing emails. I am thinking harassing emails? You better go and talk with the management team who is provoking and sending these emails. We all know why these things are happening. The floor is not stupid. We all know hard drives are suddenly missing or out of place the next morning, or getting replaced. We know they have been ordering and stealing computers for years while the ones they don’t like stay connected to the pony express internet.
    As far as the gossiping is concerned please stop blaming this on one employee who has not been here to get the blame for all the primal behavior you been displaying for years. C- is you cell phone broke? I have no seen you on the floor in weeks. Now these emails are flying back and forth and you running to D account setupo supervisor,desk making up for lost time. I have a question me and my coworkers were laughing in the break-room about yesterday. Where is your desk? Is it the executive area or your car? Nobody thinks you have a seat. Do you do any work? D collection site over seer what is your job? You were on Hiatus too until you met with D- account setup supervisor in the break-room the other day and started your primal talk to the primates whom are too stupid to see through your green blood. D wake up and smell the hair grease dude ok you talk with T- and then you see D always come and block. You see it and you are getting jollies off of it. I do not even consider you a man. You are no better than the slave owners who hated the men but secretly loved the women. You were not relevant dude until you got that box car Mercedes. The one you made us all aware that you do not see many blacks driving. The email system is the plaque right now for the gossipers and now all they are doing is just turning primates into walking telegraphs. We have walking telegraphs now that get paid for 8 hours. What happened to Ma-Bell. Doesn’t she work 24/7? The same people who were king and queens of gossip emails are now making holes in the carpet to get the information out from the executive area. I could not believe a couple of months ago the executive area worker were spreading and showing emails on the work floor of upper executives. I said the hit is going to hit the fan. I have not seen nothing but Sikethia get fired and all the ones who disliked her are now her biggest cheerleaders. We just shake our heads at the primates all day. D and C what was the purpose of talking all week about her car being broke? I have been waiting for that collection to go around like the other you all start. I am not giving a dime. I am not going to fake it. She was not a good person at all. Management you are full of it. You post a job and then the next day say it has been filled. When is anyone going to stand up and expose you that you already know who has the job before it is even posted? Again we are not stupid! It is always one of your friends. If anyone can tell me when C’s job was posted please let me know. She is not even listed as a boss but an administrator. So what is up with that? The polar bears are just using their baby to watch the primates? The check must be good is all I can say. We all know the new primal leader will be a polar complexion. Thanks to the evil thing that is gone. T—where is your brain? If No working D— has access to Ceridian then why don’t you? You are that content with of having Ca—bend over in front of you and your head so far up you can see out of her mouth? All this while still getting the same pay. It is time for all of you to see what is really going on and stop thinking like they want. Stop signing anything that you know is ludicrous. Yesterday report sexual harassment. What do you do when it is your boss or your bosses boss or friend. Suppose you can’t bake or don’t have enough cleavage? The good line I saw the other day was about having shares in Chapstick. We do not have clear card anymore but we should have bowls of it at the time clock so the kisser uppers will be moist all day and I can hear the gossip. Really I wish they all would just keep quiet. De and C have it good. No work but yelling “calls in the que!” Don’t let me say it again. I don’t have no children and I see why now.” All this in between your gossip sessions with your two faced friends. Yes, girl you are now the topic of the floor. We all know you are trying to look innocent but us veterans know exactly what is going on.
    Management you have done nothing this year as far as implementing security or stopping the gossip of the work floor. How can you especially when it comes from management. These emails go out and then you send an email back to the floor saying you are sorry. You need to put Perimeter All. You know how many times the emails are forwarded and sent to other facilities? Di “Nosy” you need to sit down somewhere and stop being the new instigator and rumor spreader for 2012. I seen you initiation was the end of 2011 but what group are you working for? Is it the primates on the floor or the polar bears? You are a lover of the short four legs. I am not talking about felines. Stay in your lane. Stick with things you know about Ms. Gravy Train. We all understand what the management is doing and that is to keep them all on the same page and make sure they are all changing their underwear at the same time. I understand what she is saying.

    I am not trying to put a cloud over the building it is already there. It is 2012 and we need to do better. It is now a battle of whose but is best to kiss when it should be a matter of doing the right thing. I never hear business conversations and I am sick of taking calls while you managers talk and have people in your offices. Betsy you send these emails out if anyone needs to speak with me. I am like I wish another person would log off so I could get more calls. It is out of control now. The emails and all the drama provoking the emails is because of the management and the gossiping that is going on daily. Stop walking around talking to us and pick up some of these calls and reprimand the work floor ethic disturbers and enforce it. How many slaps on the wrists do you get? I am sure you can bring some of the VP aka virtual people out of the cave and run this floor. Why do we have so many junior vice presidents?

    How do I get it through to her I understand what she is talking about without offending her so she quits.

    She’s being paid to work, not to talk about other things. I understand maybe you get a little down time and you want to chat with a friend, but that’s what the weekend is for. You are boss and if you were promoted then you should have scaled that tongue back a few notches when you got that first paycheck. This is nothing to get mad about it is food for thought.

    I tried to talk with you not long ago and you brushed me off and I didn’t t want to embarrass you but keep it up, it will not be me but one of the listeners who are going back repeating all that you know. Ca— its 2012 please stop saying “I don’t know nothing” that is so 2005-2011. We all know you know everything. You come out R- office after 2 hours and could only shut your mouth for 30 minutes before you blurted all. I know you were hoping that all the live specimen would make it down your throat or just didn’t have anything in that file cabinet.

    I hope you all have a good day. This was not meant to be funny but to encourage you each as individuals that if you are tired of the nonsense in the building then speak up. If you are tired of the people who walk the dirty carpet, gossip, run in and out of offices and cubicles and getting free paychecks with 40 hours overtime. Stand up and put that right fist in the air. Then think what you can do to get same perks or get the same justice. Management I am not trying to start a riot but I am a worker who has feelings and I am tired of coming in everyday watching the primal activities,

    Management keep in mind Osha,Eeoc, NAACP and the Labor Board could have a field day.

    at is going on at Labcorp Ots Division in Morrisville North Carolina better known as RTP.

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    I have posted several comments this year and you have not posted any of my comments about labcorp the ots division in North Carolina.
    The director and 2 supervisors have been fired and I am sure all that I have sent you could be confirmed. It is 2012. Pleas post new comments

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    This was true story of Fullerton Draw station of LabCorp !!!!

    I was there for some our official work. I saw one old women came with her mentally sick daughter (age around 15years) who was suffering from some diseases. Phlebotomists were talking on some funny issue , and just ignore this patient. Anyway after 15-20 mins. that old women asked for that “How long you guys take time for my daughter. And than those employees were looking at patient and laughing ; they told ,hey this girl doesn’t require any test. That women asked but mu doctor told me for some test,i want to meet your supervisor , where is he or she ????

    And answer came from one of them I am superviser , My name is Kenda ,ok !!!you want to complaint go to my company’s website and here is my HR’s contact No.

    you didn’t know i have been here for long time and now need some vacation . Do complaint i don’t mind

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    Reading all of the complaints about LABCORP, I agree with most of them! But most of you seem self entitled and expect us to TAKE YOU IMMEDIATELY UPON arrival. We are understaffed, we do the best we can. There are twenty of you in the waiting room and barely two of us, do the math. In addition, we have to decipher your physician’s handwriting, enter your information, collect your copayment, verify and highlight ALL of the information….while answering the phone, greeting people and instructing them to please sign in and sit down. OVER AND OVER AGAIN, if you hear me say it to ten people, that I need your insurance card and script……you could speed the process and have yours available when I call you…..that’s if YOU PRINTED your name on the sign in sheet….a scribble is not something I can pronounce. In addition to us Greeting you, entering your script, and answering stupid questions….we get to process your specimen. Yes, they fired a whole department of Accessioners and GUESS WHAT we spin and process your blood! And of course go to the bank! In addition to that we are under a Management staff that can’t manage to do a proper schedule. We work six days a week, under constant scrutiny with the threat of losing our jobs to be replaced with fresh (cheap) phlebs just graduated. So if you think YOU had a bad LabCorp experience, at least you are not expericing it six days a week. In EVERY waiting room there is a number to call a Manager or Supervisor for feedback, call the number; let them know your experience; our job is not easy and I apologize for any bad experience you may have had. However, there are many great techs employed (threatened, but employed); please keep us there. I have worn many hats in my life, yet this is the most stressful, horrible, back stabbing position I have ever had. I remain; due to the fact I love my job, I love the challenge; I love my patients and the interaction; and level of fast pace I must achieve. LabCORP does indeed suck, but I want to let it be known; not all their employees do.

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    Many people believe that phlebotomist at draw sites are rude and nasty, for no apparent reason. Well put yourself in thier shoes, when u walk into work at 7 or earlier are there people lined up ready to throw every paper in thier hand at your face? your shift hasn’t even started yet and people already mad because they need to get to work and still waiting? Okay so a phlebotomist job is to accurately collect every single patients demographic and order the correct test that the Doctor wants. Besides the short staff usually in every draw site and the supervisor constantly make you feel replaceable and expect the phlebotomist to be robots and never have car trouble or issues with your children because it is the end of the world. The pressure from both the patients and unreasonable supervisor that do not care how hard an employee works not only stresses out the employee but makes the department a hostile environment therefore many phlebotomist seem unhappy to be there. No one actually thanks the phlebotomist for what the do. Such like nurses and doctors thier job is just as important. I see my friend constantly going “above and beyond ” and the current supervisor makes the staff out to be incompatent to not only the patients but to the staff. Who would want to work in a company like this where many of the supervisors treat thier “team” like this!!


  25. |

    Labcorp is a fucking joke. There are cliques like in high school. Sales people, & dept mgrs run the show. Others clamor to kiss their asses… president in the Phoenix branch hired a specialist to ready the lab for huge inspection..turns out the specialist was the presidents daughter. One dept has only one certain ethnic group in the position of mgr ,asst mgr, supervisor etc.. no it isn’t what you think.. mgrs constantly berate,and degrade their employees…labcorp employeea are overworked, and underpaid.. mgrs however don’t work, and are grossly overpaid.. the h.r dept there might as well not exist. They don’t do anything nor do they know anything….they promise raises that never come to be. God forbid you ever a great idea either. Your supervisor will take the idea, and run with it. They will take credit for your ideas. Happened to me all the time when I was employed there. There were some employees that were promoted after wiping their chins. If you catch my drift.

  26. |

    I recently went to labcorp for a blood draw on middlefield road in palo alto. It was shocking how I was treated, and I left there shaking and in tears. There definitely needs to be some kind of class action with either or both employees and clients. There is one person who does everything from patient registration to cleaning to blood draw to paperwork. And that person is stressed, angry and has passive aggression. Two years ago I had a bad experience there, and went back this time because it was very close to work, but it has not gotten better. The collection box was outside on the ground, that should have been a sign something was not proper. the woman inflicted bodily harm, and I went to the police. I think we need to start reporting these things. Until we do it won’t change.

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    I worked for LabCorp but got Valley Fever, and as a result of getting sick and having to go into the hospital–LabCorp now says they can’t re-hire me back because I didn’t give a 2 week notice. When I got sick–the very day I was put in the hospital, my supervisor drove to the hospital to verify that I wasn’t telling a lie. I asked her if she came to fire me for getting sick–she said NO. However, this same supervisor lied to HR and said I didn’t give notice. I gave the bitch 3 weeks notice. Since this time, LabCorp has fired that particular supervisor for not doing her job, but they still refuse to hire me back, because the supervisor didn’t submit my letter of resignation in my employee file. I’ve tried to talk to HR and told them, you see there’s no complaint about me or my work ethics, and yet you won’t hire me back because a supervisor that you fired oh by the way, didn’t put my letter of resignation in my file. I now find out that Quest and LabCorp look at each others employee files and talk HR to HR. Now Quest says they can’t hire me because I didn’t give LabCorp a 2 week notice. What a vicious circle of crap. LabCorp you lost an excellent phlebotomist, one that was good with patients, and other employees. An employee that never complained about working over time. SHAME ON YOU. As far as the person writing in on May 6, at 12:56 pm, each one of us has different situations we have dealt with. Don’t assume we’re all a bunch of bitter people. We’ve all been hurt. Good for you that you had wonderful management. I find your statements difficult to believe but will give you the benefit of the doubt. Would you consider yourself a poor employee because you were fired? I’m sorry you were fired, glad you learned a lesson, but don’t ever assume people being hurt by big companies means they were poor employees. Hopefully this will be another lesson you can learn.

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    can some one from lapcorp that works for labcorp please contact me i have some questions.

  29. |

    Thanks fоr ѕharing your thoughtѕ on lаbcoгp employee stогіes.

  30. |

    Not sure where all the hostility towards this company comes from. I have done this job for over 30 years, at many hospitals and labs and have found LabCorp to be top-notch in so many ways.
    If/when I have a problem or need help there is always a person ready to help. Does it have it’s issues? Of course it does but what job doesn’t. Do they have room to improve? Of course, but have you ever worked for a company that didn’t? I assume a lot of these people are disgruntled employees or former employees and may or may not have a legitimate case but in my opinion they are by far the finest laboratory I have ever had the priveledge to work for. Maybe because here in Seattle we are a union shop? We work as a team and do a great job and actually have some fun doing it once in a while. I’m Lovin LabCorp and hope to be here a long time.

  31. |

    Has anyone ever been discriminated due to your race or have you witness racial discrimination?

  32. |

    I read through this page in pure amasement. I thought it was only in brooklyn that this was going on. The current supervisor is one that used to be a tech herself and she was mean to clients, an ass kisser to the sups, not a team player, and a gosspier. and she now want us to be her team players. Not much has changed with with her other than her title which they passed her up on many times and because no one else wanted yhe position yhey gave it to her. She is a .itch with her eyes set on higher management. Everyone that I have come across has nothing nice to say about her they have been here four 10 or more years. She is an evil person. Things that hapoens at one site way across town end up all over. You can always tell when someone has done something because she sends out blast e-mails to everyone and then want us to sign off on them to put in our files. Angel Desgouttes is fucked up. Labcorp is pushing these credit card captures on us and surveys like we don’t have more important things to do. I COULD MAKE A LIST OF LC BULL… WE NEED A UNION. THEY DON’T HAVE TO KNOW. Once the union rep gets a certain amount of signatures that’s all they need to come in. The hr department is working in labcorps favor not ours. Angel sucks

  33. |

    After I initially left a comment I appear to have clicked on the -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now
    whenever a comment is added I recieve four emails with the exact same comment.

    There has to be a way you are able to remove me from that service?
    Many thanks!

  34. |

    I work at the Charleston WV branch office at Patrick St, and one of my coworkers is a former postmaster fired for embezzlement from the government. He is of questionable character already, but I’ve seen him mislabel specimens and when I approached him about it he blatantly lied. If he can get a job there….and embezzled, why not hire prison inmates, goodness!

  35. |

    I do not understand nor do I trust the former postmaster who was fired for embezzlement of $7,000.00 dollars in White Sulphur Springs, WV, who was judged a pathological lair and crook, yet Labcorp allows him to test specimens and do transport to Ohio…he seems nice but I don’t want him handling my specimens or test results geez…he did not just steal, but 7000.00…if they are that desparate

  36. |

    Any information on the Charleston, WV branch office/ I hear they hire people with criminal histories and I made a mistake years ago and want to apply.

  37. |

    California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris announced a $49.5 million settlement with Laboratory Corporation of America,
    the state’s second largest provider of medical laboratory testing, stemming from a lawsuit alleging illegal overcharges to
    the state’s medical program for the poor.

  38. |

    Sadly I was going to debate all these statements however I see them everyday. The Dublin testing facility had so many call offs A temp employee and a new hire on week 1 was performing HIV, Hep C testing. I was amazed. Two life changing test to be determined by a temp, and a new hire who at the time was not signed off on testing. I contacted Clia, who thought I was crazy. After this Lab Corp made it a point to sign everyone off on the book in case later on an investigation was conducted they could point and say yup there signed off. Sadly though this happened all over the lab, people running machines cranking out results that they have no clue as to how to run. Why these employee were signing off on training I have no clue, I do know however they had no clue as to what they were doing. Lab Corp is so worried about cranking out the test results who care if there valid. Last year at this time there were so many wrong reports being issued due to using new machine I am surprised no one died. There are some employee who cared, some who spoke up however those employee were hushed. I look at the law suit for misdiagnosis how does this happen. The temp training the tech on HIV, Hep C caught drinking out of a flask on the clock amazing.

  39. |

    lab corp is a ghetto trash company with stupid half assed west Indian nurses who stink at what they do

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