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04 Jun 10 LabCorp Appointments Complaint

LabCorp AppointmentsWhat good are LabCorp appointments? Amanda sent me an email with her experience at LabCorp. Even though she made an appointment and brought all the proper documentation, including a prescription from her doctor, she was unable to take her required tests.

The “chaotic” daily operation of a LabCorp center and the “entitlement” philosophy of certain LabCorp employees makes you not want to ever set foot in their service centers again.

 Here’s Amanda’s unfortunate experience.

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LabCorp Appointment Patient…I completely and utterly baffled by the chaotic nature that is LabCorp’s daily operations. 

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1st visit: On the first visit, I arrived around 3:30 for a blood test and H Pylori breath test, only to be questioned with regards to the Doctor’s prescription as to whether or not I should have fasted. I called the doctor to confirm, and staff at LabCorp still insisted the doctor was wrong. Once they agreed to the blood test, they informed me it was too late to give me the solution for the H Pylori breath test, even though they knew I would be waiting 45 minutes for a phlebotomy technician.  I was frustrated that after having missed 3 hours of work, I was told I would need to return. 

Poor Service Center Employee AttitudeSecond visit: I went ahead and scheduled the H Pylori test for the following Friday, confirmed scheduled appointment online, and left work hours early yet again to make this appointment. As soon as I arrived, the staff behind the desk told me they did not have the H Pylori test kits and that I should have called. I immediately responded that if that lab was not equipped with the supplies necessary to fill all prescriptions, then they should have referred to their appointment list and called me. The lady responded that it was my fault, even after I told her that I made the appointment specifically for this test. She said she would NOT call me when they received the test kits.  She also went on to say that if she had to call me then they would have to call 15 to 20 people who want the same test. I calmly told her that if they were putting 15 to 20 people in a position to miss hours of work only to be turned away at the door because their LabCorp office is ill-equipped to handle the tests that it advertises if offers at any given time, then yes, the right thing to do is to contact people. I never received an apology for inconveniencing me, nor did she admit their fault. The lady behind the desk then threw a card at me and said to call next time (again, even though I had gone through the appointment process as a courtesy to them in the first place).

Why does LabCorp website collect information if that information is not dispersed to people who need to know it? Why are they collecting information that ultimately is not being used to better the day-to-day operations of the offices? Finally, why are these labs not equipped with the tools necessary to administer every test it is supposed to be capable of administering at all times? For instance, the lady behind the desk at my second visit mentioned that they had not had the H Pyblori kits all week.

Labcorp Treats Patients Like Cattle

Next Patient!

In a world with overnight shipping, no lab should be without test kits ever, let alone a full week.

If this were any other business, one not funded by managed health care providers that guarantee a high volume of revenue to LabCorp, I would be able to request my money back, speak to a manager, or be compensated in some way. Instead, we as patients are taken advantage of and treated like cattle and told to come back…because let’s face it, we have no other choice.

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Reader's Comments

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    I can understand why you were asked to fast because the H Pylori kit states that the patient should not have anything to eat or drink at least 2 hours prior to the test. As far as everything else, that technician handled the entire situation the wrong way. Our appointment screen in the computer tells us the reason for each patients visit. She definitely should have pulled your information and notified you that they were out of kits. Even if they were out of kits, they could have borrowed a few from a neighboring PSC and called you once they had them. As far as overnight delivery, unfortunately we do not get that, we can place a rush on an order but it still takes a couple of days for us to receive the supplies. It is every technicians responsibility to keep up with the inventory in that office, whenever they see they are running low on supplies they are to notify the person in charge of ordering. Sounds like another patient service center full of lazy asses.

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    I agree…that pst shoud’ve been fired….sorry for ur inconvience…

    PST for Lab Corp

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    trying to make an appointmant by coputer is next to impossible why dont you hire some one with knowledge that can fix the damn thing You make enough money in your testing to be better then second rate

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    trying to make an appt via the computer is a half ass deal. why not fix it so it is workable

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    Never before today’s visit to Labcorp have I been asked for a preauthorized open credit card charge at what should be a professional healthcare facility. Companies in this business are expected to ask for a co-pay and bill insurance for the payment balance like everyone else in the healthcare industry does. This poorly conceived business office practice opens up avenues for potential credit card fraud and abuse. This is an unprofessional, unacceptable business office practice. This is not how business is conducted by professionals in the healthcare industry. As a result, I will never use another Labcorp service if there is any other available option. I will recommend against the use of Labcorp to every health care providers I do business with. I will recommend against the use of Labcorp to any and all individuals and other business I come into contact with until this unprofessional business practice is abandoned.

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