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04 Jun 10 LabCorp Appointments

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LabCorp Appointments

Reader's Comments

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    I made an online appointment for Saturday morning at 8:15 a m. The building was deserted! I called the number and just listened to the usual outgoing message including an option to speak to a ‘preptition’?
    Never got in, now will have to reschedule Doctor’s appointment.

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    My test was about 10-15 minutes long.. It goes by fast.. don’t worry! I was teestd on driving straight, Stopping at stop signs, parking and speeding up to like 25 mph and coming to a safe but quick stop. I was also asked to show what I would do if I were to park on a hill (She had me park the car, pretending I was on a hill) So I parked the car, turned the wheel like you should if you are parking on a hill, put the car in park and set the parking break . PERFECT right? WRONG! She marked me off for not turning the car off! I was so mad, How stupid does she think I am.. Of course I would turn the car off when ACTUALLY parking but I figured sense this was a driving test once I showed her what I would do she was going to tell me to do something else . Oh well! GOOD LUCK! Don’t be nervous! You’ll do fine!

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    There are a lot of stupid people. I’ve been using Labcorp for at least 6 yrs and never had any problems.

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