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06 May 10 LabCorp Baltimore

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Janice from Baltimore sent me an email about her experiences at LabCorp. No complaints, just sympathy for all who have had problems with other LabCorp locations.

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LabCorp BaltimoreFortunately, I have not had your extreme problems with LabCorp in Baltimore. They are my health insurance carrier’s choice, over which I have no control. I’ve read your story, and it is pitiful that LabCorp gets away with that. I just wanted to point out that you are a “glutton” for punishment. Gluten is something Alton Brown talks about frequently on “Good Eats” with regard to baking. Sorry you’ve had such a miserable time with LabCorp, and glad your blood tests finally came back with good news. Carry on!

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    Angel, every patient sulhod speak directly with their local doctor before beginning any new medication, especially if they have high blood pressure or other conditions. Thanks for your question. Viamedic Admin

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    David, you do not need a prescription in hand. One of our U.S.-licensed dooctrs may write you a prescription after they review the medical/health questionnaire that you fill out online. Thanks.

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