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14 Aug 10 LabCorp Billing Department – An Insider Tells All

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I received an email from a LabCorp Billing Department employee who exposes what’s behind all the billing problems. It’s a good inside view of LabCorp billing from an insider whistle blower who’s name we’re keeping confidential.
Labcorp BillingI work at one of LabCorp’s many billing departments around the country. The place sucks. The department, the company, the manager, and supervisors. I come in every day and my co-workers are like robots in a factory.
The job is fast paced and I’m not surprised about the billing complaints because, yes we do make mistakes in billing. Why? Because we’re told to do it at a super speed/superman rate which causes many of us to miss other vital information. If we don’t meet their numbers, we get called in and get “talked to” about our poor performance. The job really is simple to do if you’re allowed to do to it the way humans should. It’s the company and superiors that make the work atrocious.
LabCorp Billing SupervisorHere’s a typical day for the billing people: come in, work, work, work, get bitched at by superior for talking/laughing with co-workers/having emotion/acting human/not performing to LabCorp’s standards, work, work, work, get bitched at some more, work, then the day’s over.  Actually, that’s the setting in other departments in the company. I’ve talked to others, not one of them have anything nice to say about the company or their superiors.  We’re not supposed to have any type of human emotion or try to enjoy our work environment, apparently. Yet the ones trying to impose the rules are don’t even follow it. 
My superiors aren’t doing crap and chat with one another for most of the day and the fingers get pointed at us on the floor when corporate isn’t happy with our performance. When I say LabCorp Billing Problemswe’re like robots, it ‘s true. That’s what they want us to be. Think of a sweatshop setting.  When they’re not happy, they create dumber rules and added stress.
If you absolutely need money, then apply here. Otherwise, this should be your last resort. It COULD be a good company to work for, but they need people who don’t have sticks up their asses and actually know what they’re doing and can treat and respect people who are below them.
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Reader's Comments

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    Sounds like the data entry dept where I started at. Thank goodness I transferred outta there!!! I was one of the faster “keyers” in the dept and still got bitched at if they heard just a giggle come from my desk.

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    Labcorps billing practices are horrible!

    Overcharging patients seems to be there #1 priority!

    My husband & I are still trying to do something about Labcorp overcharging us for charges that are 4 years old. And Labcorp is still pushing for the money.

    No one will even or even try to help us out. My husband & I are going to have to file for bankruptcy die to all of these Labcorp bills.

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    Wow! I couldn’t have said it any better myself!!!! This person knows whereof they speak. While I do not work in the billing department, I can attest to the all that he/she says is true, to a word. LCA wants robots, nothing more, nothing less. They don’t want or need input, suggestions, ideas,… none of those are ever asked for or desired. The corporate powers-that-be, and most of middle management have all of the answers. Heaven forbid if an employee should have an idea, suggestion or a fix for a problem!!! Employees who do try to contribute to making things better are generally considered troublesome employees and are shown the door as soon as a “legitimate” reason can be manufactured. I must admit that I have a great boss and she does her best to stifle all of the stupidity that flows southward from Burlington, our corporate office. Yet, as each day passes the target upon her back gets larger because she does have compassion, common sense and intelligence. These qualities are totally forbidden in the LabCorp environs. LabCorp is the only place that I have ever worked where the ENTIRE workforce would jump ship tomorrow, if the opportunity became available. Of course, that excludes all of the posterior-kissing, do-nothings that have great jobs with huge salaries that do nothing all day but find ways to make life for their subordinates that much more hellish. AVOID LABCORP AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Labcorp Dallas is the most dysfunctional company I have ever seen with such a big name(MEANS NOTHING). The mangers are dumb and non educated and think they are so smart but could not run a lemonade stand. Supplies take a week or more to be delivered , then they are probably not correct because of the high turnover and the non training for any positions. The phone numbers and fax numbers to get supplies only work on good days(whatever those may be).When you speak to someone about your order, they cant tell you if they even have a order for you or if when you will get it. The lab always denies your tests , but cant you what item you need to process the test thru THEIR lab! They bill the employees and their familes for test that are supposed to be free over and over again. The warehouse runs out of important supplies all the time with no eta on when they will be in. The warehouse substitutes suppplies without letting the client know , they just get supplies that they have never seen before with no letter , no info or anything, which creates a another call the client has to make to the warehouse to see that is going on. When I call to speak to a manager, there is never one available, messages go unreturned. There has been a rash of supervisors that have come and gone so they are very unaware of what we are even talking about when we have a concern. Most times the people that answer the phones are made to come up with some first grade excuse for all the problems that reoccur on a regular basis. Labcorp doesnt deserver the clients that they have because they only worry about the largest (revenue)clients, the small ones have to beg for supplies. Employees are underpaid and overworked , unless you kiss butt. One peron leaves the company , theydont replace them they just put that persons job on another , plus their job duties and you must perform at top speed regardless of mistakes or your job will be threatened regularly. LABCORP SUCKS BAD!!!!!!!

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    WOW! what a way to keep employer honest, every corporate america should have site.

    Wonder if anyone could help me on this. I took my test 2 days ago, everything seem to go well so far except for one this: on the chain of custody form I realized that the info (filled out by employer) for Section A is the same as in Section B, which means Employer info is listed the same as the MRO’s company info but I don’t work the MRO’s company.

    Does anyone know what this means for LabCorp? (FYI, MRO’s company is not LabCorp). I don’t see how LapCorp will be able to locate my employer’s info if not listed in the custody form. And from what I have learned in the last 2-3hrs (largely from this site) about issues in the billing department among other problems, I cannot help to think this could cause a potential hiccup? say employer’s info not listed, so no one for LabCorp to send the bills, hence test would not be processed or pending further instruction? And also called MRO’s company, was told no such employer listed in their database, what! HELP???

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    we can e-mail or fax the written caoleclatinn. We have faxed once and e-mailed twice. Apparently, the items have not been attached to our account yet, so the caoleclatinn can not occur. Our deadline is today and I would like reassurance that this will be taken care of today and we will be cancelled and not put in a 42 month contract. Two reps claim we should be okay but I’m worried we won’t be. Please advise if an e-mail or fax received by the deadline is suffient and the the date and time that is attached to the document is NOT what is used to determine if you met the deadline.

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