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14 Aug 10 LabCorp Billing Problems

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LabCorp Billing Problems

Reader's Comments

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    LabWest was purchassed by LabCorp. My labs are still done through LabWest and we have pre-agreed pricing.

    Even though I pay in full for all services at the time they are rendered, LabCorp then does billing by mail and they mark up the test prices almost double to the agreed pricing. They can’t or won’t fix this and eventually turn the problem over to collections and ruin my credit rating.

    It’s dishonest and unethical.

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    No human contact at their 1-800 number. Nobody answers. Long waits for no answers. No one to talk to to clear up a biling dispute.

    Their website does not allow you to provide primary or secondary insurance information for them to use to clear up billing matters. It just says pay the amount by yourself. There is no email address to contact them with to clear up any billing disputes.

    Poor shoddy customer service. Then if you don’t pay because they can’t get their act together, then they refer you to a collection agency.

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