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18 May 10 LabCorp Billing Patient For Declined Tests

LabCorp Billing Mistakes Require a Big EraserI received this email from Anne. She’s very upset that LabCorp is billing her for tests that she declined when she was at the LabCorp center in Texas. In addition, the test that she specifically approved because it was to be paid for by Medicare was not performed. It’s not clear if the techs at the center made the mistake or if it was the laboratory. Whoever may have made the errors, it was not Anne and she is not required to pay. Instead of resolving the problem promptly, LabCorp continues their collection process. A suggestion to LabCorp, it’s never too late to fix a mistake. Based on the amount of complaints on this blog, I recommend the big eraser. It’s available by the case.

LabCorp Bills Medicare for TestsSince Anne is a Medicare recipient, she will be taking this matter directly to the government. I’m confident that this matter will be resolved and she will not have to pay. Even though Anne gave us authority to print her personal information, her letter was redacted for privacy purposes.

May 11, 2010


Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings
PO Box 2240
Burlington NC 27216-2240

Ref: Invoice 115XXXXX

Amount: $296.00

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I attended your facility on March 29, 2010 with a request for services from my doctor’s office.

At your facility, a lady processed my paper-work. She took copies of:

  1. My Medicare card
  2. My insurance identification card
  3. My Mutual of Omaha pink physician sticker
  4. My TX driver’s license

She then informed me that two of the blood tests requested by my doctor:

  1. 80061 – LIPID PANEL
  2. 84443 –TSH

…would not be covered by Medicare. She printed out your Form CMS-R-131, listing those two tests and instructed me to choose and check an option, then sign and date the form.

I checked Option 3. “I don’t want the laboratory test(s) listed above. I understand with this choice I am not responsible for payment and I cannot appeal to see if Medicare would pay.”

I then signed and dated the form and the lady provided me with a copy. A copy of this form is included with this letter.

Your representative assured me that the remaining test requested by my doctor was a procedure covered by Medicare. Had she informed me otherwise, I would have most certainly declined that test as well.

Subsequently I was contacted by my doctor’s office to discuss the results of the blood test and they provided me with a copy of these results.

Patient Service Center Request LCM Req #: 50057XXXXXX (Copy enclosed).

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The two test results were for the two procedures I had declined:

  1.  80061 – LIPID PANEL
  2. 84443 –TSH


 I then received your Invoice # 115XXXXX billing me for the two procedures I had specifically declined, PLUS procedures you had not even carried out.

Why am I being billed? As a result of my complaint, all I have received so far from your Patient Customer Service is a completely pointless form letter, clearly assuming I’m not particularly bright and explaining that the bill I am questioning is for clinical laboratory services performed at the request of my physician.

I have been checking up on your company online and I wasn’t surprised to find pages of complaints against you on every consumer protection website going. People have even gone so far as to dedicate websites to exposing Lab Corp.

I ask that you resolve this issue immediately otherwise I shall send copies of everything to the Texas Attorney General’s Office in Austin, Texas. In view of all the government litigation against you that I’ve been reading about, I’m sure they will be more than happy to help me.




  1. Copy of front and back of my Mutual of Omaha Insurance Identification Card.
  2. Pink Mutual of Omaha Physician Sticker
  3. Copy of your FORM CMS-R-131 clearing indication the declined procedures
  4. Copy of LabCorp Patient Service Center Request LCM Req # 50057XXXXXX listing the 2 test results submitted to my doctor.
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Reader's Comments

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    I received several tests and my insurance is medicare, i specifically asked the receptionist not to have any test that would cost me anything toNOT HAVE DONE BECAUSE I CANT PAY!!!! i mentioned this several times as not to have a mistake happen …well did not matter i was billed 107 for 1 of the tests .i called the billing department spoke with a supervisor and he indicated that it will be taken care of ..i doubled checked and he said i would not be billed (if there was a problem he would contact me) …I received no call but 2 months later recieved a bill for 107 again. I called the supervisor Richard was not availabe i spoke with a rude noncaring rep who explained the best they could do is give me a 30% discount case closed …i said i dont have any money and cant pay she said well thats your choice its not my credit file that will be affected… 2 months later i figured i have no choice borrowed money because i did not want my credit destroyed..the rep keisha did not want to hear the story and did not acknowledge me other then credit card name # and exp date ( she tops the list as most heartless noncaring rep of the 3 ,but they all made the list including the supervisor richard because he outright lied)…she promptly gave me my confirmation # and hung up while i was talking …unbeleivable …labcorp needs to improve dramatically otherwise business has to be affected ……….thanks chris

  2. |

    Beware of Dr Tom Spillman at the San Diego location he only like woman he has the hots for and if he does not like you as a women he creates a hostile work enviroment.Because he has a PhD no one does anything….but the lawsuit is coming because of his behavoir!! He thinks no one know but it is obvious and he has been figured out!! He thinks errors are not and should not be made by humans!!!!

  3. |

    I am a past employee of Labcorp and have an answer to what nay have happened here, as I have seen this happen in the past; whether it happened here or not, I do not actually know. The person whom took your requiation from your physicians office may not have marked through them so that they were not done. There is a process for this and if not taken this could have occurred. My simple suggestion is to call the 800 number on your bill and speak with someone about this. There are things that could be done to correct the billing on this; as for your insurance I do not know; however depending on your insurance policy you may have some limitationson how many blood tests you can have on certain things.

    I pray that you get this taken care of; but I do suggest that you contact Labcorp and speak with someone and if youdo notlike what they have to say talk with another person.

  4. |

    ok. Let me explain one thing to patients that are complaing of the bill. If the doctor orders the test, and we get the order We must order it! If your doctor’s office does not have the proper codes listed for diagnosis, that is not LabCorp’s fault. That fault lies with your doctor. If you get a bill for labs that “were not covered due to necessity” contact your doctors office, and they can call labcorp and add a diagnosis code to cover the test if it is deemed necessary. I have worked in a Lab for 17 years. Mistakes to get made, just like at any job. But LabCorp corrects the problem accordingly.

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