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27 Sep 09 LabCorp Billing Patients More Than Allowed

LabCorp Billing & Attorney Who Want to Hear From YouI recently received an email from John Hoevel, a prominent attorney in Chicago, who is thinking about filing a class action lawsuit against LabCorp for over billing patients. It seems that LabCorp is billing the patient’s insurance company and then over-billing the patient more than the patient responsibility portion of the insurance (or as LabCorp Billing & Over Chargingthey call it in the insurance world, more than the co-payment). The bottom line is that if LabCorp is billing patients more than they are allowed, Hoevel & Associates wants to stop them.

He would like to hear from you if:

1. Your insurance company processed a claim for LabCorp services, and

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2. LabCorp or LCA Collections billed you for a balance higher than the patient responsibility amount shown on your insurance company’s Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and

3. You paid the balance, or any portion thereof flagyl pills.

You can contact Mr. John Hoevel by emailing him at All emails will be kept confidential and you may have an opportunity to recover some of those over-billings.

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If you are a LabCorp employee who knows about this or any other unethical practice by LabCorp, please contact Mr. Hoevel. Your statements can be very useful in stopping unethical actions by LabCorp and you and your job will be fully protected by the law under the Whistleblower Act. You might even get a reward.

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Reader's Comments

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    I received a refund check in the mail from Labcorp yesterday. I have never been to labcorp, but I did use quest diagnostics over a year ago. Is this check some how tied to this matter? Do you think it is legit? There is no explanation letter with it and I was a little Leary of cashing it in case it was a scam.

  2. |

    You may have used LabCorp and not have even known, and they could have overbilled. LabCorp cuts deals with individual doctors and multiple doctor offices for the doctors to send the labwork to LabCorp. Your doctor may have sent your bloodwork to LabCorp and charged your insurance. I would cash the check as I doubt that they would send you the money unless they owed it to you. They only make mistakes when it’s to their advantage.

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    Anyone have any mysterious credit card charges purporting to be from “LABCORP 8008456167” of Burlington, NC? I went to LabCorp in December 2009 and paid the patient portion of the bill at that time, so I do not understand why an additional charge for $6.80 suddenly appeared on my VISA record yesterday (1/5/2010). They have not notified me that I owe anything! I am wondering if “LABCORP 8008456167” is even the LabCorp I went to, or if it is a different (scam) company.

    I have read that some credit card thieves bill small amounts, often under $10, because people are likely to overlook such a small amount and the credit card companies are even less likely to go after them, as the effort to recover costs them more than that, and (if my info isn’t outdated), they are not legally required to help you get the money back anyway for amounts under $30.

  4. |

    800-845-6167 is the phone number of the billing department.

  5. |

    Invoice No 9857XXXX
    date of service 1/15/2010

    At the time of this billing my husband was cover
    under Aetna Medicare until 3/1/2010.Member ID
    MEBFPXXX. Your statement does not show what Insurance carrier to put this through.

    Eugene XXXX
    Note: Personal Info Deleted by Admin

  6. |

    LabCorp sends a bill every time anyone anywhere has blood work done. They most often claim that it’s the insurance company’s required co-pay amount. Translate that as institutionalized extortion underwritten by the United States Government, i.e. campaign contributions equaling the removal or non-enforcement of GOOD regulation. Believe in unregulated free enterprise? Then, pay it. You’re dealing with the mob. This is the epitome of American health care; a feeding frenzy of piranhas that know how to work the system better than a Filipino marriage broker. Me love you long time.

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