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27 Sep 09 LabCorp Billing & Attorney Who Want to Hear From You

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LabCorp Billing & Attorney Who Want to Hear From You

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    I just came across this website and read some of the complaints by others and I too have had a really bad experience. I needed to get lab work done early Feb 09. When I visited a LV location I found that they were violating the HIPPA law by yelling out to the patents to come get a cup for urine samples, one kid with his mother was there for a drug test that the mental hospital ordered, another lady was sitting waiting her turn they anounced that she need to have her depakote checked for her seizure disability and sure enough it was my turn and they shouted out…”Laurie you owe the lab $85.00 and we can’t see you today unless you pay this bill.” I never used the lab before so I asked what they were talking about and she looked up a date of service that was Jan of 06. Turns out it was the date of my hysterectomy and the hospital use Labcorp. I had received a bill a year later, they failed to bill my insurance. My insurance company allowed them to bill late and that was the last I’d heard from LabCorp until now. I was refused service and reported them for the confidentiality issue. I haven’t been able to get my lab work done and now it’s 9 months later and I called them again for the bill and funny thing is now they say I never owed any bill. I haven’t been able to get my lab work I’ve been out of my medication for months and now they tell me I never did owe a bill????

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    They are rude and stupid. Telling me that I owe $175.00 because my insurance declined my claim. That is funny my insurance company paid the claim in full.
    I guess they are double billing. What a scam


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    Last year I had done leep procedure on my cervics. Before I did it I asked my doctor how much everything would cost. Beside the procedure he said that the samples would be sent to lab corp and it would be around 300 max 400 dollars. After a while I got the bill from lab corp for $1065. The bill containd four samples, where 3 of them had same description and code number where each was charged $322. The last one was different and it was for $101. I called them and said that that was not waht I was told it is going to be and that they are charging me 3 times for the same thing! I agreed to pay the first one and last one and asked them to explain why am I charged like that. They said it is what it is and I still owe them money. After that I started getting these bill from collections company for the rest of the money. I ignored them all. Today I called to see what is all that about. Lady that I talked to said she doesnt know anything and that her job is only to collect money. At the end she told me I will be done with it if I pay 400 something, which I did. I dont understand how is that possible now. If anyone knows who can I talk to about this. I dont have problem with paying anything it is my health in question but I dont want to be tripple charged either.
    Thank you,

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    I have a BCBS HMO plan that Labcorp is the only provider on. I kept seeing Labcorp EOB’s on my BCBS website with “denied” on them, but with remarks 01 and 02 under each charge. 01 means this is an amount in excess of the allowed expense for a participating provider, and the patient IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR RE-IMBURSEMENT OF THESE SERVICES..02 means these services were processed as “encounter data” and the patient again IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR RE-IMBURSEMENT OF THESE SERVICES… BCBS explained to me that Labcorp receives a check each month for their services performed on their HMO members, and to ignore all of the “denied” EOB’s that I see from them… problem is LABCORP KEEPS BILLING ME FOR THE FULL AMOUNT OF SERVICES EACH TIME I USE THEM!! Dozens of calls and emails have no effect.. they even send me “last notices” before I’m turned over to “collection agencies”. At that point I’m FORCED to print out the EOB’s stating I don’t owe them, and threaten them with a lawsuit if anything negative shows up on my credit report. I then have to FAX the documents to prove the fact that they’re complete idiots… and they STILL DON’T GET IT!! yesterday I received 2 pieces of mail in my box.. the first was an apology letter from Labcorp which removed a $94.00 debt that I never owed in the first place, the second was a notice from “LCA COLLECTIONS” that I’m now 3 months past due on $1963.00, (which of course I have the EOB from BCBS that says i’m not responsible for…) and they will turn this over to a collection agency if not ‘remitted Immediately”… So here I go again, trying to find a printer, a Fax, and THE TIME to start this process all over again, simply because these people are running a scam on the public.. How many people have just “paid” them simply to shut them up, and protect their credit, even though they don’t owe them a dime.. and how many of these people will EVER see their money again… they MUST BE STOPPED, and FORCED to pay back all of their ill gotten gains WITH INTEREST, and also for the innumerable hours we’ve wasted because of this fraud perpetrated on the innocent public.. Please keep me informed of your progress, and if a lawsuit is filed.. COUNT ME IN!

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