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27 Apr 08 LabCorp Billing – Unethical?

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If you have billing issues with LabCorp, let everyone know.

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Reader's Comments

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    I worked in dialysis and was responsible for setting up all the test on the dialysis patients that came to our office every month. Some of these patients had to have Lab Corp. as the lab where their blood work was sent. It was not unusual to get a call from Lab Corp. saying their employee who pick up the blood work had dropped the blood or had not kept the vial of blood at the correct temperature during transport so the test could not be run. They wanted us to draw some more blood but the problem was when you draw blood on a dialysis patient before they start dialysis for that day, the lab values are total different from the time their dialysis is finished. Lab Corp would only say to bad. What about the poor dialysis patient, Lab Corp did not give a #$@. They were only interested in getting paid for something they messed up in the first place. It got to the point where we would call and try to get the patient’s insurance, either Medicaid or Medicare or even private insurance companies to agree to let us use another lab, but a lot of times they refused because they said Lab Corp was the cheapest of all the labs, they were right, Lab Corp is a cheap lab when it involves getting lab test completed correctly.

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    My doctor has sent me to Labcorp for tests twice. Both times I received a bill from Labcorp for the full amount of charges with large red letters on the envelope stating “HEALTHCARE INVOICE- OPEN IMMEDIATELY.” Inside there is a laboratory bill which states, also in large, block letters, “BALANCE NOW DUE.”
    Each time the charges are for lab services that are fully covered by my insurance and for which I provided my insurance card and ID prior to receiving those services.

    I am then forced to call Labcorp and deal with their hold times to clear up their mistake. They claim that they send out the bills prior to the insurance company paying. But the reality is that if a consumer provides their insurance info, then Labcorp need not send an invoice unless and until the bill is not paid by the insurance. This is evidenced by the fact that the invoice included columns to show how much insurance and/or Medicare has covered.
    Further, once insurance has paid, Labcorp does not bother to send an updated invoice to show a 0 balance.
    It’s quite obvious that they do this in the hopes of getting consumers to pay the bill out of fear, confusion or lack of knowledge. So Labcorp then receives double payment, as the insurance also pays without any knowledge that the consumer has already paid.
    This is illegal and should be reported to state and federal governing agencies.
    I just reported the latest double billing attempt to the California Department of Consumer Affairs. I encourage everyone who experiences this unethical, unlawful double billing attempt to also report it to the appropriate agency of their state.

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    Wow! If we could charge extra for a “stat” our lab would make a killing. Everything is STAT, even ESR’s. Doctors want everything yesterday.

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    I just received my bill today everything almost 6 months .The Stupid LabCorp did not pay anything for me even I have an Insurance for the blood test .They charged me $800 for Vitamin D & Prostage ? I don’t know why it’s very expensive for that ? I will nerver and ever come to this Lab any more .

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    My Dr. wanted me to have a lab test, which as a former non-insured, I paid for during my appointment ON THE DAY IT WAS ORDERED AT DR.’S OFFICE back in 2012. I paid for it, it did not even involve an insurance company.
    Since then I have gotten notified every month that my bill was not paid. In 2012 I sent 3 faxes to the Dr. office with verification; called them 2 X, thinking that they had not paid LabCorp. I spoke 3 times with LabCorp; sent proof of payment to Billing Dept of LabCorp 2X; still getting notices…in 2013 I organized a 3 – Way Telephone Conversation between my Dr’s. Office Manager, myself and LabCorp Billing Dept. person. while we were all on the phone together, the Office manager sent another proof of payment fax to the LabCorp Billing Dept person. She said she got it, all was well everything was over…..really?
    Some months later I got more calls, and as the months went by it became notices from collections, AMCA, American Medical Collection Agency, was the last one. I had already last year sent letters to the Credit Agencies because collection agencies were threatening my credit. I requested them to stop calling. I know how these 3rd Party Collection Agencies operate, just have no time to write about it here. What kind of harassment is this? Who has time to keep sending proof of payment for a bill that was PAID BEFORE THE SERVICE WAS RENDERED??
    Did these people change their computer software and mess up their patient accounts?
    What kind of nonethical behavior is this?
    I am getting ready to write to the Attorney General, and Federal Trade Commission. I can now understand even more, why people go to their local News Channel station and ask someone there for help.

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    OMG…..labcorp is the prefered lab from the insurance co. We use, which is United Health Care. I would not use this lab even for my pets.

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    In the state of Florida it is illegal for any lab to charge for blood tests when the tests are done within the doctors office. I am getting a bill from them for $400 and some dollars that was incurred because the doctor thought that I might have leukemia. Thank God I did not but LabCorp still bills me for the bill. Instead of Labcorp it should be LabCrooks.

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