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30 Nov 08 LabCorp Careers

I wonder if part of the training at LabCorp includes passing the blame to someone else or actually creating a distraction so that the real issues are skirted? Is it part of LabCorp Career training? I say this because I have read posts and emails from existing employees who defend the company and its actions. Here’s the most recent post by an employee:

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I also know that this site was set up by a disgruntled former employee who is trying to start his own lab company, so take from that what you will.

These employee posts are aimed at questioning the credibility of this site. As I have posted before, I was simply a patient who had enough and made the mistake of calling the regional manager about the poor treatment and service. Instead of getting a solution or an “I am sorry”, I was insulted and belittled. I do not work for LabCorp or any other lab. I have never worked for them or any other lab. I have no interests in any lab nor do I have plans to open any labs. From this and other posts by current Labcorp employees, as well as the way I was treated by managers, this creation of doubt and passing the blame on non-existing boogie monsters seems to be the modus operandi of career employees in this company. How sad that instead of fixing the problems, employees are sent to this web site by company managers to create excuses and raise doubt about the real problems being raised by patients and honest employees. I guess that evading the problems is easier than fixing them.

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Reader's Comments

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    You wrote, “How sad that instead of fixing the problems, employees are sent to this web site by company managers to create excuses and raise doubt about the real problems being raised by patients and honest employees.” How is it that you have come to this conclusion as you previously stated you had no working knowledge of any LabCorp policies since you have never been an employee? So I would love an explanation of how you know that company managers are sending employees to this website? As a manager for LabCorp I take offense to that statement, because although we know this site exists we would never discuss it with employees because your little site is irrelevant to our working day.

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    The managers of labcorp DO NOT care about what is going on at the draw stations. I am a current labcorp employee and I know that most of the employees do care at least here in Arizona, BUT when you are overworked, declined time off, do not get your supplies & when your short staffed you get a student. Oh and if you dare complain you get warned and called a bad employee and you will not get any time off.

    I personally will go out of my way to help my patients. I will call billing or speak with a sales rep just to help patients. I also know that when I do have to call billing I get to deal with the same issues of being on hold forever and treated badly even after I
    identify myself as a labcorp employee.

    In the Arizona Labcorps you get promoted by dating a supervisor,the male supervisors hired phlebotomists by the size of their breasts. Now we have a female supervisor who only cares about cutting costs and making her employees unhappy, because if your employees are scared of you they wont asked for time off due to fear of losing their job.

    I know that if you are not on the favorite list you are treated awful. I know of people who were told they could not have time off to go to a family members funeral, others who were punished for talking time off for their children. There are others that have been punished for taking a approved day off, when their supervisor had lost the approval paper.

    With all of this going on plus a whole lot more, YES the employees of Lab corp can not be friendly or helpful. They hate their job, it is just a paycheck to them. The employees of labcorp take do not take pride in the job they do, the labcorp as a whole gives no reason to have pride.

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    I worked for LabCorp in Norwood MA for many years. All of my fellow employees were fully trained, caring individuals. The company treated us very good. The benefits and the chance for advancement was always there. The Norwood Branch is no longer there and I miss it greatly.

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    If the labcorp employees are just there for a paycheck, they need to find a job that doesn’t put the lives of other people in their hands. I don’t understand the ones that take the time to bitch about how awful work is. QUIT!! Do yourself and EVERYONE else a favor. Save a life or two, QUIT!!!

    I’ve worked at laborp for a few years now and yeah there are some bumps and bruises, but what company doesn’t have them. To tell you the truth, being short staffed is difficult but this job is still cake work compared to being in a hospital. KUDOS to all the ones that do it EVERYDAY in a hospital. M-F and a measly 4 hours on Saturday, MAYBE once a month, with 7 holidays OFF(and paid) isn’t bad at all. I’ll take it any day.

    I work just as hard as everyone else, short staffed and all and the job still gets done and done right. I think the ones that complain on here about the company are the ones that have had multiple mistakes or are in the wrong doing. I’ve never been scolded, harrassed or afraid to take time off (since I have the right to it and I earned it).

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    My “ex” was hired by LabCorp with two outstanding warrants for his arrest for failing to appear in court for his child support arrearages. There was an arrest in another state for child endangerment, investigations involving children in other states, etc. He has been a “trusted” LabCorp employee now for nearly five years and has married a woman who works in direct proximity to a facility caring for children. Background checks? Oh yes, the wife is related to a political appointee. Surprisingly when the sheriff needed to serve the warrant, he couldn’t be found inside of her home despite three visits and a work address.

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    It is almost sickening that this many people have this much time to complain about a world they know nothing about. Sure nobody deserves poor customer service in anyway, but I have visited many many labcorp sites, its my job and very rarely do I come across anybody being rude. And as far as the billing issues go, ummm most of the stuff comes directly from the doctors offices,,,,maybe patients out to scream to them. There are many many different methods of deliveries to labcorp, not just through PSC’s, so getting stuff right for a patient that has never technically been to a Labcorp facility is going to happen from time to time. Funny how nobody was complaining when Labcorp and RTC was helping with the DNA tests for 911. Do some research on any company and there is going to be some bad. Or all you all saints? If that is the case lets get you beautified. The pettiness and ignorance on this website is outstanding, it actually gave me quite a giggle that this many people have this much energy to run their mouths about stuff they are clueless about. Good luck to you all.

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    Amused: I don’t understand how the comments on this site are from “people….world they know nothing about”. Most of the comments are from current or former LCA employees and from patients. I’d say they know a lot since they either have worked for LCA or had blood work done there. There are comments from every region of the United States. It is apparent that upper management has created a corporate culture of indifference to quality, excuse making, and obsession with the bottom line.
    I am also blown away by the fact that it seems you have a management position, maybe overseeing drawing stations but you have terrible grammer. How can you communicate effectively if you can’t create a coherent sentence? Again, this shows LCA’s commitment to quality. WOW!

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