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13 Jun 09 LabCorp Complaint – Virginia

When you are not treated properly you usually have the ability to go to another service provider that will give you satisfactory service. That is the beauty of a democratic system that allows free enterprise to compete for your business. It allows you to vote with your dollar. The best service provider wins and those with inefficiencies and lack in service disappear. Well that’s how it is supposed to work, in theory. Here’s a letter I received from a patient in Virgina. Unfortunately, due to restrictive insurance rules and insurance company’s zeal to work with the lowest bidder, the free enterprise system does not exist when it comes to reference labs, such as LabCorp.

Here’s a letter I received from John that details his experience at LabCorp Virgina. He sent this letter to LabCorp managers:

The following is an email sent to LabCorp to complain about the services provided at one of their locations. To date I have not received a response from LabCorp nor do I expect one.

Labcorp Complaint - VirginiaThis morning 29 May 2009 I visited one of your facilities located at 805 BATTLEFIELD BLVD N, CHESAPEAKE, VA 23320, Phone: 757-547-4892. I arrived and signed in at 7:50 AM, at that time there were 8 patients, including myself in the waiting area. Of these 8 patients, 7 had not yet been processed by the technician at the desk. I waited in the waiting area for 40 minutes, during that time 2 more patients were processed at the desk and only one patient was called to the back for sampling/processing. At 8:25 the tech at the front desk left, stating she was supposed to gone by 8:00, and no one was there to replace her, if you recall there are still 5 patients waiting to be in processed. At this point I left the facility. I will try ANOTHER LABCORP facility later today. The only reason I would ever set foot in a LabCorp facility again, is that my insurance requires the use of LabCorp.

This is not the first occasion of slow or non existent service at this location during the morning hours. I visit this location in the morning on my way to work and I have NEVER been met with prompt service. If this office is aware that they are busy in the early morning, would it not make sense to staff for this, or maybe they just don’t care. From the attitudes of the front desk clerks I believe the latter is the case.

I worked in health care for 20 years as a hospital corpsman in the US NAVY. I have spent many years in a clinical setting both in a lab environment and a pharmacy environment. I can tell you, if we provided the level of service provided by this particular LabCorp facility, changes in management and staffing would have been forthcoming immediately. This facility provides terrible customer service and is a disgrace to your company.

I am available for further discussion at XXX-XXX-XXXX. I would greatly appreciate a response to this communication, either written or verbal

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Thank You in Advance

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Reader's Comments

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    It is not just the customer service at this location. I have been to several and they all suck. I didn’t know, as most people don’t, that some hospitals provide draw stations for LabCorp. The only reason that I know this is because I work for a hospital, not affiliated with LabCorp, that will collect specimens and send them to LabCorp at no additional charge to the patient. Check your local hospitals and see if they provide this service.

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    LABCORP FACILITY Lake Elsinore Ca.
    When I arrived at Labcorp in Lake Elsinore and checked in at the receptionist window I was greeted by a snotty and extremely rude young woman who exuded “I hate my job and I am not going to help or acknowledge your presence”; she ignored me and didn’t answer my questions. Oh well.
    I was there for a drug screening for employment. I was instructed to place my belongings (cell phone & bottle of drinking water) in a locked box just outside of the restroom. I went into the restroom, returned with the urine sample and placed it in the indicated box outside the restroom door. I said I wanted to wash my hands and was told that I could not until she checked the bathroom. I understood and complied. The restroom was 3 feet away but she would not check it out and insisted that I wait for her permission. So I resigned myself to wait, while waiting (she is still standing right next to me) I retrieved my cell phone and my drinking water from the locked box that I had put them in prior to entering the rest room. She then said she needed to give me permission to retrieve my property; at which point I said I have already peed in the cup you have the sample what’s the problem? She said she would report me to my employer that I did not comply. WTF??????? I asked how I was not in compliance and she wouldn’t/couldn’t tell me other than that by retrieving my cell phone and water that I didn’t follow procedure and that she would have to report to the employer that I didn’t comply with the procedure. Again WTF?????? She NEVER TOLD ME THAT I COULDN’T OR SHOULDN’T RETRIEVE MY BELONGINGS PRIOR BEFORE I PICKED THEM UP!!! Now remember, SHE ALREADY HAS THE SAMPLE AT THIS POINT!!!
    After 15 minutes of arguing about (not) following procedure I am still standing there waiting for her to check the restroom and give me permission to wash my hands
    I asked for the manager’s name or her supervisor name and number and she would not give me the information. Her coworker came to her assistance and was attempting to defend her actions and claimed that she was in charge….where had she been when this BS had started?
    These two employees were confrontational, rude, and the younger one who did the test was on an obvious power trip. I am 65 years old and I have been around a bit; I have never encountered such a total lack of professionalism as in this Labcorp facility.
    In summery I know very little or nothing will result as of this venting. I understand that the bottom line is the directing force here. I have also noticed that this company has its share of problems with this type of behavior from their employees. This incident should be looked into, the employees should be reprimanded and an apology should be given to me as well as any other persons with legitimate complaints. (FIX THE PROBLEM LABCORP)!!!
    What I will do on a very regular basis is relate my experience to the 100’s of seniors That I address every week and advise them to have their labs done elsewhere. I know I can’t change Labcorps employee oversight policies, but I am certain I can make a noticeable difference in the patronage at the Lake Elsinore Labcorp.
    To me this is like having an undesirable in the neighborhood; and this is my neighborhood!

    James Mike Radford

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