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23 Oct 08 LabCorp Complaint

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I received this complaint that was also submitted to Labcorp through the patient feedback section of their web site. Complaints like this one should be immediately followed up by LabCorp managers. Whether they are followed up or not, now that’s a different story. LabCorp’s regional managers tend to find secondary excuses for the complaints. In other words, they find ways to blame the patient instead of the LabCorp employees who are poorly trained or worst yet, poorly supervised. That seems to be the universal problem in almost all LabCorp regions.

I recommended to Nancy that she contact United Health Care and notify them about the incident with her child. Hopefully that will persuade United Health Care to select better quality lab service providers. Here’s Nancy’s complaint:

I had to take my 11 year son to Labcorp yesterday in Deland Florida and we had a HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. First the tech gave him something to squeeze, tied off one arm, poked and prodded with her finger, untied it, tied off the other arm and did the same. Took the tourniquet off and called in a co-worker to “hold his arm, he wasn’t co-operating.” I said to her, “He’s holding perfecting still, what do you mean he’s not cooperating?” She said “He’s not squeezing hard enough”. She then stuck him with the LabCorp in Deland, Florida that complaint was filed against.needle, nothing came into the vacutainer tube, she then proceeded to stick it in DEEPER and wiggle it around……I told her take it out, she had one shot, and by this time he was crying and I hadn’t seen him cry in years….She then says, “Well do you see how thick his arms are for a kid?” “Go take him to the hospital” and as she took the tourniquet and supplies away I saw that it was a glass blood tube that she was having him squeeze…he was afraid he’d break it……I still have to get his blood work done but I’m checking other labs for cost because my United Health care pays for Labcorp only and I’d rather pay out of pocket than go to Labcorp again. I was going to go to another site but after reading all the complaints online it seems they are all as equally unprofessional, rude and inadequately trained.

Here’s the email I sent her:


I posted your incident on the website, and withheld your name. How sad that they would do that to a child. I highly recommend that you contact United Health Care and let them know of how your son was treated. They might even authorize you to go to another lab or have the blood drawn at a doctor’s office. Having unqualified or poorly trained personnel at a lab service center is the fault of management. I have noticed that there are many complaints about management in your region. Please feel free to refer United Health Care supervisors to see how many complaints are posted on Hopefully that will move them to stop using LabCorp and select a lab services provider that will provide higher quality health care services for their insured. I will also forward your incident to Florida’s AHCA (Agency for Health Care Administration). I highly recommend that you call Florida’s AHCA and file a complaint with them as well. Here’s the info on how to file a complaint in Florida:

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Florida Health Care Facility Complaints

Consumer Complaint, Publication and Information Call Center

The agency provides a toll-free telephone system for consumers to call in order to file complaints, receive publications, information and referral numbers. This system can be accessed by calling the number below between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. Eastern Time Monday through Friday. Complaints about health care facilities are taken during regular business hours, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Eastern Standard Time (EST).

(888) 419-3456

For registering your complaints, requesting publications or requesting information, use the following options:

Press Option 1

Available Monday – Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., EST. To file a complaint about a health care facility. The call center can also refer you for information on facilities.

Good luck.

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Reader's Comments

  1. |

    As a current employee, I have to be extremely mindful of what I say. I have entered our patient service centers twice (employees have to get screened for drugs) and it was an interesting experience. I was sitting next to one young girl who commented that we lost her specimen. She was getting rather POed because she had been waiting there about 1.5 hours. I was wondering right then and there what the heck was I getting myself into. The waiting room was packed that day and I had to get back to work so I left and returned the next day. No one was there and that was smooth. The Accessioner in the front asked me what department I was going to be working in. Upon hearing it she said, “ooo their turn-over is high! Sorry to scare you but their turn over is high.” I once again asked myself, what am I getting myself into? The accessioner that collected my sample almost put my specimen in the wrong bag, but thankfully she caught herself. (Since I was going to be an employee my specimen had to go to a different location than the one I was going to be working in.)

    LabCorp has two basic divdes: Occupational Testing Services (OTS) and CMBP (Center for Molecular Bio and Pathology) Most of the complaints seem to be with OTS.(The ones who handle simpler tests like blood work, drug screening, etc.)I have to say, I’m not surprised. From the contact I’ve had with them, they seem to be a shall we say, interesting bunch. (Speaking in generalizations, of course.) Some of them are good, honest, hard-working people. But there are a few that well…just aren’t quite right.

    As for my own department, it is quite depressing. Not so much result-wise but moral is very low. They employees feel that they are over worked and underpaid. We have one of the higher turn-overs in the company but it doesn’t seem like anyone cares. Nothing is done to address why it is they can’t keep anyone there. And we are in fact well underpaid. The national average salary for our tech type is about $51,000. In our state they say you should be making approx. $47k. We are making well below that.

    As far as management goes, I have to tell you it is pretty bad. I’ve seen a supervisor sign off on a person’s vacation request but then go and retract it because someone more senior than he/she wanted the same days off. I’ve seen supervisors disappear for hours. I’ve also seen supervisors come in late, disappear, come back and leave early. If an employee however, works 1 minute under 40 hours for the week, they will take 1 hour of your vacation time. If your productivity sheet is not up to snuff, they will address it with you and it will affect your ability to get your annual raise. All they care about is productivity. It is sad, but true. Hopefully by the turn of the new year I will be another *blank* department member biting the dust!

    On a final note, I will say there is no excuse for rudeness or poor customer service. However in the event of something like lost specimen, it does happen. Specimen travel through many hands (too many if you ask me) for there NOT to be issues. For anyone that has had an unpleasant experience I’m so sorry! I don’t blame you for not wanting to go back!

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    Please know that PSC ‘s are all overworked,,, Please also know that Quest labs are just as bad , as an employee we have our issues as well and mostly with upper management.If there is a site outthere called Questsucks I would like to see it. Quest has the same problems and same issues that Labcorp does, so please don’t think it is just Labcorp. Patients complain and sometimes it is justified, times it is not.

  3. |

    LabCorp is the WORST!! Over a two month period, I have had the same blood work done three times!! Lost paper work, lost blood, tests not complete, untimely results, or no results sent to doctor. The doctors has expressed his frustration with this company. I refuse to go back to LabCorp

    Ted Romero

  4. |

    I will say that often peoples complaints are unfounded, especially those with children, the parents often cannot control their kids, they scream and kick, I even had a few try to bite me and all this before the needle was even shown. People who do not draw blood don’t realize that you can’t get blood without puncturing a vein and that children in particular are difficult for many reasons, the veins are often small and the slightest movement will stop the flow of blood, The woman who complained about her child went on about how the phlebotomist felt for a vein and used a tourniquet? what? how else is the tech supposed to know the best vein to put the needle in? Often parents come in angry and upset, can’t control their children and then want to blame the phlebotomist. A lot of sites have one tech only and I don’t know about you but most of us have only two hands, and can’t try to restrain an out of control child and draw the blood at the same time, parents should know that it is THEIR job to control their child.

  5. |

    I also know that this site was set up by a disgruntled former employee who is trying to start his own lab company, so take from that what you will.

  6. |

    Can someone tell me who the main boss over the North Carolina Lab corp is? Also, I need to know what their policy is for handling drug test.


  7. |

    My email address is cosmicmoon67 at .

    Thank You,

  8. |

    I’m sorry but LabCorp is horrible. I am a nurse. I needed to have a pre-employment drug screen. I have two older children who are well behaved and can sit for long periods without causing trouble. I went to the LabCorp in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida at 11am on 10/15/1. The waiting area was empty. The receptionist peered around the desk and said “Are those YOUR children”. When I replied that they were indeed my children, she stated that I had to take my children and leave and to come back without my children. WHAT???? My children are over 13 years old. I called to complain at the main customer service number listed on the requisite only to be told that each regional manager could make their own policies. WHAT??? Then your company should be listing it on their website. LABCORP…YOU SUCK! I am a nurse and if I spoke to a patient like you spoke to me, I’d be fired. And rightly so!

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