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03 Jan 09 LabCorp Drug Test – We Need Your Help

This is an email I recently received from a LabCorp employee. If you are familiar with workplace drug test laws and LabCorp drug testing policy, please post a comment with your recommendations. They are appreciated.

LabCorp Drug Test

I was recently told that I needed to take a drug test. The following is what happened.

I was called in to do a drug test and K–, my immediate supervisor, handed me a cup and told me to go into the bathroom. So I did. I wasn’t worried, because I hadn’t taken anything. During my Drug Test K– left out of the room leaving someone else there (that was not administering the test) and came back to complete my drug test. There were other drug test sitting on the table that were done before mine. Later, I found out I was suppose to seal the lab bag, but I didn’t, K– did, I guess after I left the room (not sure). I went back to my meeting. It just so happen that E– (the employee K– said she wanted to give my job to) was there on the day of my drug test and several other days, which she was suppose to be on medical leave of absence.

With K– and my history (we do not have a good one), I do not feel as if she was the right person to be giving me a drug test. I don’t know.

Almost three weeks after the drug test, K— told me that she needed a copy of my prescription medication Adderall, she said that Adderall showed up in my drug test. That extra test were run to determine it was Adderall. She also said that copy of the prescriptions was missing from my personnel file. I told her that Adderall could not have showed up in the drug test, because I have not taken any Adderall. I told her that I have been taking Phentermine and asked her if she wanted that prescription. She said “no”. I immediately requested another test. I was never contacted by a Medical Review Officer or “Loss Control” to determine about any medication that I was taking.

I told K– that I would get a copy of the prescription, since she said that would clear me. I went to my office and called Wal-Mart to get them to fax me over a copy. I was in the hall and — asked me again about the prescription in front of another employees (unprofessional behavior?). I told her that Wal-Mart pharmacy had just opened and they said it would take about 30 minutes to get the copy. I decided to go to Wal-Mart and get the list my self. I went to look for K– and she was out side smoking with T– and N–. I told her I needed to go to wal-mart for a minute to pick up something. She said that was fine. I went to Wal-Mart and got a copy of my prescription medication and placed them on Ka–‘s desk.

She called me to her office and told me that the copy from the pharmacy would not work and said all I needed to do is to find the original bottle with the original date on it and bring it to her, and I could keep my job, otherwise I would be terminated, she would have to notify the board of nursing, and that I would lose the rest of my vacation and sick pay. She knew I was about to take a week off for Christmas.

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The next week, I took the Phentermine bottle to her. She said, ” Is this the bottle.” I told her no, but this is the Phentermine bottle, which should have showed up. She said, “Keep trying to find the bottle.” A few hours later, I brought the original Adderall bottle to K–. She was at lunch, so I left the bottle with Ch–, and asked her to get K– to call me. Ch–, DON called me later and said K– said the bottle will not do because I should have brought the bottle right in and it did not have any medication in the bottle. I told her to tell K–, I did not take the medication. (I had the extra medication from the bottle, but I did not know I needed to give it to K–. They were taken out of the bottle before I took the bottle to K–.)

I have been getting phone calls that, K– has been telling people she fired me for failing a drug test, that I was taking my childrens’ Adderall (K– did not know that my children have not been on Adderal in over 4 months or that I do not take the medication due to a reaction it causes on me.), and that her and HR has already fixed one drug test for me (I thought it was against the law to fix a drug test??). Other employees have also seen my drug test results on the fax machine, she has been making phone calls to other management about me with employees in the office.

I believe they know I am a single parent and have to keep my job, so they could do what they want and I would not quit.

What is the drug testing chain-of-custody?

No one had ever asked me for a list of my medication or if I was taking anything. Was this appropriate for her to have mentioned my test results in front of someone else? HIPAA?

How do I find out if they are DOT regulated? How long does it take to for the results of a urine drug test ?

Why would Adderall be showing up instead of the Phentermine? Would something else be causing the Adderall to show up?

Please help me!! I do not know what to do!! My reputation as a nurse and my children is what really means the most to me. I worked hard all those years and all I care about is that everyone knows I am not the worker they made me out to be.

What can I do???? If anything???

LabCorp is the ones that ran the test!!

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Reader's Comments

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    WOW! I am so sorry you had this experience. So many things have gone wrong with this I don’t know where to start.

    I am an owner of a company that does drug testing for employers. We are located in Sarasota and Lakeland, but as we are a franchise we have many locations across Florida and the United States.


    The first REALLY bad thing that went wrong with the test is that your immediate supervisor and employer did the test. I send all of my employees to my competitors to be tested. This takes out any chance of foul play with administering the drug test. In any case, your immediate supervisor should not have administered the test. For the very reasons that you have issues with, it can be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Second, any drug test done for employement should always include a chain of custody. The chain of custody is a LEGAL document that attaches the specimen to the donor. As such, the collector that signs the form is certifying several things, these are stated on most forms. Here are a few:
    1. ID was verified
    2. Donor watches collector pour specimen from collection container into specimen bottle.
    3. Collector caps specimen and affixes label over specimen.
    4. Collector dates specimen label and DONOR initials.
    The last part that the collector is certifying is that the specimen belongs to the donor. Here is where another break down occurred. There is no way that the collector could certify that the sample provided was yours if she was out of the room. From your letter, I am not sure which one of the people you mentioned signed as collector.

    Also, there should never be other drug tests stored where you were returning yours to. The custody and control form requires secure storage at the completion of the test, which ends when the donor signs the form. Neither the collector nor the donor should ever lose sight of the urine until the labels are applied to the specimen and the test is complete.

    I can only guess that the reason you were never contacted by a Medical Review Officer (MRO, a doctor that oversees a drug test and ensures its integrity) is that the test did not include one. An MRO immediately contacts the DONOR before the employer is notified of any issues. For instance, if your initial test came back \”non-negative,\” meaning the first screen showed a prescription or other drug, the MRO would immediately contact you and ask for the prescription. Most MROs are required to attempt contact with the donor for three days at least three times a day before making any final reporting.

    A collector (or employer, for that matter) should NEVER have access to any prescription medications that you are taking. If there is an issue, it is for the MRO to begin sorting out, not an employer.

    Is there an MRO name shown on the form that you were given at the completion of the test?

    I can only surmise, since I don\’t know the circumstances, that in an attempt to save money, LabCorp is administering its own drug tests and not using an MRO.

    Both of the pharmaceuticals that you mention are amphetamine class drugs and most likely would show as a positive in an initial screen. At this point, an MRO would normally ask for your doctor\’s information and the pharmacy that you used in order to verify the prescription. The bottle is not necessary.

    Discussion of any clinical treatment drugs in the workplace is a gross negligence of HIPAA. This should immediately be reported to your supervisor\’s supervisor.

    To be certified to do DOT urine drug collections, a collector must be certified by a DOT certified collector trainer. Unless your job is covered by the DOT, you would not fall under these regulations. Anyone who is a certified DOT collector should have a certificate of proof.

    I cannot speak for other companies, but my company, ANY LAB TEST NOW, usually has urine drug test results back in 24 hours or less. If there is an MRO involved, it can take up to four days due to the necessity of allowing the MRO time to contact the donor if needed.
    There are also rapid drug screens available which can give results in as little as four minutes. An MRO would not be involved in most cases with these.

    I would suggest two things:

    1. Hire an attorney. It is very unlikely that the results of this drug screen will hold up in court if everything that you have stated is true.

    2. Come to an ANY LAB TEST NOW facility. You can have a hair drug test done WITH an MRO. This test will show a 90 day history of your drug usage. It will test for amphetamine class drugs. If you were taking prescription medication, the MRO will certify the results as negative by talking to the pharmacy or your doctor.

    At ANY LAB TEST NOW, you can walk in and request any test that you need. The results can be admissible in court if you need them to be. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers walk in testing to the general public. We also do paternity testing and any blood test. Some of our most popular blood tests are cholesterol, PSA, CBC, and HIV.

    If you would like to do a hair test, please contact:

    and mention the LC Sucks website.

    If you are able to come to Lakeland or Sarasota for the test, I will offer it to you for $100 off of our list price of $189.

    I wish luck in the future.

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    Why ever would you give to them, your childrens old bottle of Adderall in in the first place? Didn’t quite make sense there at all. Is poor decision making in critical events why they wanted to get rid of you? Anyway, I agree with AnyLabNow. This whole issue was NOT handled correctly by you nor your supervisor!

  3. |

    Everything described by the alleged Labcorp employee above is contrary to Labcorp policy. ALL Labcorp employee drug screens are handled under chain of custody and all non-negative sample results are reviewed by a MRO. Given the lack of specifics, circular references and lack of a coherent and plausible story, it is doubtful that any of the email is factual. Laura Bradbury and her facility appear to be knowledgeable in drug testing. If the un-named “employee” would provide more of a specific and accurate history perhaps I could help answer this.

  4. |


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    If other people saw your medical information from a fax machine or your supervisor disclosed information about the test, it is a violation of HIPAA and you should take action against LabCorp for violation of your rights. Supervisors are considered “agents of the company” since they are salary and LabCorp is responsible for answering for their mistakes. Should you get an attorney, make sure he or she is well versed in medical rights! All the employees that looked at that fax are also in violation.

  6. |

    First of all the person who started the drug screen is not suppose to leave and send another person in to finish. I start I finish. you were suppose too have watch from begining to end. specimen sealed and then sign. You were suppose to have been told the procedures of the collection before starting. Like they told you. It was alot wrong with the collection. also I am a collector and I do not get the info about any clients medication. when they try to force it on me, I tell them if they need that infomation they will call you. Some people get mad but, that is how I handle that situation. You also do not bring your medication bottles to your job or the site because the MRO will handle that with the Pharmacy once the get that information from you. So it was another problem behind this. Even though the collection was handle the wrong way.

  7. |

    Labcorp sucks. They recently came into my office to conduct drug testing on employees and they were having open cups all on the table of urine and several tests were mixed which resulted in me having a dirty urine when I am clean

  8. |

    Why dont people visit the Lab that is handling their specimens. ITS Horrific what goes on in the Elmhurst Lab . I am a former employee who witnessed Supervisors, Group Leads, and employees pass around parts of a fetus . This was not a part of their job duty , they used some mother’s pain as amusement .
    This is what happened when companies promote dumb asses as leaders.
    Lab Corp is the worst place I ever had to work for. The Supervisor is a wasted , uneducated, controlling,racist, inhumane piece of crap.

  9. |

    that is a violation of the hippa laws and you have a lawsuit on your hands if you can prove it happened

  10. |

    any lab test now first responder to this lab sends their sample to lab corp…

  11. |

    so why respond bradbury?

  12. |

    Wow. Just googled for some info r/t MRO documentation and found this topic. Similiar situation happened to me in TX. Called for random test on 2/11/08, TPAPN participant for 20 of the required 24 months, lab office was very busy, sent me to the staff bathroom, did not follow COC policy like they normally did every other time, record temp, divide into two vials, seal each one, I initial each and confirm COC #, then sealed in biohaz bag and COC sticker applied, initial that sticker, then put on the big orange sticker (program participant ID I assume) and placed into the box and ready to ship. This time, they took my cup, unlabled, and set it on a cluttered work area with two other open urine spec’s near mine. Suddenly, I’m pos for Morphine!
    What? Was not notified of results until the 17th and my Case manager from TPAPN called me at home to ask for my excuse. I had to call LabCorp and get the number for their MRO, who called me a week later, the dirty urine, long since discarded, so no way to confirm what happened. I told MRO that the only thing I had done was eaten lemon/poppy seed muffins the day before (3 tiny ones) and had not worked since before Christmas, no access to Morphine and only other meds were BCP seasonale and MVI. So, had to restart the program over again, another 2 years, and still dont know what the MRO reported to TPAPN. Was told by MRO that I would not get a copy of his findings, they go to the Case Manager. So now I find that this is not an isolated incident!!. Quest Lab ran the test, bought out by FirstLab, but Lab Corp has been taking my labs 2x’s a month since 6/06. BTW, the girl who took by lab and left it there only worked there for 2 months, then quit. Then they started cracking down on procedures!!! I’m MAD!!!

  13. |

    Hello All,

    I am writing to let you know that I am currently disputing paternity results on my child in which Labcorp provided the results of the father not being the father. I have to pay out of pocket 650.00 just to gain accurate results to provide to the courts to obtain child support!! Anyone else who has had this problem please let me know, I am considering legal action for this inaccurate result not has cost me money I don’t have, but distress for I have had to deal with a lot of negative actions due to inaccurate results…

  14. |

    Desk person, who also took my blood, had hair that looked like she had been electrocuted, wore a sneer on her face and did not answer when I said, “Good Morning”.
    The next time I went I asked not to be ‘served’ by her, but receptionist had bad attitude when I singed in on the wrong form – it was the ONLY form available at the counter. Entering a person’s blood stream and removing a sample is intimate if nothing else and should be done by someone at least polite,in an atmosphere that is not hostile. The unemployment rate is atrocious, but these people manage to have jobs – what’s wrong with this picture? Can’t leave my name because I have to go back there.

  15. |

    If I was you I would’ve went and got a drug test on my own once they said my urine was dirty the test results should not had been used because the bag wasn’t sealed so anyone could’ve done anything to the specimun.You also need to go through the higher powers and report this person because your personnal buisness was told to everyone that had nothing to do with this situation. that is your private information not only would I put a case against labcorp your job and a slander case against this eveil K person she has ruined your repatation where you live and that not only effect you but your children. Now ays kids repeat things that they hear so who’s to say another child won’t use that against your children in a bullying session I see it all the time on my job as a teacher. Dont let this lady bullying destroy your life because thats all it is Bullying she’s miserable and jealous so jhit her where it hurts the most in her pockets and teach her a lesson. Good Luck

  16. |

    Any Lab Test Now,is not the place to go if you want it Now. Took 30 days for them to just get the tubes in to take my blood , then its been over 7 and still no results. I have spent 40 hours , between e-mail and phone calls and still i have no results. They do not respect there clients, They apoligize thats about the only thing they can do, and poorly at that. I asked for the owner , they want to keep his butt in the dark as he golfs on my dime , all I wanted was my results. If they had gotten the equipment needed and didnt take 30 days to get it maybe I might , LOL have my results

  17. |

    LABCORP – Indinapolis by 38st.

    The receptionist is rude and has a bad attitude. She should be fired. Stay away from this lab. I heard they had problems in the past with bad results. God figure.

  18. |

    As with the first post, I don’t believe it proper that your employer handles the drug testing…it should be done by a professional third party to ensure the most accurate results possible.

    Laying your specimen on a table full of other specimens is as good as begging for mistakes.

    And I agree, a person who you know wants to get rid of you is not the person to handle your test.

  19. |

    K is such a Bitch!!! She’s deff a Hater.

  20. |

    From this story, it doesn’t sound like she is a labcorp employee. It sounds like Labcorp just performed the actual drug test for her employer. She wants to know “How do I find out if they are DOT regulated? How long does it take to for the results of a urine drug test ?”. From this, I gather that she is a nurse that has a bitch for a manager that is trying to get her fired from some other company that just uses Labcorp for their drug screens and she just had general questions about Labcorp. I don’t think Labcorp has any use for nurses unless they are just working as phlebotomists.

  21. |

    PS. It sounds like K may have tampered with her test…Why automatically blame Labcorp?

  22. |

    I want to know how a Lab Core worker can get a family members test results and then use them againist her and call cps when the babies results was all negative but they still have her baby 6 weeks later she is still working there.I mean she needs to have to pay and stop playing with peoples life!Is it that easy to destroy peoples lives?

  23. |

    To everyone! SHARE WITH EVERYONE– also start a campaign to hold all urine test a certain amount of days so that the MRO test do not stand out as possible problems while waiting to be decided by an MRO. OMG! Even an innocent RX makes you stand out since an MRO has to call while all of the other Negatives are immediately reported back to employer!

    Almost all employers (read your emloyer Drug and Alcohol policy and testing precedures outlined in employee handbook) go by Lab Company’s Test Guidelines (SAMSHA “cutoff off threshold) including Chain of Command
    (Most important note of all)
    — SAMSHA Guidelines (READ it—Cut Off Threshold) example: thc – if you test positive from urine test it is then sent off for 2nd test (gas…) if it reads below the “Cut Off Threshold” allowed, which is 15 nanograms, the MRO should not even be calling you! The MRO is suppose to report these test back to employer as a NEGATIVE (no explanations just a NEGATIVE)– End Of Story

    (if your employer handbook states “zero tolerance” under the Drug and Alcohol Policy then the SAMSHA Guidelines doesn’t apply.)unless it states that they use the SAMSHA Guidelines. MOST employers do not state Zero Tolerance because it leaves no room for error and possible law suits. They usually will state that they use the Lab’s testing guidelines or SAMSHA( the lab’s use SAMSHA) (which allows 15 or less nanograms)this is a very low reading = (Negative) and the military accepts it as well. The test is then reported back to employer as a negative. You should not get a call from the MRO. Period.

    But, MRO’s are not catching this and calling you to ask questions. Then, they report your test as a positive back to employer.

    If MRO calls, ask them the nanogram %. If under 15, act surprised and ask for them to send an email of report showing the test results and % nanogram count to you. After getting report, ask why they are calling? This is clearly a NEGATIVE TEST. You do have a good argument and need to FIGHT it.
    Plenty have lost their jobs and probably had extreme low undetectable nanogram counts. YES, you can get unemployment if you lose your job and the chain of custody and handling wasn’t followed as stated by employer — Look for Employer claims of using the Testing Lab’s “Cutoff Thresoff” (which is Samsha – 15 nanograms or less) Read more on internet about Samsha and CUT OFF Thresholds for drug testing under SAMSHA

  24. |

    My opinion is LabCorp is not accurate..Something went wrong.I have been on klonipin for 13 yrs and vicodin for a few urine test showed that I didn’t have anything in my the dr sent me for blood work, because I knew I took the meds..Well the blood work showed now my dr thinks i am selling the meds. I know I’m not I need them for myself..not anyone else.So what went wrong with my results??? My dr said he doesn’t want me as his patient.I need other meds for my now I’m trying to find a doctor, but when they send my results to a dr. They are going to think kmsell drugs.I never sold drugs and don’t like being labeled as a drug dealer.So now I just don’t know what to do..does anyone know what I can do..

  25. |

    Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens a lot. With over 55 million drug tests done annually it would be impossible for all of them yo be conducted correctly and the results accurate. Out of the 55 million only 6 million or so are regulated by the DOT part 40 rules. The other 49 million have no required procedures associated with them. Even the 6 million DOT tests are not done following the REQUIRED rules. Well over 90% of the collectors conducting DOT drug test collections follow the federally required procedures. In fact, in the latest undercover investigation of collection sites, 98% failed to follow the procedures. Of the 89 out of 91 sites that failed, over 50% of those failed to follow over half of the procedures. With numbers like this, and the fact that HHS certified labs can error on 10% of their tests it is amazing that any of these drug tests are accurate.
    Then you get the stories like the one coming out of Boston last year where a lab tech admitted to 9 years of falsifying drug test results. Think about those numbers next time you take a drug test.

  26. |

    I had custody of grand daughter for 3 years my daughter signed her over to me in court after failing several drug test I had permanent custody after 3 years she decides she wants her back after doing nothing for 3 years. She called CPS giving false allegations.CPS came to my home counted my medicine and ordered me down for drug test. All that went well. They wanted one more within 30 days. GPS called 46 days later. Ordered me down for another drug test. I only urinated tiny bit.abouta half a teaspoonful.the nursedid not do chain of custody.she was not sure there was enough urine. After beating banging and shaking my test cup against the counter. She read results stating that I was positive for numerous medications. Including methamphetamine and methadone. She screamed in my face.I was smoking meth. I denied methadone and methamphetamine. I was asked why I only deny the two2. I replied I am on medication but have never laid eyes on methamphetamine or ever methadone.I practically begged to be retested she refused. I also beg her to see my test to the lab to be confirmed by mro.she refused that also. I left went home called CPS over and over leaving messages. Social worker said she would be checking her messages that evening. I was waiting for a return call. Next thing I knew, CVS was at my door with police officers. They were there to pick up my baby. They took my baby put her in foster care and a half away. I went to the emergency room at the hospital. Have a drug screen done. It was only positive for the medication that I am prescribed. The test was also sent to a lab to be confirmed. Again only positive for the medicine I am prescribed which is adderall prednisone at the time percocet xanax zofran inhaler and I am on oxygen at night. Other things also it may have triggered A false positive.went to court two days later judge charge me with neglect just because of this positive false positive drug test only. I was not allowed to present my evidence of my lab work. Also had a year of monthly random drug test from my doctors.also letters from my doctors that prescribe medication. The judge would not even look at my evidence that proves I am innocent. Refused to let me bring my baby home her in state custody. made a ruling of neglect.this nurse needs to be investigatedand so does the Family Court judge.I was told that I need a professional to backup my lab work. I don’t see howmy test that was done with the nurse that was thrown in the garbage. Could stand up in court. All she had was a check off sheet print it off printer. She used a 12 or 14 panel T-cup is this legal. Isn’t this misconduct negligence of some sort.? I need help. Someone please let me know what to do my baby was taken on October 16th 2013. I also had a hair test done on November 4th 2013. Try to present that to the judge. I was refused to enter it in my case to prove my innocence. How can I get a professional back at my test results my baby is suffering as well as I am. I am having to do random pill count and random weekly drug screen. Also had to answer into substance abuse counseling in treatment to get my baby back. Any information is appreciated. CPS have violated my baby’s rights as well as my own. She was stripped searchedlooking for bruises against my will. I was threatened to do the first drug screen by CVS said they would remove her from my custody at the very moment if I didn’t have a drug court the nurse testified that the lab work was not as good as her rapid urine drug test. That the nanogram was higher than her baby was potty trained before leaving here on October 16th. Now she will not use the potty and is and back in diapers. She is having panic attacks and nightmares. I get supervised visitation with her once a week. But she is not allowed to visit in her own home. Her mother failed drug test with same nurse on October 28. I recently found out the nurse sent hers out to the lab. She didn’t even have to ask. Abed and pleated for my test to be sent out to lab I have never laid eyes on methamphetamine. Can someone please help me to bring my baby home. How do I get a professional to backup my results in court. I hired a lawyer he did not even call my witnesses. From the same county. He let them walk all over him and me. Any infois appreciated can someone please help me I don’t know what to do I’m tired mentally distresseddon’t know where else to turn. We go back to court March 10th greenup County KentuckyFamily Court with Judge Preston. I can be contacted at She Devil 6171 at or on Facebook my name is zelda tackett. My case name is aura Hamilton.

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