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27 Apr 08 LabCorp Employee Stories

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Your job at LabCorp gives you insight to all the wrongdoings and problems with the company. Let everyone know your stories.

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Reader's Comments

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    I am hugely upset and most concerned to read about all this incompetence regarding LabCorp. I am now wondering if my blood tests results (for certain dangerous diseases/ailments… I wish to remain anonymous regarding more info) were false positive or false negative, or if they were ‘mishandled’ in any way. The outcome of these very very important tests affect the physical and psychological well being of LabCorp’s patients/customers! They should care at the highest level possible. Their function is way too important not to!

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    Wow, where to begin? My first an foremost complaint is about my former boss (I no longer work for labcorp as of 3-16-10). She is horribly incompetent and her list of offenses is a long one: cussing, throwing things, wearing jeans with holes and NOT wearing underwear underneath, favortism, sexual-related comments, threatening employee’s jobs if they “hang out with” certain other employees, reprimanding employees in front of co-workers, violating privacy policies, touching specimens without gloves and I could KEEP ON GOING.

    She also preaches about “getting things right” but promotes people who don’t even understand that concept. Productivity is stressed more than anything else. “Faster, faster.” I can tell you for a fact that 90% of the people I worked with DIDN’T CHECK THE NAME ON THE TUBES to verify that they had the right specimen for the paperwork. Specimens are LOST a LOT and they often use the “lost specimen” excuse to cover up employee mistakes, such as leaving them behind (which makes them too old to test).

    One time, a bagfull of specimens were THROWN IN THE GARBAGE by a disgruntled employee, some of which were ONE TIME ONLY tests, that could not be repeated.

    The reason I no longer work there is partly my fault, partly theirs, but you decide if what happened is crazy. I think it is… I CAN NOT wear a face shield that sits on my head. Even slight pressure gives me a migraine. Therefore, I wore my shield dangling around my neck. My face was fully protected from splashing, and I had done this for a YEAR without any issues. Then one day they decided this wasn’t allowed. I advised my supervisor (the horrible one detailed above) that I can’t wear it around my head and I explained why. I offered to get a doctors note. Then HER boss came over and he said “Turn the shield around now.” I again explained and again offered a doctors note. He again said to turn the shield around, more rudely than the first time. I got up, walked out and went into the break room. He followed me. I AGAIN tried to reason with him. He said that it is company policy and that if I can’t wear the shield the way he wants then this must not be the place for me. He then said “Go home. Come back tomorrow if you still want to work here.” His phone rang and he went outside. He came back in and said “Nevermind. Go home we’ll call you if we need you” And then he escorted me out of the building.

    Now, I’ve never been fired in my life, but to me, that’s as close you can come to firing someone without actually saying “you’re fired”. He and my immediate boss, then proceeded to TELL MY COWORKERS that I was fired (because many of them TOLD me about it).

    The next morning I receive a phone call from HR asking why I WALKED OFF THE JOB?!?! I see what they are trying to do – keep me from getting unemployment. Whatever. What they don’t know is I’m related to a lawyer. A good one.

    YES – I was wearing the shield incorrectly. But I had been for a year, with no comments. I was also, 1 of 5 people doing the same thing, and the person next to me NEVER bothered to even wear one.

    But what about the doctors note? Not allowed? Hmmm.

    AND – what about people with disabilities? Is Labcorp seriously going to try that? They’d have a lawsuit on them faster than they could say “Oops”.

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    OH! and I forgot to mention how SHORT STAFFED we are. It’s not because there isn’t anyone to work, it’s because there isn’t anyone WILLING to put up with all the garbage. In our Gainesville, FL office we had about 12 or so employees in January. In March, we had about 5 less. That’s almost half the staff. Doing the work of 20.

    But we weren’t allowed to have overtime. So we’d have to work 12 hours on monday and come in late some other day.

    Then they realized that’s not gonna work because, again 7 people doing the work of 20. So they finally allowed overtime (but that just means that we NEVER knew what time we were going home, which could be 2 or 3am).

    Did I mention we’re short because people are quitting? Not fired, not let go. QUITTING.

    I asked one day recently, “What’s going to happen when everyone is gone?” (2 pregnant ladies leaving in june and 3 more I know of are actively job searching)
    My boss’ response “Close it down” Because they absolutely refuse to hire anyone. Even though they have more than enough money to hire someone.

    So, yeah. I’m ecstatic to not work for labcorp anymore.

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    iam an employee and its nice to know that iam not alone every single complaint has been my complaint iam in heaven right now knowing that iam not crazy. iam in the ohio division and everything that was said is true. from california to arizona etc. same problems! lab corp get a hint its not just the employees its the buisness! so for the people who are on here trying to defend labcorp are probly the people we are complaining about, ( oh the irony! :) lab corp has horrible managers who favor friends over others (cathy stegman) who also finds it funny when someone slips on test tubes that has been left there from another careless employee hmm big shocker right? yet she complains when other laugh at her once slipping on a test tube and made a big fus about it but i guess as long as it doesnt happen to her its ok right?…i hear a lawsuit in the making, on top of that the managers make you feel as if asking a question about a lab test is an annoyence to them!? we are here to save lives thats what our moto is yet instead its wasted on gossip. then we have managers who litterly sit there and do nothing! they walk around like zombies and who i never new was a leader till i over heard it(jill) dont know her last name cause she is not that useful to me, or other employees and should be down graded is that person who does nothing and feels that since she has a bigger title that others should do the work hmmmm the manager of our managers is owusu who i can hardly understand and i dont think he understands his employees (ironic isnt it) ive expressed my concerns to him about safety and the results of my concern he puts it in a harmless red folder to “prove a point” ..which is treated as just another paper to put in a file….his way of solving the situation is a lecture of saftey first and stop talkin about other people while feeding us pizza!….ha nice lecture. i was more concerned about eating then listening to his rambles of neglect as a manager. and what kind of manager is hardly there?! he comes in for an hr big woop pull a 12 hr shift everyother day then ill give you respect. lab corp over works there employess because there understaffed cus there money hungry and dont care and let first shift push the hard work on 2nd and 3rd…(what a team!) honestly i could go on about the neglect of specimens of how they pass around and joke of the swabs, fetus, stool,blood and joke about a 15 yr old geting a pregnancy test etc. of the patients who dont deserve that, i would never! get tested at labcorp and have warned my family not to either because they are not confidential,ethical or proffesional. i could also go on about how employees sit and whisper about others with the supervisors, our role models, our leaders?! are ingaging in the act of little highschool girls and boys. i honetly will no longer work here for more than a year. i dont hate my job i actually love doing what iam doing but i cant deal with the constant horrible employees and bad management. and i can no longer work at a place that hires former BURGERKING! employees. iam sorry no disrespect but i cant work in the same building who worked at a fast food resturant with no former medical experience or schooling next to me who has done there time and went to school is oviously more than qualified for this monkey job. i wish the best for those toughing it out at any divition, i hope labcorp get sued to the ground by employees and miss treated patients. i will make sure to leave my mark and make this known when i leave the company…and dont u find it weiord that when someone is fired,quits,or resignes they stop the whole company to make an announcement to say so and so no longer works here so if you see them at the door dont let them in!? how embarrising. they act like ex employees are gunah come back steal specimens and miss place them, put wrong codes, mix patients and miss handle and loose or brake specimens…ha there current employees do that already on there own.
    love: a unfortunate labcorp employee
    p.s employees at labcorp live and eat it labcorp u wake up to go to work to go to sleep to go back to work mon-fri and every other saturday. not enough pay to deal with the emotional physical and mental problems labcorp brings…we need lifes to!
    comment back on this if u agree

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    ok i dont get it. If we close at 5pm why are we supposed to allow people to walk in at 4:59 pm. Management says NO overtime. I was told that I should be clocking out no later than 5:05pm no matter what, or its unauthorized overtime. I always get a few people that walk in at the last minute and I start thinking Oh No!!! I had so many late punches I got written up. but if I tell people to come back the next day I can get fired. What do I do??? Im not allowed to send unspun blood so processing needs to be done. Management sucks!!!! We dont get paid mileage when we are supposed to. The handbook states that when working anywhere there than our home site we are to get mileage. NOPE. doesnt happen. We are told that we are all floaters and going to the bank, post office and fedex are part of our job. Im sorry, I wasnt aware that being a phlebotomist required me to do all this. Again, management sucks.

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    To Anonymous that recently left LCA 03-16-10…sounds real familiar to a situation in Florida. What state or region if you don’t mind me asking?

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    I used to work for LCA in the Raleigh area, and the manager (francesca Secret) is a snake in the grass. She talks to you as if you are incompetent, demizes you if she can or think she can. No overtime allowed but just as another person wrote, patients come in till 4:59 and you have to service them or get written up. They place people in positions who are their friends or better yet their “yes” people as well as promote who they want. They don’t pay attention to the good people and the managers don’t investigate problems like they should. They put people in supervisor positions who shouldn’t be and allow others to come and go as they please. Patients complain about wait time, but you are always short staffed. They make rules for others and try to hold you under the policy. They demote those who have been there for years and Dave King can’t see the hand writing on the wall. HR is a joke!!!!! The HR manager seems to be scared to call the manager on the carpet because someone higher up swears they will look into it. Only to know that higher up means that the manager got her job by …… They don’t care as long as the money is coming in. Labcorp is a joke!!!!!

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    this site is interesting in a sense because I know for fact that most of these patients that complain on here are drama queens and kings!! they are very inconsiderate, they love to walk in right before closing.. now if we were to do that at there place of employment I’m sure that wouldnt like it very much!! Labcorp is not that great of a company, but it is what you make it.. do your job to the best of your ability and go home. thats it!! I do agree that promotions are not given to the appropriate or most qualified.. I got to dummies leading the pack.. the team lead and the site coordinator.. both of them dont know their *** from their elbows. Labcorp allows this bad business practice to go on.. what a shame.

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    I believe that the one who publishes this blog must be from Quest Diagnostics!

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    TRUE STATEMENT: The quality control higher ups respond to the problem of in-house mislabeling with this remark, “Most of the people we test are healthy”…..translation…so what if we mislabel, the results are more than likely going to be within range even if its not the right person. Sickened yet? Well if you are don’t go to your doc to get any bloodwork done at this quack-job mess of a lab.

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    In response to anonymous of 2 Apr 2010. I wonder how you know that “most of these patients that complain on here are drama queens and kings!!” Does that include the employees who complain on here also? It sounds to me that you might also be one of these “drama queens or kings” after reading your complaints. I really dislike generalizations that label people.

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    I have to say that all of this kinda puts some of my concern to rest but also scares me alot. I have had tests done for paternity through labcorp and 1 of them came back right, and I know this because i was with this man and I knew what the test was going to say, but it ruinded my life on the 2nd test i took after being with my ex for 5 years we broke up because i was getting help from the state for child care and even though he and i were engaged to be married but didn’t live together they made me sign up to get help from child support enforcement, so i did and gave them all of my fiances information, they tested him and the test came back negative, it broke our hearts, but i know that the test is wrong, because we have 2 other kids together and I am a stay at home mom who runs a daycare and i dont get out of the house very often and I was so in love with him. i know youre probably saying exactly what they all were sayin that there had to be another possibility but there isn’t and they are refusing to redo the test and have cut my son off of all medical and he has medical problems, the cut him off sayin that i have been uncooperative. My son is almost 3 years old and we have had nothing but trouble with the caseworker and labcorp, i have had 5 different caseworkers since they forced me to fill the paperwork out. They have lost paperwork @ least 10 times and right now are basically calling me a liar, and saying that there has to be somebody else because there is no way that the test was wrong because it said that its 99.99 percent accurate. Well as i told them most protection is said to be 99.99% effective, well I was on birth control with all 3 of my kids and we used condoms and I still got pregnant…. I dont know what else to do they wont listen to me and they keep hanging up on me and refuse to believe that there could be a problem or something. the sad part is that my son has not got to get to know his dad and he now has no medical coverage and was born premature and has many medical problems.

    can somebody please tell me what to do?!

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    hi i don not work at labcorp but i was hoping i could get any information on them. my husband dated a girl almost 2yrs ago and she just recently had a baby and is saying its his and wants child support. so he requested a dna test without hesitation. we got the results back within a week and it said the probability of paternity was 99.99% and prior probability was 0.5. he was upset and requested a second opinion from a different company. i was wondering what could make this test come back like it did, the test was done in burlington, nc and any info would be helpful. thank you for this website it has given me hope. when the test results come back i will give update.

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    I am a former employee, and I must say I have SO much dirt on this company. I kept quiet so to keep my job, busting my azz each day and being on time etc..while other employees and upper managment did nothing and were so disorganized. I was told many times the patient is a liar and they reall dont care about the patient, its all gossip and how the employees can rip this company off. I finally saw the light when they actually kept an employee that is smoking pot on the job and beleiving the students they keep for cheap labor.(letting them do things that are against HIPPA) OH and if you want to be able to get your OWN test results this is the place for you..and get your families too..what a chit place. What comes around goes around i say

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    I think that no matter where u go, (to have any kind of lab work done) you are always gonna find problems! Nobody will admit it but we are all human! Ive worked in different hospitals and worked for labcorps. u can usually find a pretty decent facility if you know where to look. I’m a “floater” and work in all kinds of lab corp environments. There’s always room for improvements, but isn’t that any job u work at? Currently there are comment cards u can fill out that are put into a folder, sent to corporate, and evaluated. if you have a problem, TELL THEM! If you don’t like a certain facility, FIND A NEW ONE! I’ve spent the last two days reading all of these comments and most are valid complaints! but some could’ve been prevented. If your Dr. wants u to have bloodwork in the a.m. it’s probably a “fasting” test! If you aren’t sure, call the lab you are going to go to and ask. get the employee’s name who answers your questions. Then when u come in and are told otherwise, that’s when u ask for the comment card and file your complaint. It’s not convienent for you but it can allow supervisors to pinpoint WHO exactly is giving out wrong information to patients. U personally may not reap the benifits but somebody after u will! ALSO, if ur not sure, fast anyway….that way ur doctor can have “TRUE” results. most sugar tests and anything dealing with cholestrohl will ask u to fast.
    Now, My Opinion on the technicians themselves! You, as a patient, HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE A CERTAIN PHLEBOTOMIST! It’s your body and if they stick u twice with no success, NEXT! The big thing that alot of patients forget to ask is if the tech is a student! Every new phlebotomist has to do their clinicals which usually contains 100 hours and 300 first attempt sticks! If u wanna be a good sport, tell them that u know that they’ll do just fine! Don’t make it any more uncomfortable then it has to be. I’m 27 and have been a tech since 2006. I look very young and my patients have noticed. They think I might not know what I’m doing when they first meet me but I love getting patients like that! They are so tense and sqeemish! I always end up changing their mind to the point where they only want ME to drawl their blood. point being: DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT’S COVER! I hope I’ve offered SOME kind of in-sight for anyone who has taken the time to read this long azz blog. Even though this web-site bashes Lab Corp, I hope you find a place that treats u like they would treat their mothers! Whether it’s at a Lab Corp, or not.

    P.S. Quest Diagnostics isn’t perfect either!

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    I want to know if it is possible for labcor to mess up a drug test?

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    My husband did a drug test at labcor has not done a drug in his life and it came back positive. I am wantting to know if it is possible for labcor to mess up his test? Because of that he has lost his job because of this. Now tell me how this could even be possible? We are in Pa why would they send his test to NJ? WHen there is a labcor place in allentown? Can I please have some type of answers. e-mail me

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    toxicology testing is often shipped to other central facilities within the LabCorp system..this is to save money, of course.

    The best way to legally challenge the result is via the how the specimen was handled. Was it tampered with, or mixed up wiht other samples in the handling and testing process? There is a chain-of custody form with the lab requisition slip that every handler of the specimen, from the lab collection person to the technologist doing the test, that must sign this form indicating that the sample was not tampered with until testing was done.

    In order to get these documents, or to get the specimen run at a different lab, you will need an attorney to legally request these actions.

    LabCorp will not give you this w/o help from an attorney. BTW, LabCorp gets these requests all the time.

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    2 years ago, I had a paternity test done and sent to Labcorp-Burlington,NC…I strongly beleive that the result is wrong. Does anyone know about the Burlington environment? I read somewhere that it is terribly understaffed and that they turn out 1 paternity test result every 4 minutes…is there any truth or possibility if truth about this?

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    I don’t doubt it Burlington is also the headquarters that also treated themselves to a beautiful brand new building that was made from scratch. we are so understaffed and then they decide to layoff all of the accessioners. ITs so stupid how they waste money on PSC’s they allow them to make their own pars on the supply forms. They expect sales reps to meet a quota of new accounts which is something like 5-8 a week. They harass dr. offices with reqs and calls until they switch over. management is a joke they are so focused on people not working overtime but still expect you to complete a job that requires 2-3 people. If you ever see this site and are about to work for this company just do not even show up. just find another job(unless you desperate). DO NOT HAVE YOUR TESTS DONE BY THIS COMPANY EITHER.

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    I wish I’d seen this website before I accepted a job offer from LabCorp. I probably would still have taken the job but I might not feel so disappointed in what I thought was a great opportunity with a little forewarning. Now that I’ve seen it, I am NOT surprised. I have not made it through my 90 day probationary period and have already started job searching again. I like the people I work closely with but their work ethic and mine are most definitley not the same. I take pride in my profession and the work I do and I am appalled on a daily basis by the lax attitudes, and in some cases, downright incompetence. Protocols are routinely ignored, customer service is non-existent, and the safety hazards are astounding.

    I’ve seen patients treated rudely and heard them complain. I’ve seen techs run out of time on tests because they’ve been busy talking or out on smoke breaks only to go ahead and use the results that may, or may not be accurate. Refrigerators that are very clearly marked BIOHAZARD because they contain reagents, tissues, or blood products are also being used for lunches, frozen dinners, sodas, etc. It’s disgusting! Food items are not to be in the lab .period. let alone in the same refrigerator as tissues and chemicals. The whole time I’ve been here I have yet to lay eyes on my “supervisor”. I was interviewed by telephone and have never made their acquaintance in person.

    Specimens are supposed to be clearly marked with a minimum number of identifiers, both container and paperwork. Protocol is to match the two in order to avoid mixups. On a daily basis I see techs accept specimens and paperwork without the required information. If they get a specimen without a name etc. on it, they write whatever is on the paperwork that came in the bag with it and vice versa. They have no idea if they REALLY go together, they just assume they do.

    This place is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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    My bf had a paternity test done on a child and it came back 99.99% which we believe is wrong because we also had a test done on our daughter. His genetic markers were the same on both test but there were mutiples differences on her test from mines! Her font was a different size, my test was in bold print and hers wasnt, she had 13 genetic markers when i only had 12 which we tested the same man, her paternity index was way higher than mines, the Ph.D director name was signed differently from mines, her test was close to the margin as if it was copied, and she had page 1 0f 1 at the bottom of her test. We was wondering who can we get hel from to see if the test if accurate??

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    I want to know if LabCorp is really getting (FALSE NEGATIVES) in Paternity testing.Im in the NC area….WHAT ARE THE CHANCES OF THAT?? Somebody let me know!!

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    I will say who i am cause i.d.g.a.f. this company ruined my life and my sons chances at having his father. Who has since died since they screwed me over. There was only 2 possible fathers to my son i got the first test from DDC which one guy payed for but i didnt have the other guy tested i should have tho!!! It came back 0.00% which i already knew it would wasnt surprised. Couldn’t afford another test from them for the other guy so i went thru child support which goes thru LabCorp and the damn test came back 0.00% . Its wrong i know its wrong i got an atty and took a guy from LabCorp on he denied the inaccuracy of the companies testing saying they never mess up…yea right. I won another test but unfortunately the assholes at child support never made sure it got done and he ended up dying 8 months later. You pathetic p.o.s. at labcorp will pay karma is a bitch remember that!! My son is identical to him everyone in my town believes so and sides with me i even had a girl say if that aint his child then u must be the next virgin Mary.

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    I had a mouth swab dna test done with my sons father and it came back that he wasn’t the dad. Now I know that so many women say no i know it’s his blah blah blah but my son looks like hima nd his other son, my son does things just like him and has not been around him to copy that. this testing was sent to labcorp in austin can you please give me inside info from there. i am regusting a retest. there is no one else. he even said that my son looks just like his other son. please help

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    Never have i run into a more disrescpecful person than i did a couple of weeks back at a labcorp lab. imagine if they treat their clients like this how they treat their employees….. its a chain effect. Anyways, does anyone here know if it is legal for a tech to call an prospective employer (wife was there for a drug test)to complain about her behavior and the person she wsa with (which was me)? is this ethical —- i have never come across anyone that would treat someone like she treated my wife. Im trying to get a hold of their regional manager because this is unacceptable — htey have not called me back and its been 30 days……ar they never going to call?

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    Most of these issues sound like specific problems with certain employees, not the company itself. I work with a group of great people and even better supervisors. As for the paternity tests..LOL

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    I’ve recently had a false negative on a paternity test. The test was performed in Florida (I was refused a time when I as the mother could attend the testing) and the final testing was done in NC. I am absolutely positive that the man tested is the father of my 8 month old son since he also happens to be the only man I’ve slept with in 4 years. I don’t drink, do drugs, or put myself in situations where I would be alone with men other than my husband. I would really love more info on contesting these results seeing as how they have torn apart a marriage, a family (he has a sister from his father), and taken a father who was before this point a loving and active participant in his sons life. My child and I are on the verge of being homeless and all thanks to a false test and the fact that DNA test are “reliable”. Email is If love to have the chance to repair my family.

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    This is eye opening. I had a blood test for an enzyme that was photo-sensitive a few years ago. I had read up on it and the labcorp tech put it in a clear vial. I mentioned this should be in an opaque vial and she got flustered, found a piece of foil in a drawer and wrapped it around the vial. She grimaced and held it to my face and asked if that was ok.
    All I could say was I guess so! I recently just had a cbc, sed rate, and stool pathogen test. The results arent back yet. The way Im feeling I hope they dont screw those up. Pretty hard to screw up a sed rate, unless you let it sit too long, or not long enough. Im thinking I should have used the local hospital lab. In the future I will.

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    Do not apply for any IT jobs at labcorp. You are trteated as a liablity not an asset. They do not like their IT people. I worked in labcorp IT for several years and there is constant pressure to work overtime w/out extra pay (b/c your salaried). I knew of one person who was in the hospital and their supervisor called them and demanded that they leave the hospital to come to work! (no, I’m not kidding) labcorp will hire IT people in the beginning of almost every year and then layoff more people in the fall of that same year. It’s a never-ending employee rotation at labcorp…just say’n.

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    P.S…ALSO, labcorp keeps employees that have been there 10 or more years but if you’re new to the company then you watch out b/c your time is coming. They don’t usually keep employees that have been there less than 10 years. Even the bad employees that have been there 10 or more years, they will keep them. I worked with a lady, in IT, that admitted that she wasn’t a technical person! SHE’S IN I.T. AND SHE’S NOT TECHNICAL…WTH! They kept her and got rid of me when they had a layoff. She had been there 13 years and I had only been there 2 years. Like I said, they keep the bad employees especially if they’ve been there a while. It doesn’t matter how you perform, if you’re new, you don’t stand a chance!

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    It is a no win with the mgmnt of this com no mgmt training, no respect every given employees are rude due to poor mgmt skills employees are lazy due to they can be employees disrespect each other die to mgmt too many friends with each. Other. David king needs to look around the usa and take a look and clean up human resources sucks all levels they don’t even bother to have someone in each office that knows benefits, employees are too fat and smoke cheat on home testing kits, hour friends with ppl! Sales director scared someone looks and knows sales better. Than her. Mismanaged all the way. Ppl do not operate the same around the state. Sales needs to go out teach and explain. The young ladies inside sales are lazy and sorry . Too mnay wigs ba looks fat in this company! Unprofessional all the way around.

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    Went to labcorp for pre-employment drug screen just the other day. Upon entering there were over 20 people waiting. Guy waiting said one person had went back in an hour. Many more arrived, over 30 in small wait area. People are sitting on floors, I even had my cuz pick up lunch and bring to me while I was waiting cause I was starving. The employees at this Nashville Tennessee location on Murfreesboro Rd. did not call people back for hours, until it started to get nearer their closing time, they did not appear busy doing anything else. Everyone was in the wait room so what else were they doing??? Then they appeared to step it up a notch. It was so obvious. Most of the people there were for pre-employment so labcorp employees realize people are not going to complain because they could be reported to their prospective employers or maybe even a lab slip up. After reading other stories from labcorp employees and others nothing would surprise me. I object to pre-employment testing except for jobs driving or flying or something like that, but I have nothing to hide. The whole episode made me feel like I was dealing with Nazi’s. I felt like I was under arrest. Boy if I want this low level job that I am taking just to get off unemployment, I had better comply with them. It creeps me out. I just wanted someone to know how they do business, how they treat people and waste an entire afternoon of time. I understand that they have probably seen a lot of people try to beat the system and they have standards to adher to, but we are not all criminals. It occurred to me that because of people who I heard saying they went to the bathroom during the wait,(gotta go)they had to drink water to go when they finally got called back, then there is a possibility that the test will come back saying too much water in the urine, so re-test, then labcorp gets to bill client for another drug screen. How many times has this happened and what kind of money would labcorp make off a scam like that?

    I am writing this to say to any prospective employer looking for a lab, please overlook labcorp. There has to be other places in town to take your business.

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    Earlier this month in Nov. 2012 I contacted LabCorp Corporation of America in the Burlington, NC. office…I had done a DNA testing on my son back in Dec 2002 when my son was a year and half. The DNA was drawn on 2 men threw the Child Enforcement office in Oklahoma. The man that the DNA came back positive on is really hard for me to believe is the father of my son but as years gone by and my son now being 12 years old is looking so much like the other man in question that only turned out to be a very low number 58% I believe. How can I get them to redo this DNA and do they keep these samples? I have no contact with neither nor man now. And would like for this to be looked at…

  38. |

    meant Nov. 2013 sorry

  39. |

    I’ve been waiting for my results to find out whether or not I have cervical cancer and it turns out my results were never tested. One of my samples were mislabeled so they just put all of them aside and never called my doctor to ask. So there they sit being untested and whatever is wrong with me could be growing and killing me. I want to take lab Corp down. They are insensitive, not punctual, and disorganized. The same exact thing happened to my mother, they never tried to contact her doctor when her results were mislabeled, she waited over a month to get her results that she did in fact have breast cancer. I want to sue, they need to pay for what they have done to me and my mother.

  40. |

    I am a former labcorp employee and the horror stories still keeps coming I have not only experienced the harassment but have also seen it inflicted upon other co-workers as well. This is the most unprofessional company that anyone could work for. The Management is very bad all the way from corporate to to divisional. I worked for the CHESAPEAKE BRANCH in Chesapeake Virginia. Management allows all kinds of unprofessional conduct at this Branch every thing from mishandling of patients specimens to unethical and immoral mistreatment of their employees.I have witnessed Patients specimens being found in the trash cans, incorrect test codes assigned to patients,specimens left behind at collection sites by the drivers because management have them running to many routes.Gossipy managers and supervisors who discusses employees work ethics with other employees. Supervisor that has had intimate affairs with other co-workers on and off the clock. God forbids you report anything to Human resource a big freaking joke. They don’t care what happens as long as the work is being done and most of the time the work is still incorrect.Management do not care about their employees well being employees are always overworked , understaffed, under pages and yet they expect us to be happy. They have such a high turn over rate and yet H.R. does not investigate nor Corporate gets involved to find out why so many employees leave. I could go on but after seeing this blog I don’t have to it’s obvious this company has brought so much distress to a lot of people lives, employees, patients, and clients as well they maybe a fortune 500 company in the business world but in the real world they are a big fat zero.My recommendations are :
    1. Do not work for them
    2. Do not have any lab work done by them
    3. Do not become one of their clients

  41. |

    Can anyone list alternatives to LabCorp in NC. Their billing is outragiously expensive. They charged over 2 grand for a chromosome test a test that if 23andMe was still allowed to exist would have set us back 99 dollars. I feel like LabCorp has a monopoly in this state and that only means they will over bill and do shoddy work.

  42. |

    They’ve harassed me for the past fifteen months, wanting my insurance information. I’ve sent the current proper insurance info 12 times within 15 months! And some nasty notes along with them! I keep getting letters telling me I’m not listed as insured, and/or the tests done are not covered! I get tests done monthly and I am covered, but the stupid imbeciles evidently can’t read and understand and/or can’t be bothered to contact the places I’ve listed WITH the correct insurance info. They’ve insisted on using ‘old’ insurance info that I opted out of almost 2 years ago, which is on their letter, plus one time they even had an insurance company listed saying I wasn’t in their file—-I NEVER even heard of that company!! Guess it’s easier to keep harassing me! Recently they called and told me to call their credit analysts, as I had not paid the bill yet, and it was from June 2013!! And I was NOT going to! If they did their job, and did so correctly, they’d be paid. Called my insurance company, they called Lab Corp in Burlington, NC, and you know what they said? Their files aren’t up-to-date!!! Give me a break! I was livid and told my insurance rep it’s a bunch of baloney as I’ve been sending the same insurance info about every month, as I keep getting letters from them wanting payment! Each time they got my letter, all they had to do was call my insurance and they’d have been paid!! Evidently a different employee gets my monthly bill to be processed, and sometimes an employee does it correctly, and other times they do not, thus I end up getting letters for correct insurance info. It’s the same thing over and over, and I swear I am ready to file a lawsuit for harassing and threatening me! I never had a problem with Quest, and I am going to try to go back to them. I hope Lab Corp goes out of business. They should since they know nothing of hiring capable intelligent employees and training them correctly. All they want is money—-greedy arrogant smug stupid jackasses running that joint!!! Hope they get bogged down in lawsuits!!!

  43. |

    I had dna test done in mn sent to Nc and my son look just like my boyfriend but it came back the African man baby but I believe that the results are wrong because my son look nothing like him are his kids I live in mn me and the other guy believe its a lie

  44. |

    The problem is the employees who LabCorp hires. Most of them are black and a lot of them are cheaters. LabCorb doesn’t pay hardly anything and therefore the employees are hustling(taking under the table pay) as they call it.This is not a racist person saying this, I’m black myself. I find out a women was paid from the alleged father to tamper with his DNA paternity swab. This happens quite a bit believe it or not. Too many black employees who are dishonest. I’m not putting my race down but if you are black you know exactly where I’m coming from.

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