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Laboratory Corporation of America – Tell Your Story and File a Complaint
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27 Apr 08 LabCorp for Doctors. Tell Your Story

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This section is for doctors and physician assistants that have had issues with LabCorp. Everyone wants to know what happened.

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Reader's Comments

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    Had good experiences up until 6 months ago. Switched to another provider. LabCorp is very bad with Stat requests. Billing caused a problem with my patients. Good web site and very timely.

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    I am tired of people telling my doctor that he has to use Lab Corp because of my companies insurance. I had to have one simple female test taken three times before they could give my doctor a result and he said that he had to use them that he had no other choice. Please can someone get the government involved here!

    A. Lane

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    I have been forced to use LabCorp due to insurance. So far in one months time, they have lost both blood work and stool samples. Due to their negligence, there has been a delay in my care more often than not. I am making a formal complaint to my States Department of Banking and Insurance. This is RIDICULOUS!

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    I am a practicing physican in New York who has had to deal with the horrors of LabCorp. I have waited over 4 weeks to get biopsy results from procedures. I have a labcorp account, but my patients lab results never seem to make it online to this account. Patients and doctors need to write letters to their individual state health departments to get this organization shut down before people die.

    J. C., MD, MBA New York City

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    As an allergist, I am fed up with trying to order the ONLY blood test for allergy that is documented to work, and that’s Immunocap. The ONLY lab I have found in the US that does not offer the test is Labcorp. They use the old RAST, which is radioactive and 40 yr old technology shown in many publications to be sub standard and not equal to the Immunocap data from the medical lit. I try to make sure my tests are run with Immunocap, but my requests are always ignored, especially when I have UHC patients. This is extremely dangerous, especially when dealing with potentially fatal food allergy patients. Just the other day one of my peds patients tested negative on peanut from Labcorp, we sent the sample to Mayo (parents paid) and indeed the child is reactive. I was close to telling the parents that the child could safely eat peanut products which would have been a disaster.

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    I know that many doctors are fed up with Lab Corp because I used to work the switchboard , even though it wasn’t actually my job but Lab Corp didn’t want to pay for a full time receptionist , so different people from different departments had to cover for breaks , absent people etc.. I got complaints on a regular basis from Doctors nurses, assistants, office personel.Somtimes from patients , even though we didn’t do the billing anymore because all billing was done in Raritan N.J..This caused job losses that the company could care less about. I wouldn’t recommend Lab Corp to have your lab work done or as a place of employment.

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    It amazes the hell out of me the comments i see on this website. I work at LabCorp and I am sorry for the problems you have encountered with tests ordered and the time it takes to get a result out. Sadly all I can say is that the Doctor’s having problems should do a few things before blaming a company for every little problem.

    Make sure you have the right test number! I can’t count how many times I have to fix a order because a Doctor’s office made a mistake and ordered the wrong test. The test numbers are printed clear as day in the book we provide. Pick up the book and look over it sometime.

    Make sure you send the CORRECT samples for the test. They are listed in the book as well. When you send the wrong sample for a test it can’t be run. Example is a EDTA blood tube for a PT/INR. It should be a 3.2% Citrate tube. Pay attention to the requirements for testing in the book we provide.

    Make sure all the VOLUMES are correct for sample collection. If the test needs a 1mL blood sample. Send AT LEAST 1mL. As always, more sample is always better, less is a waste of time. As for blood tubes, make sure they are FILLED correctly. Sending a low filled blood tube is a waste of our time and yours. If an anticoagulant is present, the dilution will be off and interfere with the test. This goes double for PT/INR samples. Incorrectly filled tubes give longer results as far as coagulation times. Bad for patients that are on anticoagulants, messes up doses for the drugs given to your patients.

    FINALLY: There are a lot of Doctors out there that do a wonderful job caring for their patients. Caring is what at the end of the day counts. Take the time to carefully make sure that the samples meet requirements and you would be amazed how fast results could be sent out to you. Everyone has to care in order to give the best patient care, not just one party. Both the Clients and the Lab have to work together for the good of the patient. Until that happens, the patients ultimately suffer, not the lab or the doctor.

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    I had problems with labcorp when i first started going there… many years ago… they were understaffed. But their management has increased 150%. Waiting time is always less than 15 minutes and my doctor gets his results within 3 days as opposed to lil over a week years ago. Better computer programs and computer knowledge has helped the staff a lot who did complian about poor equipment and long working hours… no breaks means many mistakes. It’s all been fixed now… much better management.

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    Interesting comments. I have spoken to some LabCorp managers and your comments are exactly what they claim. I guess it is their story (and yours) and you are sticking to it, regardless of the truth. If in fact things were that good at LabCorp, this website would not be up and you would not have patients complaining.

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    I was wondering where the DNA samples go after they are collected for a paternity test? I am about to take one and I albolutely do not want to be the father!!!! I have been married for 17 yrs and i agreed 10 yrs ago to help out a lesbian couple that was haveing failure with artificial insemination. My wife and myself were seperated at the time and not doing well. Since then we have both become Christians and have 4 children of our own. The lesbians have since split up and the bio Mom is threatening to sue me for child support! Shouldnt She be suing Her partner since this child was their decision? anyhow my 17 yr mariage is about to be destroyed ten yrs later over these two spliting up! my four kids dont deserve this. I know it was my stupid decision but my family means more to me than anything in the world. The lesbo is currently pregnant (by accident she says) and in the Hospital haveing great difficultys. Itis not mine but it is another sucker that She seduced like me! (SHE IS VERY VERY ATRACTIVE!!) anyhow since she is out of work She is only getting a partial check and She is going down financially. Does anyone have any constructive suggestions??? without being judgemental!!

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    please email me at

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    I totally agree with the person above that works for LabCorp. It is so funny how people are very quick to pass the buck. You would not believe how many patients come in saying, “I had to come back because you lost my blood,” when in actuality the doctor just forgot to order the test. I have received blood specimens from doctors offices and they’ve been drawn in the wrong test tubes, havent followed the correct storage and collection requirements, and didnt collect enough blood. Instead of people just admitting that they are HUMAN and subject to HUMAN error they are quick to put the blame on everyone else. Then we get the call, “I got my bloodwork done and my doctor doesnt have the results yet.” With my experience working in doctors offices (who use LabCorp) thats probably because they are in a pile on the nurse’s (singular) desk and hasnt been viewed by the doctor and signed off to be released to the patient. Half of the time I have seen nurses or receptionists throw the stuff away thinking it is a duplicate fax, or it gets stuck in the nurses office with prescriptions that need to be signed, surgeries that need to be approved, and everything else. If your test doesnt come back abnormal you wont even get a call back from YOUR DOCTORS OFFICE. PEOPLE if you havent noticed the ENTIRE MEDICAL FIELD is in disarray. There are shortages, a high turnover rate of health care workers, and those that are hanging in there are overworked to hell. Doctors are cutting off wrong limbs, people are dying under the knife, and you are crying because an office was closed ten minutes before it was supossed to? The world does not revolve around you. We are all human. We all make mistakes and there are always going to be complainers looking for a reason to complain because their life is so perfect and they of course never make mistakes. To be honest I love my job and I am so anal about it that I get on other people’s nerves. I dont care that the patient is paying I care that this is their life that we are talking about and thats why I do everything I do to make sure they get good service and accurate results. While there are some people in every company that dont want to work there and it shows in their poor service can we see the other end of the spectrum where LabCorp has saved lives with what it does? A lady in Florida was awarded last year because LabCorps testing helped to save a patient from a stroke. That patient like many other patients is very satisfied with Labcorp and would hate to see it go. Isn’t there more to life than having a bitch fest about a company that cant be held at fault for minor mistakes. When you have a major company you are going to have a lot of complaints (anything in high amount is subject to a higher room for error), but they must be doing something right… show me a company with perfect service please.

    And Mr. LabCorp Sucks creator, what would have been the perfect solution to your problem that would have prevented this? That they opened back up for you and drew your blood? That the manager got on the phone with the worker and cursed them out. That everyone that wronged you got fired? People go through things like this everyday (and over and over like you did) and they have a life so they continue to live it. They have a job and kids and they continue to go on and they say I will just make sure I get there a lot earlier or maybe early on a saturday. Im not going to go fifteen minutes to close again if I know this place closes early (glutton for punishment:) thats like going to wendy’s right before they close and hoping to get a fresh burger after you got an old one the day before. NO some people have enough money and time on their hands to create a website to defame a company. I would not want to get on your bad side. I’m with you. They suck:) so you sleep better at night right?

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    “The Big Picture”, “big picture” and “LOL” (all three posters are the same LabCorp employee posting on on behalf of the Company). In reference to your comment

    “And Mr. LabCorp Sucks creator, what would have been the perfect solution to your problem that would have prevented this?”

    Well let’s see. When I called your Miami region manager Blanco the first time, he could have called me back to explain why I was treated the way I was at Labcorp. On that call he said “I will investigate it”. He didn’t bother calling me back. The second time that I called him the employees were still in the service center, and it was at least 15 minutes before closing. They would not let me in. After Blanco talked to me for 10 minutes and kept me on hold another 5 minutes, the drivers walked in but the service center employees quickly closed the door behind them so that I could not walk in. Blanco was on the phone with me (I was on my cell) and his response was “They are not picking up the back line. I will call you back.” Instead he had what seemed an illiterate employee call me. Believe it or not, she was the Patient Services Director. When Ana, Patient Services Director, called me she should have at least called me by my correct name. Instead she called me another name, claimed that Blanco had asked her to call and acted like I was bothering her as she spoke to another person at the same time that she spoke to me. She continued to lie about the time that they closed and continued to call me a liar. Fed up with her I fumed and said “don’t worry about it. While on the phone with you I just purchased the Domain and I’ll deal with this my way.” Her response was “Don’t use that language with me.” I further explained to her what sucks means and she continued with “don’t use that language with me” and finally hung up on me. It was much easier to call me a liar and change the SUCKS to the “F” word than handling the real problem. When I called Blanco back, he insulted me by saying that I had used the “F” word with Ana. I told him that I used the “S” word and he used his trademarked statement “Why would my employees lie to me?”

    Now you tell me what you would do. All I wanted was to get a blood test. Three visits later, no blood test. I called the managers to complain. They were even more incompetent than the employees in the service center. How about all the complaints and comments posted by LabCorp patients and employees? What should they do. Pay their bill and shut up? Contnue to put up with unethical practices by LabCorp? And you, as the good LabCorp employee that you are, will excuse all employee’s actions and compare having a health related blood test with eating a fresh hamburger at Wendy’s. That’s the basic problem with LabCorp. A company in a regulated environment should have competent people. LabCorp lacks in that department. As for the “defaming” a company, if what I am posting is untrue then call your boss at LabCorp and sue me. That’s where I want this to go. I want to publicly show how bad LabCorp is so that the regulators and investigators finally move in. And by the way, as a LabCorp employee, how many patients have you mistreated and how many got wrong results from blood that you drew? I am sure that it’s just another work day at LabCorp. You sleep better at night, right?

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    Well I do,
    I wuold be the first to say Lab corp sucks, and that you wre wornged, but like every thing I do I put 100% into it.
    sorry you feel that the Company isn’t worth the paper its name is printed on. But lets look at what happens , 1st. patient are pissed caused they have to wait to get there blood drawn, most don’t come in till late in the day just about closing there scripts are hard to decypher cause the doctor writes like a 3yr. old on drugs . We (lab corp) call to confrom the test requested and the doctor office is closedfor the day . now the patient is pissed off cause THEY can’t get there blood drawn. SO WE DRAW THE PATIENT AND THE TEST IS WRONG Well as you see we get the blame. 2nd. Have you ever have to prep a lab for the next day of work, the requirments set down by the FDA is tough every thing must be wiped down with a cleaning sertilizing agent before the emplyees leave. all this happens at my offices . So you don’t like the company get a job as a manager and change it . Or don’t come back to Lab corp for your blood work. Either way just sit back and let thye ones that do work do there job with reading or hearing abouit your hate mail or site .
    To you good sir have a good day!

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    Well I do, well said!
    I work in a lab as well, and while it all sounds like legitimate complaints from outsiders, working in a lab is a whole different ballgame. We have set hours just as most every other business has. We have a budget, and overtime can’t be abused on a daily basis, which would occur if everyone felt the way this guy did. I agree with I do, I wouldn’t go to a store 15 minutes before they closed to do major shopping and expect that everyone is going to stay after to please me. Is this guy a working guy? Does he stay over on his job on a regular basis to accomodate his employer?
    There is a whole lot more behind the scenes stuff at a lab that most people getting their blood drawn doesn’t realize. Its’ not fair to judge ones job because you only see what happens to you while you are there being taken care of. For instance,
    You walk in the door, somoene has to get your insurance information, address, ect…requisitions that should be filled out by the doctor that provide that information rarely are, therefore, we ned to take the time to make sure we have the information needed so we can get YOUR billing done correctly.
    Second, in the order that you came in, we call you to get your blood, unless there are timed tests, those patients take priority.
    Your blood is taken, and you think we are done with you? WRONG
    Your blood needs to be labeled, and needs time to clot, which can take 20 minutes, so we can spin it which takes another 10 minutes. All this is done prior to your blood leaving our offices, so that when they get to the lab, it can be ran in a timely mannor. So, you can see from start to finish on normal everyday labs, each patient can take up to 45 minutes of your time. Now we need to stock the areas, clean the areas, and be ready for the next day.
    It would be nice to be appreciated for the good things we do as employees, and you certainly wouldn’t want to be judged as an individual by what everyone else thinks about your coworkers. Think about that, g

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    “G”… you are an ass, and judging from your attitude, a member of Upper-managment at LCA. Yeah, it’s really hard to run a PSC, and do things like greet patients, take insurance info, do venipuncture, clean your workspace, etc, etc, etc… ad infinitum. Face it, the word on this POS company is getting out and the only way to change the rapidly failing reputation of this outfit is to terminate clowns like you, and hire people that are sincerely interested in making this a quality company. Then again that won’t happen because you pricks have run off most of the good employees, or laid them off. Meanwhile, what’s left of employees like me who actually DO care, well, we’re out looking for another job. Unfortunately, I have to include “LabCorp” on my resume and that doesn’t go over well with other employers. I wanna be behind you in line on Judgement Day so I can watch you squirm while you explain to the Almighty why you behaved like the scumbucket that you and your cronies are.

  17. | are so right,glad to see someone gets the picture!

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    Just wanted to let you know that Centura will be opening a PSC! We would love to help patients out in any way!

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    My wife had some blood work done at Lab corp in Fresno, ca. This was 1 month ago. She checked w/her Dr. 2 weeks after tests for results.
    Dr. had not rec’d. results yet. Dr. office called Lab Corp and was told they would check on result status. My wife checked 2 weeks later and Dr. office still has not rec’d. results yet. Why would test results take this long?
    My wife has problems and needs immediate attention but Dr. says he cannot proceed w/ diagnoses /meds/etc., until he receives results from tests. Per our insurance co. , this is the onle place in Fresno, ca that is covered under our insurance. This is crazy, and needs resolution immedietely. If something bad happens to wife, that could have been prevented if she would have had earlier treatment, legal action will be taken.

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    LABCORP lost my Bio, signed for from DHL then all of the 12 samples were lost.

    Took another BIO, but it seems this one may have been a false negative becuase of the evasiveness of the first.

    Levels of PSA up allot, T down…seems…my doc is very very upset, he can not treat the T becuase it may flair up a c cell…

    What do I do… can’t sleep at night, taking meds for night terrors, gave up one business, about to close another… leave in constant fear..

    Waiting on time for another bio and then a radical if necessary..

    Doc says wait a two months for next bio…

    LABCORP sends me a letter…”we mishandled it, lost it, we’ll give you a free one!” Crap having this thing rammed up me and 12 samples taken is not a chicken dinner…

    I have the letters….should I simply take them to court for actual and huge punitive claim?

  21. |


    Do you honestly put all blame on LabCorp? Result turn around for normal chemistry is 24hrs, other testing can take up to 48, and biopsy’s can take up to 1 week, but I have never heard of a test taking over a month, unless of course it is a fungal culture, which needs time to either grow or not. Therefore unless your wife had a fungal culture LabCorp would have released results, and even on a fungal culture we release preliminary results. So my suggestion is maybe, just maybe your doctor is to blame for this problem. As a former nurse I know that results can go missing all the time from your desk and they can sit in dr’s in box for up to a week at a time.

  22. |

    As a supervisor for Patient Service Centers I do not believe that your situation is a common one. Perhaps that specific site that you visited had recently changed operation hours and you assumed that they were open when they were not. Or maybe the employees did close early, but show me any businesses big or small that doesn’t do this when they think they can get away with it.

    Your response to another LabCorp employee was “if what I am posting is untrue then call your boss at LabCorp and sue me. That’s where I want this to go. I want to publicly show how bad LabCorp is so that the regulators and investigators finally move in. And by the way, as a LabCorp employee, how many patients have you mistreated and how many got wrong results from blood that you drew? I am sure that it’s just another work day at LabCorp. You sleep better at night, right?”

    So basically you want money from LabCorp because you were unsatisfied, well if that was really the way things work I want money from you for slander. You personally have issued your claims against both LabCorp and employee, which you named. Do you have permission to name these individuals, because if you don’t your actions are illegal, and I know that you don’t have their permission but you feel it’s okay right because you were wronged. Ask any person on the street if they have a complaint with a large corporation, or felt wronged in one way or another and they will say yes. Ask those same individuals if they set up a website, and I bet they would say no.

    If you had really felt so wrong, why not try and contact corporate offices. Who is to say you didn’t curse at the person on the phone, it’s your word against her’s and she is not here to defend herself. You sir are a bully, and the worst kind the kind that places blame on everyone but never considers how your actions could affect millions of people.

  23. |

    I’m not sure about all the blaming… my deal, lost bio is ture all the way. An employee at LABCORP signed the DHL and the bio was lost. Simple. Gross neglect, criminal neglect.

    When people speak of damages here be careful… Ordinary citizens who run red signal lights get tickets and pay punitive damages….

    LabCorp must be shook up someway enough to get control over human tissue samples…

  24. |


  25. |

    You are unbelieveable .. LabCorp signed for the bio and lost it.. DHL delivered… now here comes the winner… I had a third and have cancer.. now I’m a year into seeing the surgeon becuase the first lost samples caused the second to be a flase negative and there are waiting periods in between.

    Your company, LABCORP are grossly negelctful and may be criminal negectful which is what I hope to find out.

    In the mean time I’m the one that suffers not the people who signed, not the LAB, you are an idiot, a fool, a careless, neglectful bunch of shameless and careless people who should be held perosnally liable.

  26. |

    To all physicians:
    Are you too busy to look at your bills from LabCorp? Their billing methods to physician is fraudulent. Their contract rate and actual billing rate should be compared every month before paying their bills.I have been cheated. They do not pick up the specimens when they are asked to. They do not send the reports on time. Each lab service has two componants. Technical and professional. They do only the technical componant. We, the physician take rest of the liability of professional componant. And we do not get paid appropriately. Does this make sense? And this is due to Labcorp signing exclusive contracts with some insurance company. Beware of this Laboratory and their deals with insurance companies.

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    In the last 6 weeks I’ve had 3 issues with Lab Corp in Houston, TX. I am a fertility patient with recurrent miscarriages.

    1) I had a blood sample drawn on Dec. 9. The level came back indicating a solid pregnancy. Two days later we discovered Lab Corp had mixed up my sample with somebody else’s. Turns out I was actually in the process of miscarrying.

    2) On Dec 17th I had a D&C. We ordered testing on the fetus to determine if there were any chromosomal abnormalities. Instead of doing the testing on our fetus they did the testing on my blood. That told us absolutely nothing about why perhaps we’d lost that baby. The results would have had a significant impact on my course of treatment.

    3) I am now pregnant again, but it’s very touch and go. I had my blood drawn at 8:30 am – it was a STAT order. LabCorp sent a courier over to pick up the sample. It’s now 5pm and I don’t have the results. My doctor’s office spent an hour on the phone with LabCorp – turns out their courier forgot my vial of blood on his front seat. Had my doctor’s office not hounded them for an hour it would have sat in his car overnight.

    I will be pursuing this. These are 3 serious mistakes that happened to me in 6 weeks! I surely can’t be the only one….

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    Labcorp didn’t call a physician I know about an acute leukemia. Just put a note in the report and he didn’t notice it until a week later. He was very angry. Glad the patient didn’t die.

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    I went in two weeks ago for drug testing and I have been clean… took them two weeks for my results to get back I went into work and thwy let me go bc I “failed” …… I took anorher drug rest and if qas clearly negative

  30. |

    Pap smear read wrong, beware!!!

  31. |

    I am being tested for eTg for alcohol and have done a significant amount of research and discovered that the test is very unreliable. Why is Quest and Lab Corp allowed to perform tests that are not FDA approved? Why can a doctor, nurse, physician etc… face loosing their license to a test that has no significant research or large studies. And what are the chances that Lab Corp messed up and I received someone else’s test results, given their history of poor specimen handling? Has anyone else in California had issues with this happening. I have not touched alcohol in years but Lab Corp says I’m drinking.

  32. |

    alcohol exposure can happen from food, non alcoholic drinks, lysol, hand cleaner, siphoning gasoline by mouth, dental procedures, spray sun block, etc… I frequently utilized these items and then tested positive to an arbitrary number, 100, 500 etc… at least the blood alcohol level is .08 which has a reason. Skipper just decided 100 was good until he got backlash and raised it to 500. Who knows what number Lab Corp uses and why they picked it. Maybe heads or tails??? What a joke and easy way to make money. Who benefits if I have to test for 1 or 5 or 10 more years? Oh, Lab Corp. So who benefits from me failing a test? Oh Lab Corp. So why wouldn’t Lab Corp want me to fail a test? Oh they do because they get more business. What a perfect business model. Lucky Lab Corp. Get to use a non researched test and if someone fails, then they get more money. Junk Science. Done by a Junk company in dirty facilities with horrible staff. Then if you go to a non Lab Corp facility they mail the specimen/urine by Fed Ex. That’s a solid chain of custody. A Fed Ex driver. I want to stake my carrier on a Fed Ex driver. The whole thing is crazy!!!!

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