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20 Sep 13 LabCorp Jobs and Careers in Phoenix

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LabCorp Jobs and Careers for PhlebotomistsLabCorp (Laboratory Corporation of America NYSE:LH)  is seeking Phoenix-area technicians. They intend to hire 100 techs within the next 90 days. The company held a job fair in conjunction with the city of Phoenix on Sept. 10th at the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Center, located at 302 N. First Ave., Phoenix Arizona.

They’re looking for phlebotomists, laboratory assistants, medical technologists and technicians, histotechnicians, health care related customer service reps, specimen processors and warehouse staff. I smell an expansion of locations, or is it the odor of bad employees being replaced? Either way, LabCorp careers are in the making so a word of advice to all those hired to work for LabCorp in Phoenix, treat your patients with respect and do your job. That’s all they expect from you.

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LabCorp has more than 34,000 employees worldwide, most of which are good people caught in a bad “it’s quantity not quality that counts” system.

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    I recently got fired for no fault of my own. I was told that I am not fit for the role. I was a rep and my numbers were above average. I was also told that I do not grasp any thing and that I need to take English courses because I don’t know English.
    An account went to a competitor due to poor lab and IT services and I was blamed for it. The following 4-6 weeks I was harassed so much that I wrote a letter to HR director. They could not put me on a performance improvement plan as my numbers were excellent. I was asked to resign but I did not. So they fired me. Think million times before you accept any position at Lab Corp. This is a horrible company to work for.The very short term that I worked for this company, I could never sleep and eat well and was under constant stress. Believe me, after getting fired, I am so much better.

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