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20 Oct 10 LabCorp Locations in Northern California

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I received a letter from Marlayna who works at a LabCorp location in the northern California area. She espouses the positives of the LabCorp patient service center she works at. Anyone from Northern California feel the same way? Let us know your opinion.

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Here’s what she has to say:

Labcorp Locations in Northern CaliforniaIn Northern CA, LabCorp is a preferred provider for United Healthcare. 80% of the patients that I see in a day have United Healthcare. We also do accept Aetna insurance. LabCorp offers the cheapest lab rates to patients. If you were to pay cash for your tests, the cheapest you would find would be LabCorp. The price that is billed to insurance companies just depends on what they are contracted for. 

Also, at most sites in this area, only one phlebotomist is working. When a location does not receive a high volume of patients, only one technician is necessary. Anything more than that would be wasteful. It is not an under staffing issue, it is just a simple supply and demand. I work for LabCorp and I love it here, and most all of my patients love me.  

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Reader's Comments

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    I have worked for LabCorp in Florida for about 5+ years and I must say that staffing is a BIG problem. Even more now that we have the Touch system in most PSCs around the U.S. For any office that sees around 90 to 120 a day will only get up to 3 staff per office max on a good day. Now this may seem like a reasonable number, but this office has 4 responsibilities to do. Witch are front desk, Blood draw and last processing.

    Now Processing is a one man job that can take up to some times most of the day to be completed correctly. This Processing is of samples was once done by an estimated 300 main lab staff members. Those 300 Lab Corp members were “let go” and given to the Phlebotomists in an effort to save cost.

    Most patients don’t know that we also do finger prints and urine drug screens for big company employers as well. This 4th very important task requires a 4th staff member. Witch not all but most Lab Corp offices don’t have. These Lab Corp employes then have to play a juglaing game to try to have all of the patients seen. But at the risk of over looking a test, steps and procedures. If improperly done the patient may lose a great job opportunity or worse they lose their employment.

    I like what I do and i try to make patients as happy as possible, but I am not happy working for this company. The economy is bad so i have to stick to what i have.

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    September 11, 2011 at 6:33 pmHi I am in the same situation as you are. I fihesnid my clinicals and certification this year and yet no one will hire me because i have to have at least a year in experience. I don’t understand how they expect us to get experience with no job to train. I would do the volunteer thing but i live in a small town and so we do not have alot of volunteer work here. I feel like i wasted all that money to end up where i started. If only someone would at least give me the chance to train even if it means not getting paid for right now, i would do it cause all i need is the year experience and i will be good.I wish you the best and if you get any more ideas let me know, cause i am stuck just like you.

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