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27 Jun 10 LabCorp Mixes Up Patient Samples

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LabCorp Mistakes Saliva SamplesLabCorp was blamed by genetic testing company 23andMe of mixing up samples of as many as 96 patients. According to 23andMe in a post on their community board, as a result of LabCorp mixing up patient saliva samples, patients “may have received and viewed data that was not their own”. They further posted that “Upon learning of the mix-ups, we immediately identified all customers potentially affected, notified them of the problem, and removed the data from their accounts.”

LabCorp “is now concurrently conducting an investigation and re-processing the samples of the affected customers,” 23andMe told its customers. As a result, 23andMe is “deliberating” …on… “completely automating the sample analysis, and implementing further checks of the data before it gets loaded into customer accounts.” Reading between the lines, it appears that the company no longer has faith in LabCorp’s test results. Based on my personal experiences and that of those posting on this site, LabCorp always claims to be investigating the matter when something goes wrong. I have yet to see something come out of any of their investigations and wonder if they’ll actually do something about it this time.

23andMe LabCorp Mistake Problem23andMe is a retail DNA testing service provider that is partially owned by Internet giant Google. They provide the patient a test kit. The patient then collects their own saliva samples and the company sends it to LabCorp for DNA testing. LabCorp provides the results to 23andMe who then provides the results to the patient through their website. They claim that they do not provide medical advice to their patients. 23andMe has recently and suddenly become a target of an investigation by Congress.  As a result, the company announced that it will soon begin providing genetic counseling to new and existing customers.

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Reader's Comments

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    Yo fui casualmente hoy para entregar unos encausulados de orina y para sacarme la sangre y espere esactamente dos largas horas con un nino de 9 anos de edad, le pregunte a la recepcionista que cuantas personas havian antes que yo y fue tan garrapata y tan descortes que no me quiso contestar ella era como yo hispana. Mi complait lo doy oara el pobre servicio, la intensa espera y la falta de etica y profecionalismo de parte de las oficinas de lab corp ubicadas en Bruce B Down en tampa, Florida las cuales no recomiendo. Paresian que los que estaban alli se estaban lambiendo el trasero

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    I was sent to Labcorp for tests and Labcorp stated my co-pay was $50.00 And I paid it and my insurance paid their portion as was agreed upon …then in July I received a bill from Labcorp stating I still owed $84.13 towards my deductible. I called my insurance and they sais that Labcorp has a
    chart in their offices that tells what the deductibles are for each procedure.Now I
    received a letter from Labcorp stating that thaey are going to turn me over to collections if not pais within 15-days!!!
    Some state agency need to investigate Labcorps procedures!!!

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    lab corp in beaumont sucks and they have people who work for them that dont pay attention and also like getting brided my boyfriend took a dna test there and they mixed up his dna with another guys and they said he was the father of this child and we did a home dna test on the baby and it turned out not to be his he was paying child support for a mistake beaumont texas labcorp made because they wasnt paying attention

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    and I called them the next day and they lady said one of the employees that handled his dna was paid 1000 by this mother to switch the dna test results so he can pay child support i hope they sht down getting brided and ruining peoples life is not cool

  5. |

    wow that shit happened too me im from beaumont tx and this chick said i was her babys father she never showed up for the dna swab test i was the only one and then she so said she went and the kid was mine i got the incorrect paper work an then i got a letter 2wks later in the mail saying someone paid an employee to switch my dna with another guys and i paid child support for 6 months for a kid that didnt look like me and i want to sue but noone anwsered my call there and i did a home dna test for 16.97 plus 119.oo lab fee and the kid wasnt mine plz dont get tested at lab corp in beaumont tx

  6. |

    i work for labcorp in beaumont texas i was paid 1000 to switch a guys dna with another guys dna and now i feel bad because someone is paying child support for someone elses kid many test that was done in april 2012 where not right people in beaumont have been messing up dna tests and getting paid for it i would put names down but scared i would get in trouble if you where tested in april and early may the result maybe wrong please get second opinions you may be paying child support for someone elses kid

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    Someone who has no reason to lie to me took a drug test for a job. Since they knew they didn’t do drugs, they quit their old job. After the test results didn’t come back, the employer sent her for another drug test. That one came back negative, but then the first one finally came back. It was positive for cocaine. It sounds like they lost the sample and used someone else’s to me.

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