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16 Feb 10 LabCorp CEO Dave King

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LabCorp CEO Dave King

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    If Mr Dave King reads this I will be surprised!!!! I use to be an employee for 6 years, I use to love working for LabCorp but the last 2 years I worked for them were horrible!!!! Now I need a copy of my 2007 W2 Form and it has been over 7 weeks of tring to get a copy of it and Mr King I did not think I could be treated any worse then when I was an employee…WRONG!!!! The lack of care and just plane old good business is lost at LabCorp. Your HR Department never returned phone calls, they held my check for over 2 weeks finally deposited it and it cleared on May 12th and yet I still do not have my W2. But what I truly find sickening is that I had to pay $20. Mr King I want my money back, I have not gotten my W2, all I have gotten is the run around and uncaring employees. You Sir would always send out the Pep Talks via email or new letters and cheering us on telling us to pull together, I even talked to you once on the phone because you were impressed by an email that I sent to you staing some facts about the PSC’s. Well if that is all you have to do to make your $800,000 plus a year you have the best scam going and I guess my $20 will help pay for it!!!

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    I would love to receive an email about how to reach you personally. I am a Labcorp employee and have a few ideas and questions that I would like to express. One of my favorite shows is UNDERCOVER BOSS and I wish this was my company being put on this show. You have some of the top Phlebotomist but no one to speak on our behalf. I’ve never worked for a boss that I’ve never met and see no option to do so. Please respond to this email, I have a earfull of improvements. Thanks, Lin.

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    Two recent experiences with Labcorp have soured me on your company. I called to question a bill that arrived shortly after my bank account was charged for blood work. Apparently by coincidence, the charge I paid was not related to the bill I received. But the Cust Svc person I talked to informed me that the computer is only human and makes mistakes like we do. I asked why my debit card is always asked for if you are going to still send out bills and was informed that the computer misses charging once in a while. Now I feel like I should double-check the last 2 years bills for correctness. Yesterday I arrived at 10:07 for blood work. At noon (2 hours later) I was serviced. My complaint was not with the young man doing the work. It is with Labcorp and the apparent decision to trim staff and make customers wait. I learned from waiting room comments (mostly complaints) that you can make reservations online. But this does not seem to make for goodness as most of the people waiting 30-60 minutes had appointments. And there are no signs informing walk-ins that people with appointments may be taken first. As I said, 2 hours of my time wasted is not acceptable. The young man was extremely empathetic, was very efficient, and once called in, I was done in less than 10 minutes. I think you need a receptionist-type person to process admin stuff and let the lab person do the lab stuff. So … I drive past a Quest Labs facility everytime I need blood drawn. It is 2 miles from my home. You are about 10 miles from my home. Guess what … YOU LOSE. A customer and the good PR I frequently gave you is gone.

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    I had lab work done in Nov of 2010. I provided my credit card and signed a paper that said “By signing this form, you agree that any remaining b alance due as the patient’s responsibility will be charged to your credit card”.

    I just got an invoice in the mail for the balance. I called and asked about the document I had signed. She said it wan’t there, then looked further and said she found it. apparently it wasn’t processed correctly. She offered to charge my credit card if I provided the number. I stated they already had my number. She said the form only showed the last 4 digits – same as the form provided to me – for privacy. But lab corp DID get my credit card and presumedly did get all the card numbers.

    I asked again why they could not just do as we agreed at the date of service. I asked to speak to a supervisor but all were already busy with other customers. I said I would wait. That was not acceptable. They promised to return my call in 24 hours but not necessarily today.

    Bob in Dallas

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    Dear Mr.King, I had worked for Labcorp for 9 years as a Phlebotomist.Our site did not re-new the contract with the clinic we were working out of. I was told my alternative was to travel 100+ miles one -way to work everyday, this was not an option. I did not resign or was I fired from my position. I was laid-off. Now, 2 years later, after applying for positions with Labcorp in my area (they are back), I can not get my job back. The website replies to my application that I do not have the qualifications they are looking for. Is there an error here? I have 9 years with this company, never had a write-up my file states I am an ideal employee. What is wrong with this picture? I hope you will read this, and hope we can find a positive resolution. I loved working with Labcorp, and I had planed on working with your company until retirement. Please help me.

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    I work for a doctor…called my sales rep.(who I haven’t seen in nearly 2 years!!)…no response in over 2 weeks…called her regional sales mgr (wasn’t in…big surprise)….he called back 7 hours later and said he’d ‘get right on it’….that was a week and a half ago, hav en’t heard a thing….I’m having their equipment taken out of our offices….horrible customer services on all fronts!

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    I have never worked for such a greedy, uncaring company such as Lab Corp. If you don’t get enough credit card captures it is held against you and you can lose your job. It is not mandatory that patients give you a credit card! I work in a large city and most folks here do not want you to have their credit card info. I hope Dave King reads this, although I doubt if he will come to the employees defense.

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    loabcorp is the worst company I ever worked for. They will kiss the ass of any office that will give them money, and ignore legal buisness practice. While at the office I was constantly asked to do illegal things (osha regulations) and when I told my labcorp supervisor my concerns where not only brushed off, they went unanswered. Labcorp in columbus ohio is crooked and dangerous! I would not get lab work done by them for free. Horrible company!! shame on labcorp!!

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    I wen to the Lab Corp in Schenectady NY to day at 9:40. When I got there the receptionist was in an angry conversation with a client. The receptionist keep her voice down but was repeatedly saying “You’re not listening to me”. The client was asking for the name of the phlebotomist who was there e day before as she was promised something and the receptionist wouldn’t answer her until she said whatever she was going to say. Anyway,that finally ended and we all waited patiently for our turns. The person before me was taken and then the two people who came in after me. So I stood up and asked why I was skipped. The checklist was right there showing that I had been signed out as served at 9:58. It was now 10:40. I showed that to the phlebotomist and she handed it to the receptionist and told her at I was skipped. The receptionist took my script, license and insurance card and asked for a credit card. Then she started telling me that I wouldn’t have had to wait at long if I had made an appt. I told her that I didn’t know that took appts, and I’ve been going there for years, but that I was irritated because I had to wait the extra time for being skipped. She then insisted that I wasn’t skipped and that I had to wait because the other people had appts. The checking sheet was still in front of me so I showed her that that was not the case and she insisted that I wasn’t skipped. When I showed her that they had signed me as taken at 9:58 she just I sister that she didn’t know who put that there and that I wasn’t skipped!
    While I was irritated, if she had just apologized and admitted her mistake I would have accepted that and moved on. But at that point, I told her to give me my paperwork back and told her that I would go somewhere else. She gave me my script but I later realized kept my credit card. As I walked out I yelled about how I had waited for an hour and that she still could not admit that she was wrong and her response was a snide “have a nice day!”.

    I will never set foot in one of their labs again.

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    Had blood take 6/15/12, specific instructions for Pancreastatin to be sent to ISI in 3 cc Frozen Z-Tube. Called my provider – they did not receive the results. Provider called ISI, ISI never received the Z-tube to conduct the tests. Call Lab Corp 800 793 7247, spoke with Michelle. Rude unprofessional uncooperative, unbelievable conversation. Ask to speak with a Supervisor – Michelle hung up the phone. Call back – same routine – hung up on. I will review my EOB, if I am charged for this test I will call the Medicare Fraud 800 number.
    You tech either did not follow the order, or your processing of handling blood samples is as broken as your customer service process

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    I have tried several times to speak with your billing dept. Everytime I do I get the run around or put on a permenant hold! I honestly don’t mind paying for the services. However, when a represenative of Labcorp tells me a price and I pay that it should be honored. Labcorp needs to operate within the parameters of the law, they are not. It is my hope Mr King that you read this and get back with me ASAP. I have no desire to launch a public investigation about Labcorps conduct to the consumer. You run a great business and do a valuable service. All I am asking is that you be fair. I’m sure there are many people just like me out there, it’s time you and your group hold up your end. Judging by the comment lists, I see it is in everyones best interest to address what is needed.

    Ms.Deborah in Utah

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    To whom it may concern:

    I had made an appointment on line for labwork at the 121 S Wilke Road Arlington Heights, IL location. I had a printed out confirmation for 4/27 10:30am confirmation number 7993950. I fasted for 11 hours and my husband and I walked in to sign in I said good morning to the lady sitting at the reception area. She looked up and said to me that there is an hour wait if you don’t have an appointment. I told her I do have a 10:30am appointment with a confirmation number and I proceeded to read her the number and she cut me off and said “that doesn’t matter NO you do not have an appointment because I do not see one in the computer”. I said “but here is the print out”. She said “it doesn’t matter”. I told her “this is the second time we have been here and both times you have been the rudest person we have ever encountered”. She smirked and handed me a comment card and said “here fill this out then”. The first time my husband (he is squeamish with needles) asked if I could come in with him and she said “he has to take a urine test do you want to hold his hand during that too?”. I am a surgical tech and work with patients everyday I am appalled that you would have someone working for you with this attitude. We ended up leaving and I told her we will never be back she said that was fine. Her name is Mary. I filled out the comment card and I commented on line as well and I sent this letter to my Doctor who recommended Labcorp and well as your CEO David King. I would like the manager at this location to call me regarding this matter and why as a manager you would allow her to treat patients like this.

    Dan and Dawn Frelk

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    I worked in a Lexington Ky outpatient lab and I had a doctor approach me to start an account. I had absolutely no idea I could act as the salesperson and get a big percentage of the lab work the physician ordered for the next 3 months. When I called my supervisor, Loretta, she said “Oh well just give me the information and I will contact him”. I found out later that she got all the money I was rightfully supposed to get. Then I had another physician call me to set up an account and I did the right thing that time. I was given the paperwork from my supervisor to fill out so I could get my percentage (which would have come to roughly $6,000). Oh no, when they found out how much it would be they decided they couldn’t let me have all that money so I got $600! And even that was taxed!!!!! The physician grossed over $300,000 bi-weekly for LabCorp in blood draws and I was supposed to get 2% from 3 months worth. Absolutely sick!!! Then I found out the team leader started an account for another physician in Lexington and she got over $10,000. I was absolutely sick to my stomach. And they don’t mind calling you and harassing you about whatever they feel like arguing about that day. If the team leader wants a vacation on July 4Th you better believe you won’t get it. This company is so rude to their employers. They have their picks and if you aren’t one of them then you might as well put a paper bag over your face and hope they don’t notice you.

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    In my four decade long carrier as a health care professional I’ve had occasion to dismiss a number of subordinates . If that sounds harsh , I’ll hasten to add that said terminations were due either to documented incompetance or a “couldn’t care less” attitude which was refractory to counselling . Unfortunately such deficiencies are more common than the lauditory actions of personnel who strive , with consistancy , to perform thier medical duties with dedication , aplomb , and a professional attitude which includes going beyond the perfunctory “satisfactory” . As has been my practice , when I encounter a health care professional who is such a credit (actually quite rare) , I inevitably make note with said individual’s supervisor and H.R. Dept . ; such effort deserves recognition . (Due to illness I have a very large number of labs done per year.) HOWEVER , despite repeated attempts to have the superior efforts of a LabCorp employee duely recognized , it has come to my attention that the LC employee has received zero feed-back . This “lack of recognition” leavews me feeling slighted as a customer , and lending credence to switching services to ” Q ” , the competition !
    Should any LabCorp exec chance to read this , feel free to contact me . Although the LC station is within the town in which I live , Columbus , New Jersey (employee “Cora”) , I’m considering a ten mile drive for my monthly labs – to a company which may be a bit more “attentive” to customer comment !
    Sincerely , W. Martin

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    Mr. King i work(ed) at the cincinnati branch location for little over two years now, i have put in more than 50 hours a week every week the whole time i have been there with the promise that we are working on hiring more employees for 2 years i have heard the same bull crap story! Recently my supervisors boss told me i was a fool i was not humble of my job! First off i am very humble of my job if i werent i wouldve left a long time ago because of shady this company is! If your not in the click with gwen p. N owusu & val then you may as well make yourself unknown to avoid trouble! But this comment of me being unhumble and a fool irritated me to no end so i put in my 2 week notice. Of course less than 12 hours later i asked to retract my notice and was told by owusu that its a paper process and i have to convince him that i am worthy of keeping my job! WHAT! Well on monday i got a call by Gwen P and I quote ” Tammy we are not going to accept your retraction we are going to honor your notice & we no longer need your services you do not have to come back in” i said what so your firing me? She said ” no lets get onething straight let me be very clear you quit we do not need your services their is no need for you to return we are going to pay you thru your notice you can not get unemployment nor can you work for labcorp ever again”! I was blown away i can not believe what i am hearing! Cincinnati branch is down 5 people 5 i work over 110 hours a pay period we have temps coming in to help but they dont need me, and they are going to pay me to stay home for the next 2 weeks so i cant get unemployment! SHADY!! Like I said and I believe I read from another employees comment if you are not in the click you do not belong! So, Mr. King I say this to you, I am filing a lawsuit against labcorp I have mass proof evidence against your so called employees and the unfair unjust actions your company takes upon certain people and the the amount of cover ups that go on in this company will be leaked it will all be out in the open soon, very very soon! Enjoy your day!

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    Lanie, what it make you think that if LC lay you off they going to call you back. please good luck with that all this managers and supervisors are assholes

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