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23 Nov 10 LabCorp Test Results

Labcorp Test ResultsLabCorp test results should show that my PSA level is dropping…..if they are accurate. I went to my doctor’s office today. His assistant drew blood and I provided a urine sample. Last time the urine specimens were lost by LabCorp, so I want to see what happens to them this time. I say specimens because I provided two different urine samples and BOTH were lost by LabCorp.

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LabCorp Test Results ErrorsAfter my doctor’s visit last time I waited for over 10 days to get LabCorp test results. After the extensive wait, no results were available. The doctor couldn’t figure out what happened to the urine samples after LabCorp took them. His office called LabCorp but no one could find them or provide an answer as to why there were no test results. They did however provide the results for the blood test.

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If you have 3 specimens and you only provide test results for one of them, you’re only 33.3% reliable. That’s way too low for a health care related test that is used by a doctor to determine the next course of action.

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    To the guy name Sean,suggestion do not quit your job to work for LABCORP.I have worked for them for years and they laid me off. And reading all these messages.It is so true.Labcorp doesn’t care about the employees, or the patients.And reading about the physicians comments.I don’t doubt it. What comes around goes around it will be returned to you three fold.From God.

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    No truer words have ever been spoken.

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    For the patient whose urine samples went missing. I apologize for your experience, with LCA, but unfortunately, it is typical of the corporate mentality that exists there. LabCorp has an attorney for a CEO. That should tell you everything that you need to know about them, and more. You are wrong about the 33.3%, however. LCA feels good about themselves if they keep their accuracy rate at about 75%. I mean, after all, it’s only lab tests, right? Right? I am sincerely sorry for your experience. Their are a lot of good, hard-working dependable employees at LabCorp who do their best everyday to ensure that physicians and patients get the services that they require, in an accurate and timely fashion. Unfortunately, these efforts are frequently stymied by idiotic policies, incompetent managers and a general apathy towards the task at hand.

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    I was going to comment on just how poorly the labcorp system is managed but I decided to not waste my time. They don’t care at all what others think of labcorp. Akk they care about is reducing headcount to improve their bonuses. The place is a total shithole, and that is on a good day.

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    LabCorp SUCKS….they wont email results to you……………

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    labcorp sucks they wont email results……

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