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08 Mar 10 LabCorp Under Investigating by the U.S. Department of Labor

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Department Of Labor Compalint Against LabCorpThe United States Department of Labor is investigating Labcorp for not being in compliance with their affirmative action plan and for discriminating against certain sectors of the population. In a recent letter received by LabCorp Sucks from a former employee, the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment Standards Administration’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requested that their Jacksonville, Florida office consider the allegations made by the former employee when conducting future compliance evaluations of Laboratory Corporation of America.

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If Laboratory Corporation of America (LabCorp) is found to not be in compliance and fails to correct the problems, they can be sanctioned and could even be restricted from participating in the Medicaid and Medicare program, two major income sources for the Laboratory company. LabCorp can also be prohibited from participating in other government programs, including the CHAMPUS program (The Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services) that provides laboratory services to government employees, and to Veterans Administration program beneficiaries. LabCorp currently contracts with all these government programs to provide reference laboratory services to program participants. Since many HMOs that serve the beneficiaries of these federal programs also contract with LabCorp, the HMOs would also be restricted from using LabCorp. The loss in business could be in the hundreds of millions and could be catastrophic to LabCorp stock (NYSE: LH).

LabCorp’s discrimination problems have been well known to company insiders. The company has various lawsuits pending and has had to settle others by paying out millions. In a recent Florida case, LabCorp even had to fire the law firm representing them after accusations of obstruction of justice by the firm.

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    Hope someone will investigate Labcorp ‘s over billing of patients accounts!

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    Medicare is refusing to pay for several tests relating to inadequate coding. From the beginning and each time thereafter I have informed LabCorp of the situation and current status however they keep billing me. yesterday I received an unsigned form letter informing me that I signed a paper that Medicare was liely too deny these charges. That is totally false. I signed a paper saying that if medicare did not pay I would be responsible. There is a difference. Yesterday when calling the billing number I spoke with Dee who had an attitude. She could not get out of repetition in answering and was not answering my question. In short she was rude reading me the riot act. Well the good news I check this www site finding the lab corp is not so great. Guess what? I will seeking another lab. There services are not that great anyway.

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    , and since you didn’t mention this form, I do not blvieee the supply company is a Medicare approved business and therefore neither Medicare nor the Supplement will pay.Secondly, in most cases a supplement does not pay for things not paid for by Medicare. Instead, a Supplement pays your share of the cost of Medicare approved procedures, equipment, and supplies. For example, if the concentrator cost $100 Medicare would pay $80 and the Supplement would pay your share of $20. You do not need to get approval from Medicare nor the Supplement. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan, which works completely different from a Medicare Supplement, you may need to get approval prior to the rental but again the supplier must be contracted with Medicare before you’ll get reimbursed. Also, even with an Advantage plan durable medical equipment is not covered if it is not a Medicare approved item.

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