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05 Nov 10 LabCorp Urine Test

Labcorp Urine Drug TestI received a very disturbing email from a lady who was sent to LabCorp for a urine test. This is a fairly simple process regulated by federal guidelines as it can cause the loss of employment if not properly administered. In this case it never got to that point. She complains that after sitting in the waiting room for over one and a half hours, she was asked to leave without being able to provide her urine sample.

Customer service is an important part of every business. When you have a customer waiting inside a facility and he or she has been in a facility for an extended period of time, it is common courtesy to provide the service before closing. In this case, they just chased all the customers out. It is without a doubt one of the worst violations of customer service principles that I have seen. I’m fairly confident that even poorly trained LabCorp managers would object to the actions of their employees in this case. If they do something about it, now that’s a different story. Here’s the email I received:

LabCorp Urine TestI was sent there (Labcorp) by an employer for a urine test. I sat there for over 1 1/2 hours (well before 4p.m). The woman came out and announces “all of you here for “P-Test” have to return on Monday, we are not doing anymore today.” I told her look,I have to have this done today in order to start work…her reply was that’s not our problem….WTF…

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I have all of my certifications for phlebotomy ……Those employees are rude,hateful and just out right nasty. They are the laziest people I have ever seen.

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    The lady I am engaged to had a drug screen done by Anson Hospital which uses Lap Corp. Her results came back positive for drugs she has never nor ever will or has done. They are so inaccurate in their testing its not funny, if anyone is sent to them for testing please be aware of their inaccurate testing. They can kill you on any pre employment screening and random testing. THEY SUCK and it costs monies and heart ache to prove them wrong which is doubtful that you can.

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    no comment…But question????? How do you test positive for cocain using fake urine ????

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    over a week ago my husband was sent by his new employeer to get a pre start standard drug test. when nothing was heard after three days calls were made by the employeer and my husband and all lab corp would say was ‘sorry’. It has now been another week (and he hasn’t been able to start work) and still no word on the test. He needs to get to work as he’s been out of work for three months. What can anyone do? Normally there is at most a three day turn around on these things at the most….why is this taking so long?


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    My wife just had a urine test at Labcorp several weeks ago in Southern Maryland at the Leonardtown location. She is in pain management treatment and her Dr. ordered an urine test which she had done.

    The test is to show what prescribed or unprescribed drugs are present in her system, well she gets the test results and shows she has no prescribed drugs in her system, a clean slate which is not possible due to the amount of meds she takes. So I have contacted the pain med office to discuss what should I do, explained that if my wife got a clean negative test then someone else who got her test results will be punished for getting the wrong test results, maybe the person who got her test results might lose their job..clearance etc.

    But the general cavalier attitude of the medical professionals I spoke to really pissed me off, I guess when it happens to someone other than you it is just does not matter.

    I just wish I could find the patient who is getting the shaft because he/she received my wife’s lab test results.

    These types of mistakes can be game changers and the patient is considered at fault which is a big f**king joke.

    just my two cents

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    I work for LabCorp and so understand your frustration. The frustration does not end with you. LabCorp employees are treated so badly that they in turn have an attitude. Oh no I am not excusing a bad attitude especially in the medical field, but really really really lets put the blame where it needs to be. Upper management is who sucks. They do not give a rats ass about health, wellness,or a damn thing other than the bottom line and that is $$$$$ and where do you all think that comes from YEP the CEO Lets give Dave King a big yahoo for making the company millions of dollars and turning out hundreds of hundreds of mean and evil people.
    Please try to give the little guy a break there just following ‘ORDERS’

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    I recently to a drug test for a pre-employment test. They said my test was negative dilute. I had taken tests previously for another employer with LabCorp with the same results. I went to another lab and my test was negative, not negative dilute.
    I don’t do drugs and I was not trying to hide anything. I called the MRO on the paper I was given asking questions. The MRO told me they could send me a report for $5.00, however, I could not see the creatine or specific gravity levels. The report would only say negative dilute. They wouldn’t tell me my creatine or my specific gravity levels. LabCorp seals the bottle and says they send it to a lab. I am trying to find out where they sent my sample and what courier picked it up. The woman at Labcorp when I asked told me there is no report. How can that be. When a hospital does a urine analysis, they can give a person specific amounts.
    In my opinion it’s a big scam. I think they don’t send it anywhere, they do right in the lab where you give the sample and charge the employers for lab testing which is not done.

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    See Labcorp rating with Better Business Bureau….

    This Business is not BBB Accredited

    Laboratory Corporation of America (Headquarters)

    Find a Location

    Phone: (800) 845-6167

    Fax: (336) 436-1775

    1250 Chapel Hill Rd., Burlington, NC 27215

    View Additional Web Addresses

    BBB® Non-Accredited F Rating

    On a scale of A+ to F

    Reason for Rating

    BBB Ratings System Overview
    – See more at:

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