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21 Jul 08 Lots of LabCorp Related Emails

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I’ve received dozens of emails related to problems and complaints against LabCorp. From those who have filed lawsuits against them to physicians that are fed up with service related issues. I will respond to them all this week. Since this is something that I do on the side because of the poor attitude of LabCorp company manager and executives, I can only do it during down time. Sorry about that.

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The retail business has many dynamics. It’s a business that I know well. Relating these principles to LabCorp’s operation, it is hard to believe that there are so many patients that will never set foot in a LabCorp center again. Yet the company and its executives do not seem to be doing anything about it. It’s a real shame how a company can believe that they are so omnipotent that they can do whatever they want. Our country’s laws and regulations are established for these particular instances. They will eventually catch up to LabCorp. The government agencies will move in and that’s when you will see them change.

I also believe that the tough economy will severely affect LabCorp and their view of the customer. In my opinion, they see the customer as the HMO, insurance company or 3rd party payer. The patient is seen as a secondary factor when in fact it is all about the patient. Poor results or worst yet, no results, will not only anger the patients but also the payer as the patient will start complaining. Why do these managers and executives not see this? Oh well, they will when the 3rd party payers start cancelling contracts because of malpractice lawsuits. And the doctors that send them the specimens for results? They will eventually get tired of poor results that affect the lives of their patients. I believe that doctors generally care more about their patients than the lower prices offered by LabCorp. That will also work against LabCorp. When will this company wake up to reality?

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    I was with the company for 7 years in a pst clients office.My supervisor and the account manager came to the doctor’s office during office hours, while we were seeing patients and informed me and the physician that the account was being closed.No prior notice was given to us.I immediately asked for a transfer to another state and was told that the company already had a severance package ready for me.I still insisted on a transfer but was told that I had to quit the company and be rehired.I trusted my supervisor,and I followed her request that i work in another location until my last day ,two weeks later. i had several questions about this reduction in force lay-off but no one would give me a straight answer. My supervisor would just tell me to contact HR. When I tried to reach HR I got an answering machine as usual.I applied for an internal transfer while still being employed but never heard from anyone.My last day of employment I clocked out of work and my supervisor asked for my icd 9 book and badge, i gave them to her and I asked where my seperation papers were, she said she did not bring them. I then told her that i would need to tape our conversation if that was ok because i had alot of questions that still was not answered. She never told me that this was against company policy.She just left the room. I asked her if i was eligible for rehire since i had not seen my seperation papers, she would not answer.I have always used a tape recorder for my own personal use such as grocery lists and dr. appts. so this was not an attempted to get anyone into trouble, i simply needed answers.If i wanted to try to do something mean i would not have told her about the tape. I have never had a write-up and have perfect evaluations which i keep a copy of. One week later the state where i had applied for an internal transfer calls and tells me that im highly qualified for the position but that i was in the system as not rehirable.I contacted HR who told me that i had broken company policy and my lay-off was changed to terminated.Not only could i not get another job with labcorp but i will never work again.I am !! years old and I feel that the company waited until they received my severance and decided to put down not rehirable. How could I have broken company policy when i wasnt on the time clock??? If this company did not want me to work for them why didnt they just be honest and tell me the truth instead of finding something to cause me grief….

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