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15 Feb 09 Ooops They Did it Again.

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They did it again. Losing the trust of patients one at a time. That should be LabCorp’s motto.

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Here’s an email I received from a lovely lady that WAS a regular LabCorp “customer”. I use the word customer instead of patient as I believe that LabCorp locations look at patients as customers and how much money they can extract from them, instead of patients (as other health care providers do). Maryann is well educated and is also a service provider in the health care industry.

Both my daughter and I get our bloodwork done about every 3 months.  She is diabetic and they are watching me closely for diabetes type 2.  We entered a full waiting room and when we signed in were told that there were 4 in the back so the wait should be only about half an hour.  At 9:45 my daughter was called in and I followed her in.  She is an adult but likes me in with her for moral support.  The tech was anything but nice to us.  He had an attitude a mile long.  He TOLD me to go back to the waiting room that he would call me.  I did so but was seething.  He did not have the right to remove me, only my daughter had that right.  I took my paperwork from the line up and when my daughter was finished we left.  I’ll go somewhere else and get mine done.  This man obviously has problems and can not contain his anger or attitude.  As an LPN, I would NEVER treat a family member as he treated me today.
The lab is in Sun City West just across from Del E Webb Hospital.
Maryann XXXXX
PS:  I am making a formal complaint to the BBB here.
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Reader's Comments

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    Hands down LabCorp really does suck. My prior insurer used Quest Labs. So I pretty much got used to their great service. Now that my current insurer uses LabCorp “horrible service” is the name of the game. So far I have taken three lab tests with labcorp. and with every test I’ve had to get in touch with the labs to find out the delay in reporting the results. The longest – 4 weeks. I am now very concerned after reading the comments and blogs if the tests are even being done correctly!

    I visited two LabCorp in NYC and it appears the technician is also the one at the front desk. So for these particular labs – only one employee.When this employee goes to lunch the lab is closed. There is also a lack of supervision. LabCorp. needs to seriously consider cutting back on the number of locations, have additional employees at the remaining locations. The reason you are so poorly staffed is because you have far to many locations. I sincerely believe that patients would have no problem traveling to a location that is properly staffed and ready to work.
    As an RN I have to seriously consider a work change. And as I look for new facility to work in I will def. have to research the insurer and their covered service providers.

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    And again & Again! I did bloodwork at Labcorp/Lewisville TX-They are unclean!!
    I was told to go to Rm#1-a bloody pad was sitting on the floor and the bed wasnt made up. The same girl (Salima) walked in to do the blood work and assisted me at the front desk. She put gloves on without washing her hands. I informed her to wash her hands and remove the bloody pad. UNACCEPTBLE!!

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    I think everyone in AZ should make a complaint to the BBB and Labor Board for over working, underpaying, no lunches and having the employees do more than what is allowed to work in the day. If you can’t have overtime, it doesn’t help to add more work to everyone because the directors lazy a$$ needs to get everything done for ‘corporate’. I want to know what Teresa really does in the office. Constant threats are made to us employees of losing our job because they aren’t able to finish what they need to within 8 hours, on top of seeing 150 patients a day. There is no chain of command. You can ask Teresa but it gets nowhere. If you try to take a step further it will come right back at you and bite you in the but. All you will here is ‘Why did you go to higher up? They have other things to worry about than your problems.’ Even us hard working employees who are at the job everyday, on time and stay to finish because we care about the patient and their specimen. there is no employee confidentiality at all. try to talk to higher up in confidence and it all puts you on the bad side because admin is to tight and screwing each other….literally. none of this makes anyone want to work at labcorp but times are tough and i need my paycheck. i feel bad for the people on the otherside of the needle after the employee just read an e mail or got off the phone with her. does labcorp not see that this region has gone to crap since she got in the postition? of course not because she is screwing the vp

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    I am in Sun City Arizona and will never get my blood tests done at LabCorp again. The lab on 103rd Ave in Sun City consists of long waits, wrong test results that need to be done over, not taking enough blood and being called back to retake test, even though tubes of blood taken from me were full, billing for tests that are not prescribed and on and on.
    Lucky I have a doc that complained to Medicare and LabCorp had to repay Medicare over $100.00 for gross errors made on billing and testing! Horrible!!!!

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    I used the LabCorp in Plano, Texas today. When I arrived, there was a waiting room full. It was 30 minutes before anyone from the waiting room was called back to get a blood test. I finally got in after over 1 hour. When I got home, my arm was very badly bruised. This has happened before with LabCorp. One other time my whole arm turned blue. This never happens when tests are done at my doctor’s office.

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    I worked at a LabCorp in the Phoenix area and have to say the LabCorp location on 27th Ave. has got to be one of the worst places I’ve ever worked. The site-coordinator didn’t know how to do her job without letting an employee named Cindy take over. The head supervisor Sally Carrillo was told about problems as was Teresa and nothing was done to correct the issues. The waiting room was full all the time, there was no lunches, no breaks, and this Cindy aka the arrogant controller would tell the phlebotomist you really need to step it up. She would be sitting on her ass at the computer. Cindy screamed and yelled at the patients and nothing was done to correct her attitude. I consider this poor upper management. Now I understand why there’s a site like this–so many complaints about a company and the company chooses to sweep their dirty laundry under the carpet.

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    This is in response to Maryann XXXXXX’s post of 15 Feb 2009, and her enounter at the Sun City West LabCorp office just across from Del E Webb Hospital.


    First, as an unbiased view of your post, you felt that you had the “right” to follow your daughter into the draw room when her name was called, then you felt slighted by the lab tech when you perceived that you were not welcomed in the draw room when it was NOT you who was called to come in for service. The reality is, you did NOT have the “right” to enter into the back office of the lab during your daughter’s blood draw unless she was a minor. The lab is not your place of business nor your home, it is a professional environment and company. You do not automatically have rights in these kinds of situations although very clearly you think you do. You have entitlement issues here. What you need to get is that the lab tech who drew your daughter’s blood is a state licensed professional, and by definition, is a healthcare provider. That provider is engaged in a professional environment doing their professional job, and perhaps it never dawned on you that your presence in the draw room hovering around the area where the tech was at work doing their JOB might drawing your daughter’s blood likely represented a distraction. I agree that the tech could have been more friendly toward you, however that does NOT at all mean that you had the “right” to be present in the draw room with your daughter unless she was a minor. It was acually YOU who was being rude by taking it upon youself to follow your daughter into the lab draw room when the fact was, you were not invited in. Would you be able to do this at the doctor’s office or medical center? I doubt it very seriously, especially since you stated that you are an LPN you should know that realtives are NOT automatically allowed to accompany their family members for testing procedures, and you know this. Your post is merely a projection of your own personal attitudes and pent up emotional dysfunctions and importantly, your issues of entitlement. I’ve been in several medical center environments where relatives are present with a loved one who is being tested or seen by medical staff, and I’ve witnessed many times when that relative wanted to follow their loved one into an exam room, radiology suite, doctor’s office, etc., and the staff asked them to please be seated in the waiting area unless there was some sort of problem they didn’t know about that required their presence. I’m certain that the lab tech was also “seething” pissed at you for taking the liberty that you did. Next time, you probably should ask the lab staff if it would be ok for you to accompany your daughter into the back office of the lab when she’s getting her blood drawn.

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    John C hit the nail on the head. Her daughter is an adult, the staff was following the law. Maryann, let your daughter grow up and become an adult. She is not your property and you have no right to stick your nose into her medical care. Sit down and wait your turn.

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    I’m writing to report my negative experience at 1400 W. Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ 85746, a lab where I’ve had blood drawn before for medical tests, but NEVER have I been hurt by a phlebotomy tech like this! The tech seemed distracted when he called me into the office after I waited over one hour, I asked how he was and he stated “I’ve had several problem cases this morning…” I SHOULD HAVE LEFT THE BUILDING AT THIS POINT, AND WISH I HAD!!! He proceeded to talk about local restaurants and didn’t seem to focus on what he was doing, he jabbed the needle into my arm and had to twist and reposition in my arm before shoving the needle through my vein – IT REALLY HURT! He tried blaming my veins, but I’ve had blood drawn many times in my life, and at this location before that was just fine. I’ve NEVER BEEN HURT LIKE THIS getting my blood drawn! This tech had VERY POOR SKILLS, and VERY POOR HYGIENE (his breath smelled extremely bad)!!! My experience is one no other patient should have to endure! I felt pain as the tech was jabbing the needle around in my arm, I had a hematoma with bruising and pain radiating down my arm lasting several hours, and dark bruising lasting over a week!!! I completed a LabCorp feedback form before leaving the building, called the number given for this location when I got home to speak with a manager, but had to just leave a message on the answering service relating my experience and requesting that someone call me back about what happened AND to advise how to treat the resulting hematoma and radiating pain in my arm! I NEVER received a call from anyone connected with LabCorp, six days after leaving the message on the date of incident I get a form letter email from a “Chris Whitton, Manager” that basically blew me off, and no other contact. The Tech was INCOMPETENT, the treatment I received (after reporting the tech’s actions causing injury) has been HIGHLY UNSATISFACTORY!!! I feel moved to prevent another patient from being hurt by this tech and his incompetence, and report LabCorp’s FAILING TO RESPOND TO THE PROBLEM.

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    you can report the person drawing the blood (called a phlebotomist, they are not technologists) to the public health dept – division of laboratory field services in your state.

    Phlebotomists are certified (usually trained on the job) and in some states, required to register as a phlebotomist with the state public health dept.

    Go to the draw station where you got your blood drawn and ask if this person has a “certification number.” If Arizona requires certification of phlebotomists, then you can report them.

    Also, LabCorp has a “compliance hotline” (see website) that you can call to express your concerns regarding inept management (Labcorp’s main problem).

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