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23 May 11 Say Goodbye LabCorp

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Here’s an email that we received from a LabCorp patient, or should we say a former patient.LabCorp Patient Waving Goodbye

I’m too beat down to go into all the ways labcorp sucks. However, after 1.5 hours I went somewhere else with out a test. Thank you for having this venue to vent my frustrations–Steve.

Here’s another email from another patient who will never step into a LabCorp center again.

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LABCORPS SUCKS BIGTIME!!! Yep I’m sick of it… Filing a complaint w/ my employer..

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Reader's Comments

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    Went for bloodwork with an appointment, to be sent to me specialist who had ordered it. Specialist had said that the required tests were in Labcorp Computer. I waited one hour (thats with an appt – thouse without go 2-3 hours) was told that there were no tests in their computer. Went home, called specialist who said, yes, there are inthere. Another appt, back again, another 1 hour 15 minute wait with an appt, this time they found it. I handed the front desk a signed request that the results be sent also to my primary care provider. She said “Its a HIPAA violation we cant do that.” (I’m actually a medical director of a large department in a 5 hospital system, and I do know HIPAA backwards and forwards. Its not a violation.) This particular very busy labcorp location was manned by ONE person overworked sort of haggard and frantic woman. 15 minutes at the front desk doing intake, 45 minutes back in the lab drawing blood, labelling etc. Grossly understaffed, not her fault. I didn’t see making a big issue of it with this haggard overworked labcorp employee, so I just smiled and said “OK”. A very poorly run businesss – that sort of understaffing guarantees mistakes.

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    I have worked for labcorp since March of 2007. I started off with the rate of 13.25 with five years of experience. I ran a psc center for 2 and a half years that had a volume of 70 to 100 patients a day by myself. I had lost over 40 pounds from the stress of running the psc center. I asked for help everyday and all I was told was there isn’t anyone. This was not away to run a business they never wanted qualityu but was always looking for quantity, finally I asked for a raise and could not get one I guess I wasn’t worth it. I had to get out of there or it wouldve killed me. I finally put in a transfer for NC the payrate went down even lower I’m still with labcorp and it has been about five years and I am sill making the same amount that I started out with. What can I do someone please help.

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