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20 Sep 13 LabCorp Jobs and Careers in Phoenix

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LabCorp Jobs and Careers for PhlebotomistsLabCorp (Laboratory Corporation of America NYSE:LH)  is seeking Phoenix-area technicians. They intend to hire 100 techs within the next 90 days. The company held a job fair in conjunction with the city of Phoenix on Sept. 10th at the Phoenix Business and Workforce Development Center, located at 302 N. First Ave., Phoenix Arizona.

They’re looking for phlebotomists, laboratory assistants, medical technologists and technicians, histotechnicians, health care related customer service reps, specimen processors and warehouse staff. I smell an expansion of locations, or is it the odor of bad employees being replaced? Either way, LabCorp careers are in the making so a word of advice to all those hired to work for LabCorp in Phoenix, treat your patients with respect and do your job. That’s all they expect from you.

LabCorp has more than 34,000 employees worldwide, most of which are good people caught in a bad “it’s quantity not quality that counts” system.

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11 Jul 09 LabCorp Experience

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I received an email from Tonya, who reminded me of my personal experiences with the service centers. The sad part is that LabCorp managers will backup the employees and defend their actions by telling their higher ups that the centers were in fact open at the time that they were supposed to. This makes it look like the manager is doing his/her job.

This is the most horrible lab services EVER ! They lie about what time they open. Out of three locations that state they open @ 7am none of them were open, nor could I reach anyone on the phone !

P.S. – They close earlier than they are supposed to as well.

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14 Mar 09 Is This the Same Ana from LabCorp Miami?

My problems with Labcorp started with the Miami service centers. I went through the proper channels to resolve the matter but instead of getting a resolution, I got insults and disrespect from two Miami LabCorp managers. The Miami region manager, Roberto Blanco, lied and even contradicted his own statements on multiple occasions. From my conversations with him, it is obvious that he has no clue as to what customer service and being a manger is about. He just doesn’t get it. But worst than him was the Manager of Patient Services, who’s name was Ana. You can read the full details in my own Labcorp Complaint.

I recently received an email from Jackie about a LabCorp manager by the name of Ana Garcia, who seems to have no LabCorp Miami Managers Power & Controlrespect for others, whether employees or patients. With poor people skills, she continues to drag the company down. When you treat employees with disrespect and try to rule through fear, the good employees will flee LabCorp, leaving the company with the bad employees that are unable to get a job anywhere else. In addition, since in her mind intimidation works for employees, she uses the same methods on patients.  While the email refers to the manager as Ana Garcia, the email did not contain the region or service center affected by her actions. My gut feeling is that it is the same Ana who called me in reference to my complaint. In my case, instead of trying to resolve the matter,  she insulted me, lied and was outright rude and disrespectful. She, along with Bob Blanco, are the reasons this web site exists.  The email clearly shows that she treats the employees as bad as she treats the patients. Her demoralization of employees leads to their poor attitude, and to LabCorp’s lousy customer service. With all those great managers available as a result of the weak economy, why would LabCorp keep these inept managers? Here’s a portion of the email that Jackie sent me.

I know two LabCorp employees, and I have a comment regarding one of their bosses, Ana Garcia (I’m not sure if it is spelled correctly, nor do I really care as she is so rude), and the patients that go to the sight. The two girls that work at this lab are really sweet, they know what they are doing, and they work so well together that the wait time is not very long.

A good amount of the people that go to this sight really look forward to seeing them, and will sometimes bring them gifts for working so hard and treating them with respect.

Another group of people will scream at them if they do not smile every moment they work, if they are asked to hold on a moment while the employees finish one of their current tasks, or because they did not take the time to tell if their insurance is taken there, etc.

There was recently an incident where a pen was thrown with great force at one of the employees because the patient was asked to leave the pen next to the sign in sheet.

As for Ms. Garcia https://p..iagra-generique/. She very disrespectfully addressed the employees this evening over matters she explained were not personal. She told the employees there is no reason they should be late, and there is absolutely no such things as emergencies.  One of the employees had an urgent family emergency where a family member’s electric wheelchair broke down in the middle of U.S. 41 highway and needed to help her, seeing as nobody else would. Because of the emergency the employee was a bit late to work, and was thoroughly screamed at for what Ms. Garcia claimed was very unimportant. If that was your family member, I’m sure you would help them rather than leave them stranded on a highway.

Ms. Garcia also screamed at the workers for not smiling every second of their day and told the employees that her complaints were not personal, but at the same time she called the man who works there ugly to his face, and made another employee cry.

If the bosses of the company were not so rude to their workers, it is possible that the workers would have different attitudes.  Something needs to be done about this Ana Garcia, she should be fired but I’m not sure who to speak to.

As I stated above, the workers at this LabCorp sight try to give their all for you, but the bosses make it really hard for them. Thank you

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15 Feb 09 Ooops They Did it Again.

They did it again. Losing the trust of patients one at a time. That should be LabCorp’s motto.

Here’s an email I received from a lovely lady that WAS a regular LabCorp “customer”. I use the word customer instead of patient as I believe that LabCorp locations look at patients as customers and how much money they can extract from them, instead of patients (as other health care providers do). Maryann is well educated and is also a service provider in the health care industry.

Both my daughter and I get our bloodwork done about every 3 months.  She is diabetic and they are watching me closely for diabetes type 2.  We entered a full waiting room and when we signed in were told that there were 4 in the back so the wait should be only about half an hour.  At 9:45 my daughter was called in and I followed her in.  She is an adult but likes me in with her for moral support.  The tech was anything but nice to us.  He had an attitude a mile long.  He TOLD me to go back to the waiting room that he would call me.  I did so but was seething.  He did not have the right to remove me, only my daughter had that right.  I took my paperwork from the line up and when my daughter was finished we left.  I’ll go somewhere else and get mine done.  This man obviously has problems and can not contain his anger or attitude.  As an LPN, I would NEVER treat a family member as he treated me today.
The lab is in Sun City West just across from Del E Webb Hospital.
Maryann XXXXX
PS:  I am making a formal complaint to the BBB here.

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