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15 Sep 08 United Health Care Has a Lot to Learn

I thought that United Health Care wore a white hat, but I guess I was wrong and that they only canceled the contract with LabCorp in the South Florida region. Unfortunately it does not look like they canceled their contracts in other parts of the USA. United Health Care will learn, but only after they continue to lose patients and HMO members. Here’s an email I received from another “former” Labcorp patient.


I see that you have United Healhcare on your “good guys” list.   I’m not sure if you are aware, but as far as Verizon Business for United Healthcare (40,000+ employees) is concerned, Lab Corp is the only lab we are allowed to go to that is covered.  I am not sure if other companies that use United are allowed to use other labs, but we got a letter in March of ’08 that they were dropping Quest in favor of LabCorp.

Here is a letter I sent to HR this morning:

I would like to go on record to state my displeasure with Verizon/United Healthcare using LabCorp as the new lab of choice for blood work.   LabCorp is a cheap, cut rate operation staffed by nothing but a mean, discourteous and unprofessional staff.   I have had to use LabCorp three times this year and each time has been an unpleasant experience.  LabCorp establishments are understaffed and both of the doctors that send me there complain that the results take over a week to get, as opposed to 24 hours with Quest Diagnostics.  They state that they often need to call LabCorp to request the results, while patients who use Quest will have a fax with the results delivered the next business day.

Any money that Verizon Business/United Healthcare is saving by switching from Quest to LabCorp is certainly not worth the anguish that it is putting employees and customers through by forcing them to go there instead of Quest.

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Thanks for your site.  I Googled “labcorp sucks” and was pleased to find your site!

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Reader's Comments

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    Well that very interesting, to know that your doctor are not getting there reports. but did you ever think that it might be there medical assistants that are hired to work in the office?. Your doctor see more than one patient and just one patient and orders more than just one test so the return of paperwork thats comming back to that office is a lot and some times it for more than one patient that your doctor sees. If your doctor is in a medical group you can bet that a lot of lab reports are comming in for there patients as well . so how do we fix the problem You have the right to request a copy of your lab work (resaults) and it is sent to you by mail . If you ask when you are called to the desk as they are inputting your lab work request in they can hit a simple key and a copy is sent to you.
    hope this helps .
    Have a great day!

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    Hmmm, I work for Labcorp, and I can assure you as an in office phlebotomist, that most results are back and available for the doctor the very next day. It is our responsibility to see to that. HOWEVER, most doctors are not going to address normal labs the morning they come in, they will be adrssing the critical labs first of the the patients that really do need to be treated quickly. NOrmal labs have a tendency to wait until its a better time for the doctors. You need to remember, that not only do they have rounds in the morning at the hospital, they also see critical labs first thing when they come in, and are seeing paitents by nine in the morning. It is standard in our office to tell our patients to wait a week. If you have an issue, we’ll be getting to you before that week is up, I can assure you.
    I try to remind my patients that no news is USUALLY good news…and tell them when the labs should be back…and if they don’t hear anything, don’t worry…thats usually a good sign. If after a week, they don’t hear anything at all, please call, and someone will go over labs with you. By no means, never assume, always check if you don’t hear anything…your health care is important, take a vital roll in following up, but please try to be reasonable in your request.

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    in regard to the faxing issue i know you should not have to do this but make sure that what ever fax number you want it to go to it is on the lab slip.
    and make sure to remind the person that is taking your info when you get their to please make sure to cc: (carbon copy) to the fax number you have or to cc:patient so you will get your copy

    how is labcorp suppose to send it to a place they dont have a fax number for or area code. make sure the lab slip has the complete and correct updated fax number and information it needs to go to.

    now if your Dr has an account with Labcorp not all accounts are set up to auto fax your MD it is up to your MD how He or She would like their results if you Dr has failed to update his account he will also not get your results because labcorp dose not have their new info again (HAVE YOUR DR’S OFFICE CALL LABCORP)

    you dont know what can be the issue have your Dr’s office do their job and call your not getting paid to argue with client service and you cant make the changes on their account so again (HAVE YOUR DR’S OFFICE CALL LABCORP)

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    i think you are venting your complaint to the wrong blog you should be complaing to your doctor and his staff. the are the party responsible for making sure that your labs are received interpretated and related back to you the patient in a timely manner. i do believe all labs make a concerted effort to get all lab results back to the doctor in 24 hours whenever possibl. however for more specilize testing tunaround time may take up to 3 or more weeks to complete. and your doctor usually knows this and if hes a good provider will inform you and also provide icd9 codes to the highest specificity to expedite insurance payments creating less out of pocket expenses for you

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