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31 Mar 10 Urine Tests at LabCorp Suck

Mike sent me an email with his LabCorp complaint and even included pictures. He went to LabCorp for tests, and one of them required him to provide urine samples. He had the urine tests but as you’ll read below, it was somewhat disgusting. After a long wait his doctor finally received the results from LabCorp and gave him an appointment for tomorrow. Hope the results are favorable for him. Here’s his email

 I went to Labcorp for routine medical tests today at 1217 East Ave, Sarasota.   When I arrived there were several elderly patients arguing with confrontational Labcorp employees that they had provided urine samples while the staff insisted that they had not. One elderly man stated that he witnessed his sample being stolen. 

LabCorp Urine Test - Bathroom FloorWhen my turn came, my blood was drawn and I was handed a cup and a plastic lid that looked like a paper coffee cup. It had my name written on it with pen, no number.  I was told to go into a bathroom. The bathroom was filthy and there were numerous puddles and spots of urine on the floor, the counters, the sinks. LabCorp Urine Test - Bathroom Sink

There were also several rings of urine left by previous cups on the counter. It was apparent that the urine was from numerous persons.   I was not given an alcohol wipe or instructed to wipe my hands. The woman scolded me for handing her the cup and told me to leave it on the dirty counter. I told her the bathroom was filthy and she said someone cleans it later. LabCorp Urine Test - Bathroom Sink Piss Rings

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The employees there were morbidly obese, confrontational, rude, and appeared to have a limited intellect.   I am 50 years old and have utilized the health system in several states, Mexico, Central America and South America. I have never witnessed such a bizarre situation and unsanitary conditions in a health care facility.  This facility is below third world standards and I do not feel comfortable with the integrity of any results.   Mike

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Reader's Comments

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    This is a follow up on my experience with LabCorp. Besides the disgustibg conditions, I question their competency.

    Despite a clear order for test from my doctor, on his form containing his NAME, FULL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, FAX NUMBER, etc;

    LabCorp sent the test results to another doctor, with a similar street address in a different city. It took hours of my doctor’s nurses time to get the results. The doctor they sent the results to did not even have a similar name.

    At the very least theur incompetence wasted and enormous amount of time by my doctor’s oiffice, LabCorp, and myself. It also likely violated my privacy. Obviously incompetence can have serious inmplications. I got lucky. I also got lucky in finding a competent lab with a professional atmosphere.

    My recomendatuin: run, don’t walk from this place

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    I went to the Labcorp in Clinton Maryland
    on June 4. I had previously gone there about two weeks ago to for testing. I had forgot my insurance card. On June 4, 2010, I returned to Labcorp, I was friendly said hello. The office representative said that she remembered me from the last time. The office rep. started to take my information and I gave her everything she needed (name, DOB, insurance card) in order for her to sign me in. The office rep. stated that I needed to take a urine test and I said that I had been fasting all day and I needed to drink some water. I went to my vehicle to get water and I came back to LabCorp. The office rep. stated that I had an outstanding bill of $11 and the computer would not let her proceed to put the information in the computer, unless the bill was paid. I told her that I paid the bill when I returned from Africa they just have not received it as of yet. I asked her to call the supervisor and she did. I spoke to the supervisor and I came to the conclusion that I would pay the $11 and the supervisor told me that LabCorp would reimburse me. There was another Office rep. sitting at the front counter named N. I was not having a conversation with her. She says to me “you cannot get tested if the bill is not paid.”

    I said okay, than she went on in an unpleasant voice talking about the bill. I told her “I am sorry but I was not speaking with you about this. This is when this Office rep. went into a RAGE! She told me that I was being rude and I could just GET OUT! I will have you thrown out! I told her what is your problem? I was not talking to you? The Office rep. repeatedly stated “It is my duty to help my co-worker” I stated, from what? I asked her name and she stated back to me what is your name! This young lady kept going on and on. I started to call the police. I called a friend on my cell and told them what was going on. The Office rep. was outrages! I have never been treated this way before. I had returned from an oversea’s missions trip that helped women that were forced into commercial “sex work” and to give help and educate people about the HIV/AID virus. Here I am back in the United States, my doctor sends me to have blood testing and I get treated like this. By the way, The firs Office rep. told me that the $11 bill was removed. I called the Regional Manager of LabCorp, she just said “we apologize and we do not tolerate this type of behavior at LabCorp. Evidently they do. That same afternoon, I went to my doctors office and told them what happened. They told me “Oh no do not go to LapCorp, we have had several complaints from patients about them. My husband who had testing told me honey why did you go to LabCorp? They have problems. Latter that evening I went to a dress shop and I just happened to ask one of the sales rep. ” have you ever been to the LabCorp on Piscastaway Rd in Clinton? The sales rep. said “No, but my friend has and she said they were awful and rude and she would never go back” This unprofessional behavior seems to be an ongoing problem for LabCorp.

    There should be something done about this problem.

    S. Brown

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    Looks like labcorp has some asshole that spams away all the answers to drug testing questions. Thats just fucking stupid. WE WILL FIND OUT WHAT CODE 763289 IS TESTING FOR!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF LABCORP!!

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    All of you people complaining need to pick up the phone and dial the Supervisor/Manager’s number that is in a frame in each and every office. Also, your wait time is due to poor staffing from our Supervisor, we not only enter your script from your physician, we draw your blood, we process your blood (yes, they fired a whole department…..saving $$) and added that job to US. In addition, we have daily, weekly, monthly goals we must achieve or deal with being written up. Our management team consists of a bunch of bullys, who don’t care about our patients. The majority of techs TRULY do care about our patients, we are beaten down, overworked and threatened with being fired. We order supplies that never arrive, we are always under extreme pressure; and considering all that; most of us enjoy our jobs and our patients. I apologize for your bad experiences. It is not us, it is the Managers and their lack of skills that contribute to your bad experience. Contact HR in Delaware, because nothing really will be accomplished by contacting locally.

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