LabCorp Sucks
Laboratory Corporation of America – Tell Your Story and File a Complaint
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26 Apr 08 Welcome to LabCorp Sucks

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I’ve had it with LabCorp. This is our way of showing the frustration that we experience every time that a health care practitioner, insurance company, HMO or employer sends us for clinical lab tests at a Labcorp facility. Tell us your story and file your complaints.

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Reader's Comments

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    I would like to add a complaint re:pt’s. I am employed @ Lab Corp as a phlebotomist. I am not here to solve your problems with YOUR ins. co,hear your problems with your life, get talked to in a degrading manner and then be reported as being rude to you pt’s.
    If there is a problem with your blood draw that i can help I would be glad to do that but do not come in and tell me how to do my job. I am a professional and I deserve some respect also. Just remember to get respect you need to give respect.

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    I am a Labcorp driver and in my opinion,for a company that handles as many specimens as they do, Labcorp does a pretty good job.I will agree however, that some of the phlebos are unprofessional.

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    The reason that the patient service centers are so bad is that the phlebotomist has to do
    everything from front desk work, specimen collection, and all other specimen preparation.
    There should be an admin asst at each center, but LabCorp is too cheap to properly staff
    it’s front line; very short-sighted.

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    Lab Corp is becoming a monopoly. The only reason that Quest is still open for business is that the U.S. dose not allow monopoly companies. Even still, you have to go to where your insurance tell you or get stuck with a big bill. Witch lowers competitions for business and lowers customer severs…. OH AND I WORK AT LAB CORP PSCs

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    PS. Thank you for

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