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25 Apr 10 Your Blood Test Results at LabCorp

Your blood test results belong to you under federal law. I received an email from Mike about his daughter and their problems with getting copies of blood test results from LabCorp. You can read it below.

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My daughter had blood work done that was ordered by her doctor in the summer of 2009.  Early 2010, she has been referred to a specialist who wanted all of her previous records including blood test results.  I didn’t have any problem obtaining results from all other tests performed by the hospital.  The doctor that originally ordered the blood tests has retired and left a contact for medical records requests.  I didn’t have any success with the referred place so I contacted LabCorp directly and they told me that by law, they could not give me or my daughter the lab results.  They told me that only the doctor that ordered the tests could access the results.

I paid for these tests in full.  These are my records, not the doctors.  I walked right in the hospital and got all the other results with no problems.  The hospital told me that there is no law preventing a person from obtaining their own medical records.  I will never voluntarily use LabCorp again.  I recommend that if your doctor takes blood for tests, ask them what lab they use.  If they use LabCorp, ask them if there is another option.  If they write a prescription for tests, take prescription to your local hospital to get the lab work done.  Be sure to check to see if the hospital is on your insurance’s network.

Mike F from Amarillo, TX

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Labcorp Blood Test Results and the Hipaa Law If you’ve had blood tests and the results are available, you can request a copy of the results. All you have to do is ask for it. It’s your right to get copies of the blood test results from the doctor, LabCorp or medical facility who administered the blood test. The federal law that allows you to ask for and receive copies of your health records is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, also known as HIPAA. After you request copies of your blood test results, the law states that the medical facility has 30 days to give them to you. Labs may ask you to sign a permission form before releasing them but as I understand HIPAA, they have to provide it to you.

In Mike’s daughter’s case, LabCorp failed to provide the records and claimed that the law prohibited them from providing copies of the lab test results. If anyone knows what law they are referring to, please let us know by posting a comment to this post. I spoke to various lawyers about this issue and they all told me the same thing, “Your lab test results are medical records that belong to you under HIPAA.” There are laws that require medical consultation in reference to certain test results but in Mike’s daughter’s case, the results requested were old records that had already been provided to the doctor. A word of advise to Mike is that you contact the Medical Board in your state about the custodian of the records for your retired doctor. They will make sure that you get the records that the doctor turned over to them. You should also tell them about  LabCorp’s refusal to provide you the records. I’m sure that there is a state licensing agency that wants to know all about it.

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Reader's Comments

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    Health and Safety Code section 123148 requires the health care professional who requested the test be performed to provide a copy of the results to the patient, if requested either orally or in writing. When the patient requests his/her lab results, the health care provider should provide the results to the patient within a “reasonable” time period after the results are received by the provider. Depending on the results of the tests, some physicians may want the patient to schedule an appointment to review and discuss the results and any follow-up testing or treatment that might be required.

    The test results CANNOT be released by the lab performing the test and must be released by the provider requesting the test(s).

  2. |

    Basically there are too many obstructive laws in the US, too many idiot greed heads, and too few service oriented companies. We are screwed, better to be somewhere else.

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    Last week, Labcorp sent me a bill from work done in Jan of this year. Can you believe a real business would wait that long to send out a bill? I wonder if I can wait that long to pay since I did not expect the bill at that time.

    LabCorp has got to have the Nastiest, Rudest-Looking Bill that I have ever seen. It does not look like a professional lab company. It looks like something from a sleezy credit collection company.

    I had blood drawn at one of their places. I felt like I was sitting in the floor at an indigent center. People standing everywhere with very few places to sit. Super hot and miserable room. I got so tired that I ended up sitting on their nasty floor. Very low class-looking place.

    The test they ran do not look right. Something was very off. I am sure I will figure it out since I used to work in a clinical lab. I have a very bad feeling about these folks and do not feel comfortable with their work.

  4. |


    I sounds like your insurance didn’t pay for the test. Possibly it was coded incorrectly by either the dr’s office or labcorp data entry.

    Ask them to send you a copy of the laboratory requistion. They’ll say they can’t do this but they can…it jus takes time. Billing people get measured by how much money they bring in. Do not pay until you make sure the billing coding was done appropriately to cover the test ordered.

    I agree that labcorp is a filthy place. I work in one of the labs and the floors only get cleaned when there is an inspection…it disgusting, dusty, and grimy. They use illegal aliens to clean who don’t speak english and you can’t talk to them about what needs cleaning.

    As for your lab result…I see specimens mixed up all the time. NO one cares as long as the result gets out on time. I would have another lab test you blood. I don’t trust any result coming out of this sweatshop.

  5. |

    A week and a half ago I was suffering from multiple medical issues; however, the fasting and migraine put me over the top the day I had to have routine blood labs done for my gastroenterologist. I couldn’t take any of my migraine meds because I was fasting and right before I showed up to my “walk-in” appointment…there was NOBODY else waiting and I was all alone…and I threw some gum into my mouth to keep it from sticking together because I have Sjogren’s Syndrome. The receptionist was one of the rudest people I have ever encountered in my life. If I wasn’t in the Armed Forces, I probably would have slapped her in the face for being so totally rude and condescending to me.
    We aren’t issued Tricare cards if we’re active duty and she copped an attitude for that, even though all of the information was on the blood lap order from my doctor’s office!
    Then, she asked if I was fasting and I said, “Yes!” so she blurts out all flippantly, “IT’S NOT LIKE YOU’RE FASTING OR ANYTHING! WHATEVER!” I said, “Excuse me? I have dry mouth and it’s sugarless!” But she was like, “Whatever! It’s NOT a big DEAL anyways!” So, I stood there with a look of shock on my face really asking myself if that had just happened…when a 93 year old woman walked in. The receptionist said, “SIGN IN THERE GIRTRUDE. I’LL BE RIGHT WITH YOU!” But the woman was hard of hearing and she said all snide, “I SAID, SIGN IN RIGHT THERE GERTRUDE, I WILL BE RIGHT WITH YOU!”
    I am by no means asking for special treatment because I am military. I am a customer first and should be treated as such. I did nothing to this woman and despite my pounding migraine, I managed to drive over to the darn lab for my blood work so that I could go home and take my medicine which didn’t kick in til the late afternoon. I wonder if she treats everyone like this?
    Who knows, maybe this woman is a beoch. I don’t really care if her life was falling apart. Mine is and I have to show up to work every, single day with my uniform on, knowing that I’m being medically discharged because I am unfit for service; however, it does NOT give me the right to mistreat or belittle my customers who have done nothing to me! When I’m feeling really badly my doctor writes me notes excusing me from work because I get pretty sick. Or I take leave and stay home if I’m that ill or shouldn’t be around anyone because I feel crappy.
    I contacted the manager and we’ve been playing phone tag. I will speak to him about this because it is uncalled for and I will probably never use Labcorp again, considering how others are also being treated.
    You’d think in this stagnant economy, they’d be the BEST provider so that they could draw in MORE business. Instead, I’ll travel out of my way and go to Sonora Quest or some other lab company. This is outrageous!

  6. |

    It’s good to know that their facilities are filthy! It looks like I’ll definitely go elsewhere from now on!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  7. |

    QUEST LABS is the best for blood work and getting results at once sometimes before the doctor gets them, just request a release form sent to you and fill out simples things on it and return it by fax and within minutes the resuts are there

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    I question the integrity of their tests. I went in for a Urinalysis as a contingency to being hired. When I first arrived, there were several individuals in the waiting area. Most of them appeared to be drug addicts/users with needle marks up and down their arms, bruises on neck, face, arms, and hands, and rheumy eyes. Unfortunately, this was the only LapCorp facility in this God-forsaken excuse for a town and using the hospital was not an option as the employer refused to allow any testing facility except LabCorp (I had just had blood work up and urinalysis through the VA a week before but because the work wasn’t performed at LabCorp the results were not acceptable).

    When I was called back to provide the urinalysis, I was given the standard cup and left on my own. No proctor to make sure I wasn’t cheating. And when I finished filling the cup and asked where to turn it in, I was directed to leave it on the counter where it sat unattended for at least thirty minutes. Only my handwritten label provided any identification on the cup.

    I was the last patient to leave the facility after closing. I had blood tests performed besides the urinalysis and had to physically make sure the labels were attached to my blood vials after I filled them. Why? Because the technician was about to place my vials in a stand with other UNMARKED vials! I suspect this “lab” is paid by the drug users to use clean samples provided by patients like myself to prove to their probation officers that they are clean. Doesn’t happen, you say? Right. I was in the medical industry for over twenty years repairing, among other things, lab equipment. I’ve worked in labs around the US including NY City, Washington D.C., and Chicago. Bribery to provide clean samples occurs daily in ALL of those cities. Why should this little hillbilly town be any different?

    Oh, and as for my urinalysis cup, it was still sitting on the counter top along with my stool sample when I left the facility a good 45 minutes after providing the sample.

  9. |

    It depends on the state you live in whether you can get your lab results directly from the lab or not. I know in PA you cannot. I work for a ref lab and we’re based in NJ and we have a patient portal for patients to access their results for NJ and DE but we can’t release patients who live in PA because of their state laws. Here’s a link that may help. It’s not the lab’s fault. It’s the regs of the state.

  10. |

    OMG, I hate the labcorp in Birmingham, AL on 3rd. The woman who directed me said that my first urinalysis sample wasn’t acceptable because it took me too long to pee. Never knew about a time limit with peeing. Told the employer that I wasn’t in a normal range. So when I talked to human resources my story was different from the labs. I lost a great opportunity. Just ugly. Get as much specific information as you can, can’t pick an employees contract, so I can’t say that I’ll never go again. But damn

  11. |

    I had LabCorp,a in Mobile Al. run my blood work for me for my Pain management doctor. He requires a blood tox screen every 3 months and not many labs will do it, LabCorp is one that does, and they will bill my insurance. If I go through my doctor’s office I have to pay for the test myself and I cannot afford it.I am on opioid pain medications and have been for a number of years due to a number of medical issues, my doctor knows I take my medication as directed, so he isn’t as concerned as he would be say another patient.
    The lab results from LabCorp came back saying that I had no medication in my system. I actually passed a drug test, that is scary! When I called LabCorp and nicely informed them about these results, and asked who I needed to talk to, I was told no one. They didn’t want to talk to me at all! So I called the Lab that did the test, and got the same nasty response. That is not what I expected, at all!I am trying to look for information on where to go for medical board of licensure, that is the only other thing I can think of to do. Like my MD’s said he knows I am taking my meds or I would be really sick.
    So just be aware of LabCorp!You may not get what you are really wanting from them!

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