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The Good Guys
These Organizations Gave LabCorp the BOOT!

These are entities in America that chose other clinical lab providers over Labcorp. They deserve recognition for putting their member's health care over profits.

United Health Care - Half Good and Half Bad
In the Miami area, they gave the contract to a competitor. LabCorp opened a bunch of centers thinking that they were going to get the contrat. Well, a little cockey on their part as they did not win the contract. Now they have more centers then they know what to do with and the worst part is that they are all understaffed. That's the Laboratory Corporation of America way of doing things. Unfortunately United Health Care still has contracts with LabCorp in other parts of the country.


Let's keep it going. Who's next? Humana? Blue Cross Blue Shield? Both good companies that now need to prove it by giving the BOOT to LabCorp.


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